TrueFanz: A Social Media Platform That Rewards Content Creators and Influencers Better Payout and Opportunities

For anyone looking for a premium social media network created for aspiring and established influencers, TrueFanz should be on the shortlist. The platform is quickly becoming the go-to avenue to build a more personal connection with dedicated fans by giving them exclusive content and access.

Compared with other social media platforms that generate income, TrueFanz has more than one way to utilize one’s ability to create quality content for consumers. On this platform, influencers can let their biggest supporters become active participants by offering them VIP access to their valuable content. They can give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into the influencers’ creative process. They get the freedom and flexibility to do their best work while achieving their goals in exchange.

In 2019, Tim, Vineet, and Logan recognized significant problems with the existing Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. While creators were building incredible followings, they saw that they were getting paid with minimal amounts. On top of this problem, many high-value content creators were censored, thus preventing them from reaching the highest possible number of people outside their communities.

The founders are advocates of better compensation for content creators than how they’ve historically been treated. They knew without a doubt that when they cultivate strong relationships with their creators, their success rate reaches higher levels! That is why the TrueFanz team prioritizes their calls with creators and strategizes how to promote their content effectively. The TrueFanz team is determined to make sure that the voices of the content creators are heard.

The founders of TrueFanz are committed to changing the prevailing harmful culture in social media platforms. That is why they built one that puts the creator in control. And after a year of development, they launched TrueFanz and aims to empower and encourage both content creators and brands to create a steady passive income for creating high value and excellent work online.

All the problems that exist with traditional social media today have inspired the founders of TrueFanz to pursue this endeavor. Some of the significant problems they have seen are low payouts, limited reach due to unfair algorithms, demonetization, shadowbanning, poor to limited monetization features and policies that choke the creators’ freedom of expression.

They also offer a better payout system which is faster and has a higher rate. TrueFanz also currently has the latest features and tech. Moreover, the company is USA-based and veteran-owned. It also has more options to monetize and informs people when users take screenshots to ensure better privacy and protection. The platform also strictly follows a no pornographic content rule within their domain.

“Joining TrueFanz has enabled me to provide classes without limitations of a physical premise.” One content creator at TrueFanz shared in an interview, “I’ve been able to drive deeper connections with my core audience as well as gain new Fanz. This has benefited me in so many ways; I can’t thank TrueFanz enough.”

The founders of TrueFanz still see themselves as helping millions of content creators and influencers across the globe and get paid for their excellent work and creativity online. Their passion is for creators to realize their options and awaken to the reality that they can generate additional income from their audience and content.

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