Top Tier Group, A World Renowned Safety Supplies Leader

PPE equipment, by far one of the most crucial weapons in the fight against Covid-19. Top Tier Group, a Toronto-based company in Canada led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Theodorou wanted to assist in any way they could during the pandemic, by building an entirely new branch of the company known as Top Tier Safety Supplies. Founded in March of 2020, they continue to supply the equipment needed to fight the virus efficiently for customers globally.

Setting An Example, Leading The Way

Since its inception, Top Tier has to date delivered almost 2 million PPE products throughout the pandemic so far. One key to their success has been through their e-commerce efforts, with more than 20,000 products sold to date. From the beginning, Top Tier prides itself in its effort to remain affordable for everyone. Theodorou says, “We’re continuing to find new ways to make operations more cost-effective and return those savings to our clients.” “We want everything to be as affordable as possible,” he says. “That’s what gets people to purchase equipment and also feel like they can come back and always rely on us.”

Moving Forward In 2021 & Beyond

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our definition of normalcy and in the process led to the decay and destruction of civilization worldwide, tearing apart countries beyond anything in recent memory or history has seen. Being a well-known industry leader, Top Tier Group uses innovation to combat the pandemic and helping assist those in need anywhere they can, putting people over profit every time. Recently launching Top Tier Safety Supplies making PPE items, gloves, and other sanitary items easily accessible to people. Also being a huge supplier for many government entities with top-quality healthcare supplies to fight the battle against COVID-19.“Ultimately, the objective behind these expansions are to access new talented employees and diversify our customer base. By entering new markets we will eventually yield high returns on our investments and revitalize product development at scale globally.” In the present day, Top Tier Group is one of the most prominent global leaders in the industry, with 5 subsidiaries — Top Tier Air Link, Top Tier Containers, Mein Haus Staging, Top Tier Safety Supplies, and Top Tier Moving. Offering an innovative solution that is designed to make our lives better. Combining affordability with quality providing comprehensive solutions. After years of expertise gained through experience, Top Tier Group is set to scale to even greater heights with its latest post-pandemic expansion.

Covid-19 Vaccine Authorization 

Top Tier amongst the few private companies to receive the MDEL License Level 3 certification back in May to bring COVID-19 vaccines to its clients in Canada. Besides essential pandemic supplies, the company also supplies glasses, bags, skincare products, and many other products.

Clients and Promotion

Top Tier Group’s client base includes several well-known companies and organizations, including Amazon, Popeyes, and the Government of Canada. On social media, they have a following of well over two million users on Instagram, quickly growing after hitting one million followers just a few months ago. The company has also been featured on several news channels, including The New York Times, CBC News, and Forbes.

Getting recognized by those kinds of companies has also played an important role in the company’s growth. Most of all, Theodorou feels that self-promotion helps push the company forward. “You have to be able to have a following on a site like Instagram,” he says. “You can do so much in just one post, and I think with two million followers, that’s gonna be where we keep getting people on board with the company.” Top Tier has gotten millions on board with them already and as they continue to work in the safety equipment industry, they hope that the following will help them continue to expand.

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