Top Tips for using FOREO Facial Cleansing Devices

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When it comes to facial cleansing devices, it’s no secret that using them correctly can be a game-changer. Whether you are new to the skincare niche or you want to elevate your routine to its highest potential, knowing how to utilise your FOREO device could make all the difference.

A bit about FOREO

All FOREO devices have been designed with YOU in mind. Yes you, with the sensitive skin! Yes you, with the rosacea! Yes you, the one who’d like to pamper yourself and have glowing skin to boot! The LUNA 4 range can revolutionise your skincare routine today.


Well, bacteria-resistant silicone touchpoints treat skin both deeply and gently, and with cleansing modes featuring five different massages, you can tailor your experience to your needs. FOREO’s focus is to bring high-end, scientifically-driven, dermatologically tested products that treat the skin to your beauty cabinet affordably and with little fuss.

Top tips for FOREO facial cleansing devices

As FOREO is the world’s fastest-growing beauty device brand (it’s placed at number 3 in Cosmetify’s 2020 Beauty Report for beauty brands on the rise), here are our four top tips:

  1. It can be easy to want to use your device every day, but your skin type will dictate the results you get. With this in mind, use your brush twice a week and track what happens to your skin (FOREO devices provide instant results, so this should be pretty straightforward). Some may find that they get better benefits from increasing their usage to every other day, whereas others may find that once a week is perfect.
  2. Be gentle when using your device! All LUNA 4 facial cleansing brushes feature super soft silicone bristles to provide a mild yet effective experience, so excessive pressure isn’t necessary.
  3. To maximise skin health, be sure to clean your brush after every use. Rinse it under warm water, wash it with soap and rinse again. Pat dry with a cloth or towel. As many cleaning products contain alcohol, petrol, or acetone that could potentially irritate your skin or damage the silicone, FOREO has its own Silicone Cleaning Spray (again, rinse after use).
  4. Always use a device that has ultra-hygienic medical-grade silicone, like those in the LUNA 4 range, to ensure skin safety every time you use it. Bacteria can spread and cause skin issues (in fact, just one germ can multiply more than 8 million times in one day!), so a device that prioritises
    antimicrobial materials is going to be a great choice.

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How to choose the right cleansing device for your needs

Facial cleansing brushes are fantastic skincare tools, but different ones will have different functions. For example, the FOREO LUNA 4 body brush won’t be suitable for use on your face and the IRIS device is specially designed to treat the under-eye area. Take a look at the range on offer and select the one that best matches your skincare and beauty goals for the best results.

Dr. Raj Arora, Windsor skin specialist, says that she recommends the LUNA 4 collection to all of her clients as the T-sonic pulsations are clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, makeup and residue in 1 minute. Here’s what else she has to say:

“The devices have been designed in a way to fit into busy schedules, but also to give a feeling of self-care and relaxation. Healthy skin requires consistency and an effective skincare routine. We can start with the Luna to ensure we are getting there!”. With celebrity endorsements from Rita Ora, Venus Williams and more – why not get yours today?

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