Unlocking the Path to Harmonious Societal Progress: Unveiling the Core Message of “Why Does Government Need to be Funded”

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In a world grappling with societal divisions and persistent challenges, it is no secret that there is a growing need for transformative ideas to pave the way toward unity, shared prosperity, and the simultaneous realization of liberty and social justice. One such thought-provoking book, “Why Does Government Need to be Funded,” delves deeply into the fundamental principles that shape society and offers a unique perspective on our concept of money. Then, how those  implications can, in a wholesome and peacefull way, be revolutionary for society.

Authored by Amphidromus, this profound and thought-provoking book takes readers on an introspective journey through our fundamental organizing principles. “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” challenges conventional perceptions of money, exploring its ontological essence rather than confining that essence to its historic, doctrinaire understanding.

The key resides in understanding the distinction between the concepts of money and wealth. Historically, trade ensued by exchanging one thing of value, i.e., wealth, with another. In the early days of printed currency, the value of that currency was ensured by being exchangeable for specie, that is, something of universally recognized value. The failure in evolution of our concept of money is that now the source of wealth lies in the goods and services of a market economy; our concept of money has failed to properly evolve.

By exploring the conceptual foundations of money, the author uncovers a solution to the divisions plaguing society, paving the way for the simultaneous flourishing of individual liberty and social justice. At its core, “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” explores the nature of money, specifically, what imbues currency with accepted value. Money is imbued with value by being exchangeable for wealth—period.

One of the central aims of the book is to bridge the apparent dichotomy between individual liberty and social justice. The author argues that comprehending the essence of money can resolve this longstanding tension. “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” presents a vision of unfettered personal freedom along with social justice.

Redefining Money: A Path to Unity and Shared Prosperity

Societal divisions have long hindered collective progress. “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” provides a compelling argument for dismantling these divisions, offering a path toward unity and shared prosperity. Through introspection and thoughtful analysis, the author reveals the core and fatal of flaw of “capitalism,” while being careful to point out that “capitalism” and “market economy” are not equivalent terms. “Capitalism,” due precisely to its failure to understand the true nature of wealth, is inherently, structurally, hierarchical, by valuing labor under the principle of diminishing marginal utility to each specific employer.

The correct and proper way to value labor is in its value to the entire society. Under capitalism, labor that is vital, literally a matter of survival for society itself, is often, usually, valued minimally. This is its fatal flaw, and has no remedy whatever without separating the concepts of wealth and money—in a modern market economy. However, when that crucial step is done, the ultimate solution to the critical matter of distributive justice becomes not only clear, but incomparably simpler that what we’re doing now.

Propelling Global Transformation through Innovative Funding Models

The author’s vision transcends national boundaries, seeking to inspire global change. He aspires for his book, “Why Does Government Need to be Funded,” to serve as a catalyst, echoing the spirit of the American Revolution and resonating worldwide. The transformative power of his ideas, coupled with the urgent need for societal harmony, makes the book a force capable of sparking a global movement toward progress and justice.

From Non-Traditional Learning to Transformative Insights

The author of “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” has been a self-employed independent contractor and entrepreneur who has spent his life pursuing a wide spectrum of experiences, including wide-ranging and rather adventurous world travel. Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on December 23, 1950, his journey toward penning his book draws upon his extensive learning, largely by non-traditional methods. He has engaged in formal learning through The Great Courses, a company that offers courses taught by esteemed professors. Over the past three decades, the author has dedicated thousands of hours to enriching his knowledge across disciplines such as history, geology, paleontology, chemistry, and physics. While he does not possess conventional credentials, his ongoing pursuit of formal knowledge, and big-pattern understanding, shines through in his thought-provoking work.

In “Why Does Government Need to be Funded,” the author presents a paradigm-shifting exploration of the nature of money and its profound implications for society. The book offers a transformative vision that unites individual liberty and social justice by transcending traditional notions and delving into money’s ontological essence. It serves as a clarion call to break down the divisions that hinder societal progress and embark on a path toward unity and shared prosperity. With its potential to resonate globally, “Why Does Government Need to be Funded” can possibly ignite a movement for positive change, reverberating far beyond its pages.

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