Up-and-coming artist Joseph Yonke is one for collectors to watch

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As a 23-year-old oil painter, artist Joseph Yonke is already making a name for himself in the art world. With a unique, prominent style and a passion for his craft, Yonke is earning considerable attention among the communities that have taken an interest.

Yonke’s work often explores themes of identity, emotion, consciousness, and the human condition. Yonke has a talent for capturing the vehemence of the human face and conveying profound feelings through his brushstrokes and unrestricted application of mediums. His surrealist-style paintings are constructed with impasto layers of paint and a vibrant, bright color palette. For example, Yonke’s painting “ADD” is a large, Cubist-like self-portrait rendered in acrylic and oil paint that stands four feet high and is three feet wide.

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Joseph Yonke’s “ADD” painting (48″ x 36″ oil and acrylic on canvas)

Yonke grew up painting and around the creative process. Art was first introduced to him by his grandfather, artist Robert Yonke. And despite Joseph being only a few years into fully committing himself to expand his legacy and career as a fine artist, Yonke is exhibiting his work to various audiences and has garnered critical acclaim from art industry professionals globally. He is developing fast, evident through his exponential growth and evolution. Moreover, the young Yonke will have a solo show this summer in Miami, Florida. Yonke’s work can be found in the collections of high-profile collectors, adding to his growing list of achievements.

Besides his grandfather, Yonke’s most significant influences as an artist are George Condo and Willem de Kooning. He used to study Picasso closely; however, the work of artists such as Condo has become more compelling and relatable to him.

In addition to his success thus far as an artist, Yonke is dedicated to giving back to his community. Yonke will continually donate a portion of his sales to causes close to his heart, either following exhibitions or along his general enterprise. Once the details of the summer show in Miami are released, the benefitting organization of choice will also be disclosed.

Yonke will continue to develop his skills and reputation over time, inevitably leading to increased demand for his work and higher prices for a Yonke original. Investing in a painting from Yonke can also be a rewarding personal experience, as it allows you to support and foster the growth of the talented individual and be a part of his artistic journey. Joseph Yonke welcomes the opportunity to communicate with you, which is primarily facilitated through his website, yonkeart.com.

Among the young artists who are emerging as the next representatives of contemporary art, Yonke is certainly one to be designated as such. As Yonke continues to develop his craft and gain recognition for his talent, it is clear that he is a rising star in the art world. With his unique style and dedication to his craft, it is exciting to see what the future holds for this young artist.

You can also follow along with Yonke’s journey through his Instagram: @jryonke

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