Top NFT Influencer Splashy Shares His Challenges and Wisdom

NFTs are a new craze everyone is talking about. Investing in NFTs has proved to be one of the biggest opportunities for tech-driven Gen-Z. However, the complex nature of the industry is what scares many potential investors. The many challenges in the industry have also been significant, scaring many others away. Fortunately, successful individuals in the field, such as Splashy, share their experiences to motivate and encourage others.

Splashy is a successful crypto influencer and professional gamer. The Fortnite content creator turned NFT influencer enjoys a solid social media presence with over 150,000 subscribers on his Fortnite YouTube channel and 20,000 followers on TikTok. His informative and captivating content has also earned him a vast audience. His videos have gathered over ten million views on his YouTube channel and thousands of views across other platforms.

Getting started from scratch with no clear path was Splashy’s biggest challenge. At one point, a few of his close friends tried to discourage him as they didn’t see his potential. But a determined Splashy wasn’t ready to give up on what he had started. Instead, Splashy focused on the bigger goals, watching his mentor Gary Vee, who inspired him to change his life and go after his dream, especially in his cryptocurrency and NFT career.

Splashy believes that success doesn’t just come and find you; you have to go and get it. Nowadays, it is easy to sit back, watch movies, go out partying, be lazy, and do things that will prevent success from reaching you. Find what you enjoy and always try to be the best at it because the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you reach it.

There is also never the right time to get started; Splashy believes in getting started with what you have. Don’t worry much about tomorrow but always endeavor to learn from your mistakes.

More importantly, never listen to the naysayers or give up on your dreams. Splashy recommends seeing your doubters as fuel to keep going, to keep chasing those dreams. Life is too short to listen to people directing you down paths they want you to down, not those you dream of reaching. The risk of chasing your dreams is there, and it can be a big doubt in your mind. To achieve the unthinkable, you need to take the risks no one else is willing to take. Remember, every success story you see was once an idea or dream that someone decided to bring to life.

In a few years, Splashy sees himself as one of the biggest NFT influencers working with many other metaverses. The ambitious influencer is also looking forward to expanding his brand, platform, and crypto journey to significant new heights. For Splashy, the goal is to work hard and set an example for other young influencers looking to build their success in the industry. To achieve this, Splashy is confident he’ll continue sharing his story with the world and motivate other people. There is so much potential in crypto and NFTs, and Splashy believes it is time you joined the wave.

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