Ushering in the Era of the Individual: Raquel Reyna and Her Beloved Partner Help Others Embody their Sovereign Power

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It is interesting that even as the Metaverse, AI, and other incredible technology solve complex problems, humanity continues to search for an answer to a millenia-old question: how to find purpose in life. It’s not for lack of trying – every bookstore is full of self-help books on success, love, and inner peace. Yet, we still struggle to attain what we seek. Modern day mystic Raquel Reyna, who developed The Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialists and The Four Radical Transformations Certification program, says the solution lies within each of us.

In her new book, Are You a Mutant?, the Step-by-Step Guide to Unleash Your Human Design Genius, Understand Your Uniqueness, and Thrive During Times of Transformation, and in the book’s upcoming accompanying Live Online Masterclass series, Raquel explains that the secret to finding your life’s purpose lies in Human Design and your DNA code.

Both Raquel and her partner Davidian Lyon, who is a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and Human Design Guide, are big believers in the power of the individual and are dedicated to helping more people to discover and embrace their own uniqueness. “I think there is a lot that society does well – and sometimes not so much,” Raquel says, adding, “We are generally in tune with the importance of developing our skills and abilities, but the problem is that we do this in order to fit into a world that has been designated for us. We are conditioned, I suppose, to set aside our uniqueness so that we can be what our parents or society tells us to be. My goal is to help people to learn who they really are, how to live as their unique selves, and how to make decisions based on their own personalized inner GPS system, which so many don’t even realize that they have.”

Raquel’s path to having a platform of more than 55,000 people around the world began with her decision to leave corporate America in her 40s. After getting her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, she climbed in her career, traveling the world as a representative for her company and speaking on shows like the Tyra Banks Show and The View. Unexpectedly, however, despite her being successful on paper, she felt bored and unfulfilled.

“Don’t get me wrong – to a very real extent, it was fun,” Raquel remembers. “It’s just that I felt like there should be more to life, a whole new level to heart-centered living. I found my answers when I met Davidian, who helped me to see that I was a Projector. As I learned this new intel that merged ancient mystery school teachings with quantum physics, it gave me the courage and foundation to leave corporate and step into entrepreneurship without a safety net.”

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Raquel was passionate about Human Design and realized that when she combined this knowledge with spiritual tools, the Law of Attraction, shamanic principles, spiritual psychology, and a collection of greatest hits from the self-help industry, she could offer something that seriously transformed the lives of her clients. She launched this entirely new education online and began offering individuals a whole new perspective on how to unlock their life purpose and direction. Through her programs, Raquel teaches her clients the power of Human Design, including how to read charts for their own business clients. But, it reaches far beyond this – people understand their partners, their families, and their children better. Everyone in their lives is seen for the first time when people understand the Design of the people around them. Coaches are finally able to help all their clients, not just the select few who rise to the top.

“It has been an incredible journey, one that has led to serving hundreds of women all over the world,” she says. “It has been immensely rewarding to guide them to fully awaken so that they can express their unique inner brilliance and transform their lives, relationships, and careers.”

Raquel is excited about 2023, as she will launch her Live Online Masterclass series “Are You a Mutant, Ushering In the Era of the Individual” at the end of May, and her new book hits the shelves in September.

In the online event, she will be interviewing 12 inspiring women who have created successful lives and businesses that represent their own individual uniqueness, thriving outside of the matrix of homogenous aspirations. In addition, Raquel and Davidian, continue to develop and run their online Human Design Woo Boutique™,

“I can’t wait to delve into the stories of these women so that listeners can see that it really is possible to live their lives on a higher level,” says Raquel. “May it inspire them to believe in their own potential and to go after their personal and professional dreams.”

With her book, which can be pre-ordered now on Amazon, Raquel will go deep into the intel that she says “rings true like a mystical calling from your soul.” As the world continues to change post-COVID, Raquel encourages readers to upgrade their inner world with a new system of knowledge that supports their understanding of the world they live in and in the one we are moving into.

“Too many of us are living inauthentically and lack strategies for attaining personal success as we define it, satisfaction, and peace,” Raquel says. “The Law of Attraction and other ideas have their place, but they are not solutions in themselves. To self-actualize, we must tap into our personalized success code so that we can live lives that represent our truths. When you fully get to operate as your individual genius, your wealth doors fly open, and you no longer long for the weekends.”

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