Real estate and business require constant attention. Whether you manage a single home, apartment complex, or office, an effective surveillance system is both a crime deterrent and a critical means for collecting and documenting security events on your property. Modern security systems enable you to monitor occurrences in your home while focusing on other important parts of your life.

In the midst of ever-increasing market competition and the ensuing chaos, it is critical to know which security firms can be trusted. We spoke with Travis Bailey, the founder of Central Valley Alarm, a leading security firm in Modesto, California, to understand the nuances of the modern security market and how his company manages to stay ahead of the curve.

Modern Security Systems: Important Features

Security systems are a collection of equipment and networks that ensure an object’s protection from multiple angles. Standard kits enable you to control building access, track inside incidents, and monitor the surrounding area, utility, or technical structures. Below is the list of security services any professional firm should provide:

Intrusion detection systems: sensors that respond to movements, vibrations, destruction of doors, window frames, glass, ventilation hatches, etc.

Territory control: video surveillance systems inside and outside buildings, designed to work in various weather conditions, including at night.

Fire protection: sensors that monitor smoke, heat, flames, extinguishing or containment sources of fires until the arrival of rescuers.

Access control to an object or to a specific room: intercom systems that allow for selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.

Alarm Monitoring: a central incident response hub that collects data from all sensors. It sends out notifications on time and keeps track of the chronology of events and changes.

CVA: Your Safe Bet for Total Security

Central Valley Alarm is a full stack security firm that provides state-of-the-art protective systems for homes and businesses, taking into account the specific needs of a client. Thanks to the technologies, expertise, and skills they have, CVA’s best team provides complex systems with increased protection that can track and prevent various threats.

What’s more, CVA adheres to the principles of green logistics, which involves the use of energy and resource-saving technologies and equipment. The company’s solar energy solutions allow for the reduction of electricity costs as well as carbon footprint.

“Our principal value is Responsibility. We believe that continuous improvement of our products, along with the responsible attitude towards our consumers and employees, are some of the assets that guarantee our success as a company that creates long-term values for society”, says Travis Bailey.

Summing Up

The most competent security firms in the market stand out with cutting-edge services, a passion for innovation, as well as a sincere relationship with each client. CVA shares the same values; its main focus is on client satisfaction and doing honest work, rather than on profit.

Should you wish to learn more about CVA’s distinguished security services, contact the company now to see how it can aid your quest in many ways.

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