Travis Brady Raises Business Brand Culture to New Heights Through  Next Gen Agency

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Like living organisms, businesses go through phases: from conception to birth to first steps to growth through evolution, or, alas, failure. As the saying goes, per aspera ad astra. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests that almost 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of the second year, some 30 percent of businesses flop. Another half will go under by the end of the fifth year and ten years later, the failure rate reaches a 70 percent. While this phenomenon is already unfortunate, many businesses that have the potential to achieve long-term success fail not because of the value of their product but because of their inability to find customers. For a company that finds product market fit, a well-thought-through marketing plan can make all the difference. With a plethora of new media channels to market one’s business, professional business coaches and marketing consultants help budding businesses develop and thrive.

For Next Gen Agency, founded by Travis Brady,  brand building is the centerpiece of any business scaling strategy. At one point Travis was inspired and even challenged by a conversation he once had with the former president of the National Speakers Association. The former president affirmed that it takes eight years to build a brand. Taking the statement as a personal challenge, Travis designed a strategy that cut the process down to just eight weeks and five phases. For almost seventeen years,

“Next Gen coaching helps businesses evolve their brand and implement that brand into their online presence, marketing, services, and sales process,” explains Travis.

Travis and the Next Gen team offer several consulting and brand-management packages—the ‘five-pronged’ approach—each tailored to the needs of a business at a particular stage of its evolution. They subdivide a business’s growth-oriented strategy in five phases: leadership discovery and coaching development; branding and team culture; social media marketing and lead generation; service delivery and automation; sales process and business scaling.

In line with those phases, Next Gen services are tailored to particular needs a business owner faces at different periods of growth. Once the transition through all five phases is complete, the client evolves to become the “next gen”, an entity that enjoys income, influence, and freedom – a balanced state of all business components. Under the Business Growth segment, NextGen helps start a business from scratch and build its foundation. The Leadership program assists companies in achieving the ambitious goal of scaling the business to 6-figure returns. The Platinum service package enables 2-4-year-old businesses to attain sales measured in multiples of 6-digit figures.

Being a highly-sought-after coach and business mentor, Travis has helped hundreds of businesses in the 17 years of his consulting practice. According to Travis, having a strong brand is synonymous with having a recognizable, memorable, and strong identity without which it is impossible to scale a business in a highly competitive market environment. Next Gen’s team has a combined 50-year experience building brands and helping their clients produce captivating videos, catchy logos & memorable graphics, websites & social media banners – the gambit of tools crucial for brand promotion  and consolidation. Next Gen makes sure all the elements are in line with the brand’s uniform message and form.

On top of brand enhancement, Next Gen started working with athletes as Travis used to work as a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Utah’s football team and still feels a strong bond with the world of professional sports. Next Gen partners with Utah Jazz legend Thurl Bailey,and Drew Manning, the celebrity fitness trainer behind fit2fat2fit Instagram account.

To learn more about Travis and Next Gen Agency, please visit his Instagram and his company’s website.

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