Versatility And Representation Are What Drives Chris Soriano As An Actor-Director

Thanks to modern technology, making movies has become more accessible to the public. Although it still has its challenges, at least the likes of Chris Soriano have an opportunity to translate his creativity into works of art worthy of the silver screen.  

Chris’s work as an actor-producer-director goes beyond the usual dream of making it in the entertainment industry. If audiences were to watch and understand his movies, they would realize that Chris is telling a story of the Asian American communities across the globe and some of the struggles they face.

He uses his platform and skills to give the Asian American community a voice through his movies that offer a slice of life from a unique perspective.  

A Different Side To Chris

This 2023, Chris has a new movie that sheds light on a different battle: love and getting married. The Wedding Hustler is about Chris, a broke groom-to-be who takes on the help of Christine Chang, an Asian American wedding planner who knows how to bargain and get the best price.

When she learned about Chris and his fiancée rescheduling their wedding three times because of the COVID-19 pandemic and struggling financially, she took Chris through the street vendors of Los Angeles to piece together a memorable wedding.

In The Wedding Hustler, Chris diverts from his usually serious character from his previous films for a more light-hearted persona. As he navigates around wedding planning, he’ll learn that wedding planning is not a piece of cake, even for the groom.

Like in his previous movies, Chris worked closely with an Asian American cast. Since weddings and family are relevant in their culture, giving them proper representation reinforces his idea that this tight-knit community values their traditions and connections immensely.

Action-Packed Previous Works 

The Wedding Hustlers aptly shows Chris’s versatility as an actor-producer-director. The romantic comedy highlights how he can fit into the role, whether a groom who is head over heels in love with his bride or a boxer who hopes to prove himself to his community.

One of Chris’s highly-acclaimed films is Almighty Zeus from 2022. It is about an Asian-American boxer who faces hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His choice of struggles, characters, and plot made Almighty Zeus relatable and inspiring to its viewers—especially since it came out at the heels of the Stop Asian Hate movement in 2021.

Chris Soriano’s ability to adapt to any character and give a voice to the Asian American community on the big screen makes him a force to be reckoned with in filmmaking.

Currently Chris is working on a movie tittled “The Master Chief” which is about the infamous Filipino Mafia in the U.S. Navy and how they rise to earn respect when facing adversity. This movie will have a notable Asian cast as final preparations are being made as well as working with the U.S. Navy. We’re sure that this movie will be another hit bringing minorities to the front in Hollywood.

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