Versatility Of The Hemp Plant

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The cannabis sativa plant is very versatile. Almost all of the plant parts and by-products can be converted into useful hemp products for sale. The seeds, leaves, roots and resin from the plant serve different purposes when turned into useful products.

Hemp seeds can be used to extract oil or can be consumed raw. Hemp has very low traces of THC and high content of CBD. This makes hemp products safe to consume. The edible products made from hemp parts range from chocolates to shakes and trail mixes. The cosmetics industry has also found numerous uses for hemp in products such as lotions, bath salts and lip balms. The medical industry has benefited most from hemp products because of their therapeutic effects. CBD, a derivative of hemp, has proven benefits in reducing and managing the symptoms of various medical conditions.

A few of the widely used hemp products are as follows:

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds can be dehulled and consumed raw as a snack or added to shakes, salads or smoothies. Hemp seeds are a good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Consuming hemp seeds on a regular basis can help provide the body with some much-needed nutrients.

Hemp Body Oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds using the method of cold pressing. Hemp oil has time and again proven its efficiency in keeping the body nourished and hydrated. This has led to hemp oil being an important ingredient in many cosmetic and body care products including lotions and body oils. Hemp body oil is a popular choice among vegan buyers owing to its vegan sourcing.

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is made by grinding soaked hemp seeds with water. The color, flavor and texture of hemp milk are much similar to that of cow’s milk. It can be flavored or sweetened as needed. Hemp milk is a safer alternative for vegans and people with lactose intolerance or allergies to beverages like soy milk. It can even be used as a substitute for milk in coffee.

Hemp Jewelry

Hemp twine is used to make hemp jewelry. Macrame is a popular natural fiber-based jewelry design. This ancient art form resorts to making different geometric patterns without using hooks, hoops or needles. The design has been in use for a long time to make jewelry, wall hangings and decorative materials using natural fibers such as hemp.

The versatility of hemp has helped it become a major supplier of raw material to many industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food processing; resulting in the widespread usage and cultivation of hemp plants in many parts of the world.

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