Ts Madison keeps the Culture “Cozy” w/ her Viral Punchlines, Memes, and Fight for Equality

You can’t talk about Cultural Influence without mentioning the Media Queen herself, Ts Madison.

Social Media has proven to be equivalent if not more impactful than traditional Television in some instances, as many of us are engaged and “logged in” to our social media accounts more often than tuned into Television Programming.

Fortunately, the power of social media has birthed an entire culture of highly-influential individuals across and within every industry, including Comedy, Beauty, Music, Tech, Gaming, Lifestyle, and Spirituality.

Adored Social Media & TV Personality TS MADISON has built an undeniable Digital Dynasty from the ground up, as she’s told her story as a Trans Woman In Entertainment over the last decade +.

Her unique ability to consistently go viral by simply being herself is probably the reason she’s been able to impact both the LGBTQ+ Community as well as the rest of Pop Culture with her witty punch lines and strong opinions as it pertains to the continued fight for equality amongst all that have to share this space we called Earth.

Celebrity Publicist Chadd Black says:

“Ts Madison will continue to make this world a “cozier.” place with her comedic way of pushing the culture forward and, most importantly, informing the culture as it pertains to the wholistic Trans Experience from her POV.”

Ts Madison has achieved things most Influencers dream of, which speaks to the TALENT and undeniable influence that is TS MADISON.

With a National Television Show, loyal Social Media fueled “Maddie Mob” Fan Base, and more viral memes than we can’t count under her belt, the influential force that is Ts Madison is here to stay.

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