Unstoppable Branding Agency’s Rhonda Swan & Deviate Agency’s Jonas Muthoni form Digital Marketing Dream Team

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Top PR and branding firm Unstoppable Branding Agency (UBA) has forged a partnership with Deviate Agency, one of Los Angeles’ leading digital marketing companies. In a traditional business setup, a PR team works independently from a marketing team. The differences between the two can be easily outlined. For example, marketing focuses on promoting the products, and PR focuses on promoting the company’s good image. But with the internet and social media boom, the definition of PR and marketing has evolved, and the line between them has blurred. The joining hands of these two powerhouses are sure to result in dynamic and infallible digital branding solutions.

UBA is a firm that specializes in increasing brand credibility for its clients with its perfect mix of digital PR, Google indexing, SEO and top-tier publishing, resulting in solid brand positioning and a diverse online footprint in every execution. Furthermore, the company ensures that everyone in the team, from top to bottom, across each department, is immersed in the digital PR ideals and tried-and-true techniques that have kept the company at the top for all these years.

On the other side of this cooperation is Deviate Agency, one of the market’s best in delivering effective campaigns that perfectly express the client’s message and leave a mark in the audience’s mind. The agency boasts of a star-studded team of industry experts that gives the firm the flexibility and capability to provide its clients with a holistic digital branding strategy. It offers such a variety of services that its clients are sure to have a customized plan that will best fit their brand and overall goal, whether it be social media presence or a step into crypto marketing.


One of the leading players in this explosive partnership is Jonas Muthoni, founder of Deviate Agency. He has named the firm as such after the “deviate” way of thinking he wants to cultivate in his team. “Business cannot take place in a vacuum; there has to be a need. Unfortunately, identifying that need is not always as easy as it sounds. So many people let opportunity knock and move on to the next house. Yet, a true entrepreneur not only grasps all stray opportunities but also sees one where others see a problem,” said Jonas.

The best partnerships are those where both parties bring something new to the table to reach a common goal. It is a long-proven fact that visible brands have a higher ROI on the market than others in the industry; therefore, the challenge is to be more memorable than your competitors. Combined, Unstoppable Branding Agency and Deviate Agency have the tools necessary to accomplish this. Moreover, joint efforts will be exponentially more successful as both companies utilize each other’s strengths and supplement any weak spots. There is nothing more empowering for up-and-coming entrepreneurs than seeing industry leaders like these put effort into uplifting each other and collaboratively coming up with methods and solutions that will forever change the branding and digital marketing landscape.

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