Top 10 Best Toronto OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 3You might consider the banks of Lake Ontario cold, but the best OnlyFans accounts in Toronto really heat things up. As the most populous city in Ontario, there’s just so many hot and sultry models on OnlyFans in Toronto with tons of spicy photos and videos chock full of the stuff you like to see.

We scoured the most salacious corners of the internet to bring you the top OnlyFans in Toronto, each with their own special talents that proves they’re the cream (nice) of the crop. From custom videos to personal DMs to free accounts and trials, every single Toronto OnlyFans account in our list loves their fans and makes sure they’re well-satisfied.

Best Toronto OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Toronto OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023


Best 10 Toronto OnlyFans

#1. Dolly Baby — Best Petite OnlyFans Model

torontos baby 1


  • Sexting with fans
  • Posts regularly
  • Custom content

Where to follow:

About Dolly Baby:

Dolly Baby wins Best Petite Toronto OnlyFans account partially because her pics and videos just keep coming…er, keep you coming. Back to her page, that is, because she doesn’t stop at posting regularly, oh no, she sends her fans some of the spiciest sexts this side of Lake Ontario. 

Don’t get us started on her willingness to explore different fetishes…if you ask her for her custom menu, you just might get to see the scene of your dreams come to vivid reality by this small Toronto OnlyFans account. Plus, while you’ve got it out, might as well send her a pic for a cock rating delivered by a professional, so you know it’s legit.


#2. Laika — Best Furry Account



  • Great costumes
  • Spicy solos and duos
  • Bi content

Where to follow:

About Laika:

Laika will have you howling at the moon at just a glance of her dog butt. This Toronto OnlyFans model loves to get on all fours and shake her tail for you, delivering {adj} videos and {pictures} in full fursuit, fursuit mask, and a leatherette dog mask for when the content gets a little kinky. Sort of like a werewolf! If you’re into that sort of thing. No judgment from us! When it comes to partners in her videos and photos, Laika isn’t picky, bringing boys and girls into her doghouse for a fun game of “bury the bone.” 

Laika has a twitter account, where you can find {adj} furry OnlyFans Toronto preview freebies to get you in the mood for the full thing immediately, sort of like a Pavlovian response. She also loves interacting with her fellow furry fans.


#3. Kenz Porter — Best Girlfriend Experience

kenzxoxox 2


  • {Spicy} DMs
  • Takes requests
  • Blonde and beautiful

Where to follow:

About Kenz Porter:

The best thing about Kenz’s Toronto OnlyFans account is how intimate it all feels. Kenz loves to hear your fantasies, and works to make them as real as possible. Her DM inbox is always open for you, ready to take on all you have to give. Check out all the lacy lingerie she puts on just for you, especially if you buy it for her, just because she remembers how much you like it. Her openness and refreshing candor makes you feel like you’re right there in the bed next to her, which is why we’ve awarded Kenz the Best Girlfriend Experience of Toronto OnlyFans 2023.


#4. Candice Windfall — Best Cosplay OnlyFans



  • {Sexy} cosplay
  • Thicc thighs
  • Responds to DMs

Where to follow:

About Candice Windfall:

Let’s just be honest—there’s lots of hot fictional characters out there. Movies, TV, comics, you name it, there’s been ladies you’ve wondered about how they look without all that pesky clothing. This is where Candice shines, interpreting your favorite characters as tantalizing vixens who just want to please you. 

Every week Candice bears all for her fans in themed shoots which leave nothing to the imagination, while giving you plenty to fantasize about in your spank bank. If that wasn’t enough, her monthly livestreams showcase her cosplay expertise in making the sexiest photos and videos from characters you just love to love.


#5. Trinity’s Assylum — Best Butt of Toronto OnlyFans



  • Amazing ass
  • Fun with friends
  • Cock worship

Where to follow:

About Trinity’s Assylum:

There’s not much more to say that her handle does, but by Zeus we’re gonna try. Trinity’s assets first brought her to our ass-ttention, if you get our drift. Her bulbous backside drew us in and her {explicit} content kept us there. Besides {hot} pictures of her {gorgeous} ass, Trinity makes sure her fans have plenty of vids of her shaking her ass, making it bounce up and down on her partners, and showing how flexible her dancer’s body is. 

Trinity admits she loves to party, which is evident when she brings over someone else’s wife—or they do—for some cucking fun. Her talents include showing members—her fans, that is—what she can do with her hands and mouth as well.


#6. Toronto Blondie — Best OnlyFans Toronto Free Account

torontoblondie 1


  • Free account
  • Bisexual baddie
  • Throat GOAT

Where to follow:

About Toronto Blondie:

Toronto Blondie is so generous with her content, she wants you to be able to see her work without having to pay…though you can get even more on her paid account. With {explicit} vids and pics available on her OnlyFans page, Toronto Blondie explores her own body, and the bodacious bods of her bi partners with all sorts of toys for every hole. She gives as good as she gets, too, with tons of times going down and taking it all with free content on OnlyFans, Twitter, and Snapchat!


#7. Viv, Bratty Redhead — Best Solo Erotica

vivienne brattyredhead 2


  • Lusty lingerie
  • Artistic shots
  • Who doesn’t like a natural redhead?

Where to follow:

About Viv, Bratty Redhead:

Vivienne wins the title of Best Solo Erotica pants-down for the sheer artistry she brings to her Toronto OnlyFans account. Viv’s boudoir-inspired shoots make you feel like you’re peeking into a slice of her life—watching her read, cook, do dishes, read, and paint in skimpy lingerie guaranteed to get a rise out of you. 

It’s voyeuristic and titillating, hinting at the excitement of watching someone in their most private moments. Though her content leans toward the less explicit, Viv is no less tantalizing and her bratty nature makes you want more and more. Message her to see if she thinks you’ve earned an intimate, personal show.


#8. Toronto Unicorn — Best Toronto Lifestyle Account



  • Slice of life
  • Mentorship & advice
  • Exclusive OnlyFans vlogs

Where to follow:

About Toronto Unicorn:

If you’re not in the Lifestyle, you might not know what a unicorn is. Luckily for you, Toronto Unicorn is happy to explain. She shares her raunchy swinging lifestyle of threesomes and groupsex around Toronto on OnlyFans and a huge amount of socials. 

We appreciate the attempt to normalize the nonmonogamies scene, and exactly how realistic and detailed Toronto Unicorn’s content is, showcasing her real-life affairs and dalliances with couples across the board. She even will tell you how to take a good dick pic for great results! It’s almost your responsibility to subscribe and educate yourself on what it’s like to be a great unicorn.


#9. Foot Queen Stella — Best Foot Fetish OnlyFans Toronto



  • Size 8
  • Impeccable pedicures
  • Footjob Fridays

Where to follow:

About Foot Queen Stella:

Stella really steps up to the plate with her OnlyFans Toronto account. Every Friday, she uploads {sexy} footjobs with lots of different partners, showcasing her talents and why she deserves the title Foot Queen. Her consistent content really toes the line with candid pics and of her walking around in regular life, as well as content to let you live your foot worshiping fantasies. If you’re quick with a reply, you might even get to help pick the color of her next pedicure.


#10. Seductrix Evie — Best BDSM



  • Daily DMs
  • FemDom
  • Girl on girl

Where to follow:

About Seductrix Evie:

We asked Evie pretty please if we could write about her OnlyFans account for this article, to which she responded that she guessed she was okay with sniveling, pathetic weaklings spreading the word about her professional dominatrix work. Obviously we were smitten. Seductrix Evie humiliates and degrades boys, girls, anybody under her shap heels and powerful control.

When she calls, you’ll gladly answer only to be rejected with brutal precision. What makes her the Best Toronto OnlyFans account is she goes into the psychology of why her techniques are so effective, which only adds to the desire. Subscribe and send her a DM for direct, custom dom-content you can’t help but submit to.



Is OnlyFans a free app?

OnlyFans itself is a hosting service for independent creators, so it’s free to sign up, create your own account, and browse lots of raunchy, wet, and hardcore OnlyFans Toronto accounts. Lots of Toronto OnlyFans models have free accounts that serve as introductions to their spicy content, or give nice freebie previews on their social media pages. If you want premium, explicit, and custom content, however, you need to pay their subscription fee. And let’s face it, these Toronto OnlyFans creators are worth every penny. If you’re feeling it, maybe you’ll find a desire growing in yourself to make your own OnlyFans page.

How do OnlyFans users get paid?

The best ways to get paid on OnlyFans is to have content available to fans through subscriptions, paid DMs, fan tips, and pay-per-view content like livestreams. Some top OnlyFans creators are able to rake in incomes over a wide range, from the hundred thousands to multiple millions. Some OnlyFans creators have had such a good time making their pictures and videos that they want to help others find that bliss, and offer consulting or coaching services for new or smaller accounts to grow their following by growing their follower’s…well, you know.

Can I be anonymous on OnlyFans?

Unfortunately, sex work carries with it a lot of social stigma that OnlyFans as a platform and content creators want to help dispel. Protecting online privacy can be an important part of creating sultry and explicit content on OnlyFans, and you don’t have to use your real name on a fans-facing content creating account. You can use a name or email different from your real name or regular email to help protect your anonymity. Keep in mind though that the OnlyFans will know your legal name and bank account so you can receive your hard-earned cash. Rest assured, they won’t share that info with anyone you don’t want to know.

How do I use OnlyFans?

There are two ways to use OnlyFans: as a fan, and as a creator. Both require you to create a free OnlyFans account, and you can switch your account to a creator in the settings to start uploading your adult content and growing your fanbase. If you’re just there to be a fan, the homepage on the app and site updates with regular refreshes to bring you recommendations or tp accounts to follow. You can favorite the accounts you like, or save them to lists for different moods. Some accounts have free content and paid tiers, or offer a paid subscription to get everything. 

How do I search for users on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans works a lot like other social networking sites, just with the idea that every post is designed to tantalize and tease. Once you’ve created a free account and logged in, you can begin to search for users who put out content that pleases you. If you know a username, you can enter it into the search bar in the app and you’ll be met with results like that username, as well as their page. It’s a good way to find more similar sexy content. If you’re using a browser, just add a backslash to the URL, and paste your favorite Toronto OnlyFans creator username on the end to go directly to their page.


Best Toronto OnlyFans Girls in Conclusion 

There’s so many Toronto OnlyFans models to choose from, each with their own niche of bawdy brilliance and sexy scintillation wanting to make content just for your deepest, darkest desires. Maybe you’re wanting to try something new, or get back into old habits? Once you’ve taken a gander at these girlies, and you can’t decide, subscribe to them all! Between trials and free accounts, there’s no shame in just taking a peek to see what you like in the best Toronto OnlyFans accounts of 2023. Maybe you’ll even find someone we missed. Hey, congrats to you for coming across—or on, or for—a hidden gem.


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