Tyrone Helps Connect Music Lovers Through Hip Hop During The Pandemic

Last year, cities all over the world shut down to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, a crop of videos emerged on the internet: Italians singing from their balconies, policemen in Spain playing guitar while on patrol and New York City apartment dwellers singing along to The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” from their windows. People across the globe started utilizing music as a way to stay connected with loved ones. Why do we turn to collective music-making in times of crisis?

For Tyone, a budding hip hop rapper, “Music is universal and no human culture exists without it”. Over the pandemic period, Tyrone made it a priority to expand his musical reach by creating songs that would connect with people and spark positivity. Even if we only tap or move along, our universal response to music is to join in. This inclination is deeply rooted in neurobiology, our system lights up when we hear music, even if we appear to be remaining still. There is a reason music is found in every known culture. Music moves us at the level of the body, the brain and the group. The interpersonal synchrony that we achieve through making music links our minds and bodies, enhancing social cohesion, bonding and other positive outcomes.

Many of the weapons in the battle against the virus, measures like lockdown and quarantine, come with their own set of nefarious side-effects—from loneliness and anxiety to stress, even depression. With Music, people feel more at ease and feel a sense of comfort. There has been research conducted that shows that making music can be beneficial for people in a number of ways, such as creating a sense of control over their lives in establishing connections with other people. Tyrone agrees and believes that “When you create music, there is a palpable sense of social solidarity”.

The COVID-19 crisis is a vivid demonstration of just how quickly people have turned to music to express and participate in a sense of social belonging, and Tyrone is so grateful to share his love for music with his fans. To check out Tyrone’s singles, check out his link on Apple Music and Spotify. To get an inside look into his life, check out his Instagram.

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