Anyone who has ever moved knows how much of a hassle it is. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.7 times during their lifetime. And of course, moving is a hassle when everything goes smoothly.

But a poorly executed long-distance move can be nothing short of disastrous. If you haven’t experienced a poorly executed move yourself, you’ve probably heard horror stories from others who have.

Well, Verified Movers is a company on a mission to put an end to poorly executed long-distance moves. They are dedicated to helping people find the best cross-country moving solutions for their needs.

Verified Movers fulfills its mission in three ways:

  • The platform gathers reviews — written by people just like you — for country-wide professional long-distance movers.
  • It also offers moving companies the opportunity to create their own profiles and promote their services.
  • You can also find expert advice from moving guides to helpful tips and general information.

“Too many people find themselves feeling totally alone in the moving process,” says CEO, Eugene Tolk. “I started Verified Movers because I felt that there needed to be someone looking out for ‘the little guy’ that just wants a stress-free move.” Isn’t it nice to be able to discover a company that’s looking out for your best interests in a matter of minutes?

Humble Beginnings

Eugene worked as a salesman in the moving industry before starting his own local moving company in West Palm Beach, FL. Both experiences gave him great insight into the industry, but what Eugene found surprised him. “There are a lot of bad moving companies out there,” says Eugene. “But the average consumer has no simple way of verifying the quality of any particular company.”

So Eugene decided to start Verified Movers in 2017 to help consumers make better decisions when moving long-distance. He envisioned a one-stop platform where consumers could read reviews, find out about reputable companies that couldn’t afford the ad-spend of the giants in the industry, and get tips to make their moving experience less stressful.

Your Window Into The World of Relocation

While a lot of companies, especially in the moving industry, look to exploit the irrational decisions people make, reputable companies such as Verified Movers want to help their customers make more rational decisions. Emotions like fear, stress, and sadness can get in the way of making rational decisions. And these emotions are too often part of the moving process.

Everyone knows there are significant risks involved with a cross-country move. Your items could get delayed, lost, or damaged in transit. So you’re putting a lot of trust in a moving company. The staff at Verified Movers wants to reduce or eliminate any potential risk involved.

“If you do an internet search for moving companies, you’ll find all kinds of reviews, a lot of which might easily be faked. People should be able to hear and read about the positive and pleasant experiences others have had with moving services they’ve hired,” says Eugene. So as a company, they’ve devoted time and energy not only to identifying and reducing bad moving experiences, but also to providing recommendations for companies that truly stand out.

When you have an exceptional experience, you want to tell the world and Verified Movers makes it easy for you to rave about your moving experience. All you have to do is rate the company you used and leave a comment on the website. That way, you’re paying your positive experience forward.

Verified Movers is a company that believes in the concept of shared knowledge. Eugene puts it this way: “When we shed a light on the moving industry through our customers’ experiences, we are doing our part to improve an industry that has lived in the shadows for too long.”

Focus on Your Fresh Start

Because of past bad experiences or simply the stigma around moving cross-country, most make the mistake of seeing relocation as a burden and one of the most stressful situations a human being can experience. But what if you focused on the positive side of it all?

Talking with the experts at Verified Movers, who are veterans in the industry, and reading reviews from others can give you a whole new perspective. Remember, you’re making a fresh start. Whether you’re moving your company or your family or both, this is a chance to start over and build something that aligns with your vision.

All the planning, strategizing, and checklists certainly might feel overwhelming, but you can always leave those challenges to the professionals. With the help of Verified Movers, you’ll be able to find the team you need to pack, load, and deliver your most precious assets.

Fill out the form and find your perfect long-distance movers while staying within your budget. Moving long-distance doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can choose to start the next chapter of your life free of stress and focus on your bright future ahead!

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