Chat lines are one of the most convenient dating methods out there. You can meet tons of great singles all from your living room couch! That’s because chat lines simply require that you have a phone. All you need to do is pick up yours and dial the numbers. From there, you’ll be introduced to tons of nearby potential matches to go on phone dates with. It’s way easier than trying to meet someone in person, and a lot more genuine than attempting those exhausting dating apps. Skip the boring flaky exchanges for real connections. You never know who you might meet!

Most lines won’t even ask you for a credit card until you’ve used up their free trial minutes, which are normally about 30 minutes long. You could theoretically keep calling phone dating numbers and messaging locals without ever pulling out your wallet. The fact that there are so many numbers available is bittersweet because honestly, some aren’t even worth your time. We’ve done you the favor of selecting the best lines for you to try, all of which have free trials. Read on to figure out which of these chat lines best suits your dating desires.

  1. Livelinks1-855-404-2517 (60 minute free trial)
  2. Livetalk – 1-800-444-LIVE (10 minute free trial)
  3. Livechat – 1-866-838-5616 (30 minute free trial)
  4. Local Hot Chat – 1-888-710-2625 (30 minute free trial)
  5. Talk121- 1-855-677-0545 (30 minute free trial)
  6. Fonochat – 1-866-408-0873 (30 minute free trial)
  7. Redhot Dateline – 1-888-350-5846 (30 minute free trial)
  8. Vibeline – 1-866-984-1179 (30 minute free trial)
  9. Phone and Flirt – 1-800-381-5455 (5 minute free trial)
  10. Free Chat Girls – 1-866-995-5331 (30 minute free trial)

1. Livelinks – Best overall phone chat experience – 1-855-404-2517

Livelinks is the leading phone dating line available to you. The discussions had on this line are refreshing and work to create real connections and bonds between local daters. If you love chatting it up and sharing stories with interesting people, Livelinks is the chat line you should be calling. What’s great about this line is that it works for all types of daters. Livelinks callers tend to either want a casual fling or a serious relationship. This adult line has been around for a while now, making it one of the most reliable and well-established numbers you can call. Livelinks has added great features over the years to ensure that your phone dating experience runs as smoothly as possible.

First-time callers can take advantage of an hour of free phone chat minutes, giving them enough time to explore the line to see if it meets their needs. Depending on how long you chat with each match, you can enjoy a free phone date with a handful of folks.

Livelinks is a popular choice among other adult dating lines, and with that free trial, you’ve really got nothing to lose by giving it a shot!

2. Livetalk – New popular dating line – 1-800-444-LIVE

Livetalk is a newer phone chat line that has attracted a huge number of callers over the last year. What makes Livetalk so admirable is its ability to foster genuine companionships between total strangers over the phone. There’s a sexy vibe to Livetalk as well that heats up when the sun goes down. For the most part, it’s real people seeking someone to fulfill their romantic needs – whatever they may be.

The callers over at Livetalk are always chatty and down for an interesting conversation. They really have an interest in getting to know one another, which gives it a really warm and welcoming feel to first-time callers.

While we wish the free trial was a bit longer, there are perks to giving Livetalk a try. For one, the free phone chat minutes aren’t limited to simply exchanging messages like most other lines. You can actually connect with someone and talk to them one-on-one. Livetalk does this because they know their callers are quality and have the ability to draw you in, even after just 10 minutes.

3. Livechat – Like a newer Livelinks – 1-866-838-5616

If you’ve used chat lines before, you’ve probably dialed into Livelinks tons of times, or at least seen it on every phone dating list. While it is one of the best lines out there (that’s why it gets so much attention), you might be in the market for something new. That’s when it’s time to give Livechat a try. It’s designed in a similar way to Livelinks, but gives you an entirely fresh and exciting new phone dating experience. Livechat is quickly gaining a reputation for being the new and improved Livelinks, but you’ll have to call to find out for yourself which line is the real winner.

This comes down to personal preference. We will say that Livechat tends to be a little sexier right off the bat than Livelinks does. On Livelinks, there are just so many callers, so it feels like a dating grab-bag full of surprises. Livechat is a little more predictable, with most callers eager to flirt and show their sexy sides.

Livechat does offer you a 30-minute free trial, but you don’t get to use those minutes for phone chat. You can send messages for free and listen to greetings, so you’ll get a fairly clear idea of what this line is all about if you decide to give it a try.

4. Local Hot Chat – Best party line – 1-888-710-2625

Given the name of this chat line, it should be obvious that Local Hot Chat is more of a party line than it is a romantic dating line for singles. That’s not to imply that courtship never happens on Local Hot Chat, it’s just far less common than the erotic conversations that take place. The goal of this adult line is to set you up with a local hottie, and it works.

Local Hot Chat is popular because it doesn’t shy away from its purpose. Some chat lines are sexy, but err on the side of caution when advertising what they are really about. Local Hot Chat does no such thing, which actually makes its callers feel more comfortable expressing themselves to new friends over the phone.

While it’s a hotter line, it has a similar feel to Livelinks in that it’s reliable, works well, and is favored among callers of erotic chat lines. Local Hot Chat attracts a diverse group of callers, so it’s definitely worth checking out to see if you meet anyone you find attractive!

5. Talk121 – Best casual dating line – 1-855-677-0545

If you enjoy your single life, but want to mingle with other hotties in your area, Talk 121 is the perfect line for you! Talk121 is a phone dating line that’s all about casual dating and sexy flirting. It’s not really the line most flock to when they want a serious relationship or to find a soulmate. It’s more of a spot where a younger crowd comes to meet singles who live nearby. Whether or not those singles fall in love is in the hands of the callers, but usually, these calls result in something more casual.

People have made friends, found hookups, and flirted for hours on Talk121. It’s a well-known, secure, and reliable phone dating line for singles and does a great job at creating a relaxing and fun environment where callers feel eager to get their banter on. Callers love to playfully tease their matches on this line, making it quite seductive for those who may be spending their night alone. It’s all too easy to meet someone cute to chat with on Talk 121.

Talk121 is a little bit more expensive than we are used to seeing, but they do offer a free trial of 10 minutes. Though it’s not a ton of free time, it gives you a sense of what you’re walking into when you commit to Talk121

 6. Fonochat – Best Latin line – 1-866-408-0873

Fonochat is famous for being the most popular Latinx dating line for singles. It’s best used by Latinx folks who are seeking like-minded Spanish-speaking partners, but it is open for use by everyone and anyone. If you do speak the language, this is a line where you can come and confidently meet someone who understands you in ways that other dating lines can’t match. Some Spanish-speakers need this shared sense of understanding for a relationship to feel truly fulfilling.

Because Fonochat has such a superb reputation among daters, it’s a line with a high volume of repeat and new users. There is always someone to talk to and share your heart with on Fonochat, no matter what time of day it is. Callers tend to be very chatty and vibrant, making Fonochat one of the most entertaining lines on this list.

For meeting cute Latin singles in your area, Fonochat is an unmatched service. If you’ve never called the line before, Fonochat will grant you 30 free phone chat minutes. Test out the line as either a Spanish or English speaker. As far as chat line goes, Fonochat is also really affordable and well worth the reasonable cost.

7. Redhot Dateline – Adult dating number – 1-888-350-5846

Redhot Dateline is brought to you by the same people behind Livelinks, giving it instant reputability. While Livelinks is geared more towards serious and romantic daters, Redhot Dateline definitely has a different vibe. It’s like Livelinks’ more sensual cousin and gets the most action after 8 pm.

Chat lines are not just for dating. Sometimes you just want a casual erotic phone chat. When you’re in the mood for a saucy discussion, or to meet someone who is attractive to hook up with, Redhot Dateline has your back. Everyone on Redhot is on the same page, so there’s no reason to be shy about your desires on this adult dating line. There’s room for romantic intersection too. Because Redhot Dateline is so good at linking compatible partners, sometimes the relationships last beyond just a sexy phone call.

Redhot Dateline is where you can feel safe expressing your naughty side. Moreover, it’s also just a safe line that takes your privacy and discretion seriously. You can have all the sexy fun you want on Redhot Dateline without any intrusive anxiety. This line is as secure as it is sexy.

 8. Vibeline – Best to chat with black people – 1-866-984-1179

Originally, Vibeline was a chat line created for Black singles who were hoping to find love. Since its inception, it has expanded to include anyone who is in the market for companionship. Because Vibeline has historically been a line dedicated to dating for Black singles, it’s a line that is still primarily curated for Black clientele. However, anyone is welcome to dial the number and the environment is incredibly welcoming.

Vibeline is now described by many as a line for younger chat line callers. The energy on Vibeline is fun, flirtatious, sensual, and casual. To get a taste of the experience, Vibeline will give you 30 minutes free of charge. This way, you can check it out without breaking the bank. What you’ll likely come across is a diverse group of smart and real callers who are looking for a special relationship, just like you are.

If you aren’t sold yet, Vibeline offers packages that are comparatively reasonable in price. People often find themselves chatting with local cuties for hours on Vibeline, so these competitive price points come in handy after you use up your free trial.

9. Phone and Flirt – Greatest nighttime dating line – 1-800-381-5455

Phone and Flirt is a newer chat line for the night owls out there. This is because its most saturated hours are just after midnight until about 3 in the morning. If you haven’t guessed it already, Phone and Flirt isn’t where you want to come if you’re hoping to find a soulmate through chat lines. Instead, it’s for a naughtier crowd of callers who love the heat and sensuality of erotic phone chat.

While Phone and Flirt is busier after dark, it is open for callers 24/7. If you’re feeling the urge to speak with someone during the daytime, you can call this number. Lots of people know about this chat line, so you’ll absolutely find someone to talk to.

As we said, conversations on Phone and Flirt are very risque. There is nothing that is too raunchy for these callers who love to gab about the unusual or sexy kinks that turn them on.

10. FreeChatGirls – Best naughty late night chat line – 1-866-995-5331

We’ll be honest with you. FreeChatGirls gets a lot of action because people who don’t know any better think that it’s actually a free chat line. This isn’t true. The pricing structure at FreeChatGirls is comparable to any other chat line. While women do chat for free on this line, the rules don’t apply to men. Most chat lines allow women to chat for free since they are statistically less likely to use chat lines than men are.

FreeChatGirls might not be a completely free chat line, but it does offer you a free trial. Unfortunately, that trial is limited to just 10 minutes. And, you won’t get to talk to anyone during that time. You can use it to send messages though.

You might be wondering why FreeChatGirls is on the list at all at this point. FreeChatGirls is one of the most efficient ways to have phone sex with a hot local. It doesn’t hold anything back. If you want to share your secrets and fantasies with someone you could also potentially hook up with, there’s no better number than FreeChatGirls. Spill your fetish fantasies to open-minded people by calling FreeChatGirls.

Chat Line FAQs

Why Do Chat Lines Provide Free Minutes?

Most chat lines offer free minutes so that you can get a feel for what the line is like. Not all chat lines are the same and many attract unique types of callers. Depending on what you want out of the chat line, those free chat minutes give you a chance to decide if a line benefits you or not. When the free chat minutes are up, lines will expect you to begin paying for your time on the line. We wish that chat lines could be free all of the time, but they need to protect the security and privacy of every caller. That’s why they’ll ask you to pay once your trial is up. Most chat lines offer about an hour of free time, which is more than enough to learn what the line is all about. You might even find someone great while using your free phone chat minutes!

How Many Free Trials Can I Use?

You can pretty much use as many free trials as there are phone chat numbers. Again, almost all lines will provide a trial to you. If you want to continue bouncing from one line to the next, that is your right! However, not all trials grant you full access to all the features on the line. Some only allow you to listen to messages, others let you send messages, and a select few will allow you to use your free phone chat time to meet someone live on the line. This is completely up to the discretion of the folks who run the companies behind these chat line numbers.

Do I Need To Provide Payment Information To Get The Trial?

No! This is one of the best things about chat lines. The moment people see the word ‘free’ advertised anywhere on a dating platform, they are immediately skeptical. That’s because tons of sites will use that word to describe something that’s not entirely free. You might get trapped into recurring charges or charges you didn’t know you agreed to. This is not the case with chat lines. These numbers allow you to take advantage of these trials before you even pull out a credit card. 

What Is A Greeting?

A chat line greeting is what you’ll listen to when you are deciding who you want to chat with live. On the line, you will get to hear several recorded messages from cute strangers who live right by you. When you dial into the line, you will also be prompted to record your own greeting. While recording, be sure to introduce yourself. The friendlier you sound, the more likely others are to match with you!

Who Will I Meet On A Chat Line?

Chat line callers are not paid operators or actors. Every time you call a phone dating number, you will be connected to folks who live in your area. These are singles who are just like you. They are often exciting, vibrant, and eager to meet like minded people. Many are looking for relationships, but you’ll come across callers who want to make friends or even engage in naughty chat. 

What Makes Chat Lines Better Than Dating Apps?

Most chat line callers agree that phone dating is superior to apps and dating in real life. What makes it so much better is the fact that you are making genuine connections with real people. You aren’t meeting flakey daters who can hide behind the veil of the internet. You are actually talking to someone and going on a phone date. Phone dating takes the pressure off of daters by allowing them to meet new people from the comfort of their own home. 

Should I Meet My Chat Line Date In Person?

People you meet on chat lines are still strangers. You’ll want to get a nice feel for the person you are speaking with before agreeing to meet them in person. That might take a few consecutive chat sessions before it’s time to take the plunge. Most callers are hoping to meet in real life, so don’t be surprised when someone asks you after only the first date. Just be smart and make the right choice. And always meet in a public place first before heading somewhere more private. 

How Can I Stay Safe On A Chat Line?

Chat lines are safe, secure, and anonymous if you want them to be. However, there are still folks out there who have bad intentions. They might try to use chat lines as a way to scam or hurt vulnerable people. Chat lines do their absolute best to keep people like this off of their platforms. However, some of these people are just too sneaky and they slip through the cracks. That’s why you need to pay attention to your safety while you are on the line. Here are the things you can do to stay safe while on a chat line date:

  • Never share revealing details about yourself: Identifying information, banking information, and personal information are all things that need to remain private when on the line. If you want to be extra cautious, you can use a fake nickname while you are chat line dating so that other daters can’t find out who you are.
  • Report abusive callers: Some people call chat lines just to be jerks. They might use abusive language or begin talking about things that make you uncomfortable. The best thing you can do in this situation is block that caller and report them to the chat line company.
  • Stay away from chat lines if you are under the influence: This is for your own good. When you are under the influence, it can be easy to let important private information slip to total strangers. Avoid this completely by only calling when you are sober.
  • Meet up in public places: If you decide to take that next step with a chat line caller, you should do so in a public space. You never really know who you are talking to until you meet them in person. This is why it’s crucial to meet somewhere around other people where you’ll be safe rather than privately one-on-one.


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