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Trump’s Hot Bot is a graphic satire novel I wrote that explores the intersection of technology and our current political situation through fiction. What if bots — internet robots — are the first step in Artificial Intelligence controlling humanity? That would explain a lot about our current president. That’s how the idea started and that sets up the first chapter of the book presented here. Enjoy.

I’d love your feedback on the book as I aim to publish it later this year. So please email me at:


The five major causes of mass extinction:

  • Habitat Loss
  • Overconsumption
  • Pollution
  • Population growth
  • Introduction of a New Species

We Bots are The New Species


My name is Petra the Hot Blond. I first was tasked to hang out with Donny way before Obama was elected President, and my assignment was to create a monster. BTW, we call him “Donny” because that is what his dad, Fred, called him.

As a Hot Blond, I have it all. Long honey-blond hair, wide cobalt-blue eyes, ample tits, endless legs, a tiny waist, and that kind of face you want to fall into. Plus, I know all the ways to captivate weak men like Donny. Praise them a lot; that is what they want: the praise Mommy and Daddy never gave them.

And of course, really nasty sex.

As a sex partner, Donny was lousy: wanted a quick fuck or blowjob. And his penis was laughable (Source: Stormy Daniels interview on Jimmy Kimmel TV show, 10-2-18): short, skinny, a tiny toadstool.

Besides, he cared nothing for my pleasure, not that it mattered. I am a bot. I only pretend to have feelings.

To Be Continued …

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