Upcoming Artist Tapia is on a Mission to Create New Jersey’s Musical Identity

Hailing from Paterson, NJ, Tapia is truly one of the most promising artists of his time. Known for his stop ‘n go, catchy melodies, and unique punk rap hip hop flows, the artist has captivated audiences across the globe, putting up something fresh on the table. Tapia is not afraid of expressing himself and showing his true colors through his songs, and with his authenticity, he was able to gain the audience’s attention and admiration. Tapia keeps things genuine, delivering raw narratives and emotions with his tracks, believing that showcasing who he truly is is the best way to impact others and encourage them to live their true selves.

Tapia was signed to RGF Productions under the headline pop superstar and music icon Fetty Wap. The artist has had six national tours with the Diamond Trap Queen between 2014 and 2018. Eventually, he generated a buzz in the music industry when he released his singles “Photos” and “Drop It.” Displaying talent and unrivaled work ethic with everyone he has collaborated and toured with, news eventually got out and amplified his name further in the music business. Not long after he worked alongside pop stars and other upcoming artists did he seal a deal with the famous 300 Entertainment, a company that manages big names, such as YOUNG THUG, Megan The Stallion, and Fetty Wap. Tap then went to release a debut single under 300 with catchy rhythm “Lie No More”.

Asked why he strives to put his music out there, Tapia shared that he is not producing music only to express himself or have an avenue for his talent. Instead, he is on a bigger mission: to put New Jersey on the map by finding its true sound, one song at a time. Many parts of the United States are associated with a particular genre of music, and Tapia feels that it is time for New Jersey to find its own musical identity as well.

On track to achieve his goal, Tapia is building a brand called SGB and is currently working on a project soon to be debuted entitled “Here & There.” His upcoming project expresses that he is here to make a bold statement, and even amid the obstacles, he is striving to push forward. His music also tackles why he sometimes disappears out of the blue and how he battles PTSD.

Tapia faced many difficulties growing up, from going through her brother’s death when he was 13, being there when his mother was shot in the head, and his mother’s boyfriend getting murdered just a month prior to his brother in 2010. He explained how kids like him who had it hard could impact the world with God’s gift, and for him, he can impact others through his music. By sharing his life story with the world, Tapia hopes he can inspire others to believe that anything is possible.

Tapia is also broadening his circle and has worked with artists and promise that there is definitely new music and major collabs that you will hear with other industry artist names like TK KRAVITZ, SADA BABY, PHRESHER DGYGZ and LIL DUKE. Tap sold out various local spots in his community, such as the Bliss lounge, D’Classicos, and Doctor’s Cave. “I’m trying to explore and meet new people. It’s a big world out there, and there’s a lot of opportunities, I have yet to really get started in my opinion honestly it always been destined I’m just grateful and humble to be in this position for real gutta,” Tapia said.

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