Quality is at the forefront of everything California Canna creates just as their founders Brett Kilgore and David Wallace intended it. After establishing Harvest Pacific Farms and expanding their operation to multiple locations throughout California the idea for their own premium product was bound to come to fruition, and indeed it did as California Canna.  “We created California Canna so everyone could enjoy premium cannabis. 100% natural and crafted with nothing but quality, single-sourced OG flower.“ – Brett Kilgore

They knew that with their collaborative team of master growers and over five decades of combined cultivating experience throughout California, they would be able to create a true artisanal cannabis product and experience. “We wanted to eliminate the stigma of cannabis consumption. We created a line of quality products that adults can use to relax just like they would with a glass of wine. Consistency and quality. That’s what we do and why we started. Our two signature strains, Platinum OG and SFV OG, are the ultimate premium Cannabis in California,” – David Wallace. These products are experiences from the first puff.

Quality you can see and taste

All of the flower in their products are single-sourced from Harvest Pacific’s owned and operated farms in Humboldt County and Salinas Valley. From top-shelf pre-rolls, eighths and quarters, to half and full ounces, all of California Canna’s products feature hand-selected and trimmed premium OG flower. As traditional OG growers, they are dedicated to crafting distinct cannabis products that are of the highest quality. Unlike other brands who experiment with different strains and blends, California Canna’s flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates are single-strain specific and grown by Harvest Pacific farms, never purchased from an outside party.

Strong Full Flower Pre-Rolls

California Canna’s goal is to be the finest and most effective slow-burning pre-roll on the market today. All of their joints are single strain, top shelf, OG flower directly from their farms so rest assured, you will have a consistent experience every time. Whether you’re holding a single or a five-pack of their premium pre-rolls you can spark up confidently knowing your pre-rolls are loaded with pure A-bud flower, no trim, or cannabis crumbs included. Each crafted for an even, steady burn sure to deliver a superior experience.

“This Pre-Roll is one the strongest I’ve tried in a long time. I am a chronic pain sufferer. This is some strong flower that definitely will ease my pain,” said Marvin.

True Premium Flor De Cannabis

California Canna uses premium quality cannabis grown exclusively by Harvest Pacific farms, their OG flower is carefully selected and expertly trimmed by hand, never by machine. Their eighth, quarter, half, and full ounce sizes include the hand-selected single-strain, premium farm-grown OG flower all packaged up in a sealed black soft-touch material to keep your cannabis fresh and protected from light exposure. 

Concen and MAS Luxury Cartridges and Batteries

Pre-loaded glass, metal, real wood cartridges contain perfectly balanced cannabis oil extracted from the same farm-grown, single-strain OG plants. “We use a carefully monitored distillation process to ensure the consistency and smoothness with every puff,” said Bear Extractions. California Canna’s cartridges feature African Redwood which not only brings a look of refinement but also ensures a superior smoking experience. “These taste so good and give you a strong high,” said Gabriel B.

100% Natural and Crafted with nothing but Premium Cannabis Flower

Harvest Pacific utilizes both traditional and modern growing methods, including eco-friendly greenhouses, to produce an ultra-premium flower packaged by California Canna. It’s praised OG strain is the culmination of a passionate desire to meet and exceed the highest standards of even the most discerning connoisseur. California Canna’s mission is to bring the finest OG cannabis products grown to cannabis consumers.

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