It seems that entrepreneurship is on the rise all over the country. The allure of independence and potentially uncapped income is enough to inspire thousands to become their own boss. But there may be a challenging downside. If the studies are true, then entrepreneurs, compared to most other professionals are:

  • Twice as likely to suffer from depression
  • Six times more likely to suffer from ADHD
  • Three times more likely to engage in substance abuse
  • More prone to diabetes and obesity

These statistics demonstrate that entrepreneurs very well may be one of the most vulnerable groups health-wise in society. It’s very common for business owners to prioritize their business over a healthy lifestyle, which can have detrimental results in the long term.

These stats may be scary, but they aren’t hopeless. If entrepreneurs identify their challenges and choose to resolve them, we can turn these issues around.

Being a health-conscious entrepreneur myself, I’ve always been aware of the potential challenges that come with this line of work. Something I’ve learned is the importance of tuning into your body’s signals. These signals include exhaustion, brain fog, irritability, and unexplainable pounds adding up on the scale.

My curiosity about this topic led me to a conversation with Research Scientist and Entrepreneur Kenneth Swartz, the Founder and Chief Science Officer at C60 Purple Power. This groundbreaking company creates health solutions for the worn-out body by utilizing the Nobel Prize-Winning Antioxidant Carbon 60, or C60.

Ken pointed out two insightful reasons why the average entrepreneur is vulnerable to stress: they try to multitask and prioritize work over everything else.

The Entrepreneur’s Brain Constantly Tries to Defy Nature

Forget what you’ve heard, the human brain is not designed to multi-task. While it’s possible to do several low-focus tasks at the same time, it’s nearly impossible to balance more than one activity that requires concentration. However, multitasking has become a crucial part of the life of an entrepreneur. We’re determined to get as much done as possible, and often we have no other choice.

The human brain is like an electronic gadget. If relentless pressure is applied, the wires get strained and the screws can come loose. In the case of your brain, the wearing out and “rusting” of cells is called oxidation, or oxidative stress. This contributes to what many entrepreneurs refer to as “brain fog.”

For this reason, entrepreneurs must learn to not only rest their bodies but their minds as well. This is a feat that many ambitious entrepreneurs find hard, if not impossible, to do. A vacation spent mostly on the phone with work is not actually a vacation. While the body needs rest to function properly, the brain needs downtime to think strategically.

Ken concurs with most medical scientists who advocate for a two-fold approach to this problem: protection and replenishment. To protect a machine from rapid decline, you would need to routinely service it, like taking your car in for a tune-up. This is what a healthy lifestyle can provide.

Some of the most beneficial things burnt-out entrepreneurs can do for themselves are to get enough sleep, eat nutritious foods, hydrate, exercise regularly, meditate, and spend time outside. They may also benefit from supplementing their diet with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Carbon 60 (C60), which is now known as the most powerful antioxidant available.

Ken recognized the power of Carbon 60, and so founded his company C60 Purple Power to help people take control of their health. He’s quickly earning the attention of bio-hackers, entrepreneurs, professionals, thosefrustrated by aging, athletes looking for a performance edge, and individuals suffering from the depletion of antioxidants.

Entrepreneurs Struggle with Balance

The mantra of entrepreneurship is to “give it your all,” but as Ken and I have discovered, there’s more to life than just work. If you’re giving your all to your business, chances are there’s nothing left for family, friends, andyour physical and mental health.

Many entrepreneurs I speak with suffer from some sort of ailment, whether it’s being overweight, having weak eyes, or feeling chronically fatigued. The sad thing is that in many cases, they aren’t even fully aware of how dangerous these unchecked problems can be.

Too much sitting and staring at a computer, not letting your mind rest, and traveling constantly for meetings is a recipe for disaster. These are some of the most dangerous ways to harm your body, or as Ken puts it, “shut down your system.”

According to Ken, “with every second that passes, our bodies are aging. One main characteristic of aging is that our bodies grow increasingly unable to replenish lost nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore it is better to develop a healthy lifestyle while you’re young.”

Solely focusing on incessant hard work when you’re young and hoping to slow down when you’re older is counterproductive to your body. It’s just not designed to function that way. It’s far more beneficial to protect yourself with healthy choices early in life, so you can avoid having to fight for your health later.

Ken wholeheartedly advocates for entrepreneurs to protect themselves from harm and invest in their wellness. That’s exactly how he stumbled upon C60: he was on a journey to ensure his long-term health.

Some years ago, Ken was involved in a strenuous research project that involved potential exposure to dangerous amounts of radiation. Many people who had conducted similar research in the past had developed illnesses and died because of this exposure. Concerned about the potential harm from this experiment, he started looking into his options. Ken turned to C60 as a shield against radiation exposure, having read scientific studies regarding its ability to mitigate the harmful side effects.

After taking C60 throughout the project, Ken wasn’t just free from any side effects: his optometrist noticed that his ongoing vision issues were no longer there. He also had more energy, a clearer mind, and diminished nerve pain he’d been experiencing since childhood. Ken was so amazed by the results that after further research, he founded C60 Purple Power, a company that has gone on to provide C60-based solutions to thousands of grateful people.

Entrepreneurs must learn to build healthy habits that reduce the wear and tear on their bodies, as well as to constantly replenish what is lost. Make C60 Purple Power part of your daily health regimen, and give your health the priority it deserves.

The mind and body of an entrepreneur aren’t more evolved than anyone else’s. It needs to be taken care of like a mechanical gadget that’s prone to wear and tear.  The most successful, efficient entrepreneurs take responsibility for their health. If this sounds like you, C60 Purple Power may be a great tool to incorporate into your wellness arsenal.

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