Top Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Follow As The Year Unfolds

The world of business can be very demanding and not everyone has the necessary skills to be successful. We gathered some of the leading business professionals in their respective industries to gain insight into what makes a successful business, and what the future holds for them. Continue reading to find out what they have to say!

Kim Perell

Kim Perell is a serial entrepreneur, two-time bestselling author, prominent angel investor and a mother of two sets of twins. Beginning a journey from her kitchen table, Kim is now a multimillionaire at the age of 30 who just sold her last company for $235 million. She has been a major investor in hundreds of startups, allowing herself as an entrepreneur, and the entrepreneurs she surrounds herself by, to achieve success in their respective fields. Kim’s best ability has been shown throughout the career as she has cut out her critics and followed her own vision, displaying her confidence. She believes in the idea of outsourcing and micro influencing to replace the orthodox but old way of developing brands. Her career’s success has been greatly impacted by the amount of lives she has changed, hence this led to her drive, passion and motivation to uplift her fellow entrepreneurs. To learn more about Kim Perell, click here.

Neelesh Alwani

Neelesh Alwani is a 26-year-old Entrepreneur, Business Professional & Founder of Timepiece Trading — a company specializing in exotic high-end watches and luxury jewelry. He founded this company 4 years ago in a small office in Miami, Florida – fast forward to 2021 & he’s selling to celebrity clients such as Drake, SteveWillDoIt, FoodGod, and more with 15 employees and $113,000,000 in reported revenue. Having offices in Miami, Hong Kong, Dubai, and even the Caribbean, Timepiece Trading have established themselves on the global stage and have become a go-to dealer for exotic watches. The young, ambitious businessman aims to hit $1,000,000,000,000 in annual revenue by 2028. His advice to young entrepreneurs is “always stay persistent and never give up. Be proud, but not satisfied”. To learn more about Neelesh Alwani, click here.

The Ryan + Trevor Team

The dynamic duo that is Ryan Jancula + Trevor Montano encompass two of the Top Luxury Real Estate Brokers in Southern California. Achieving over $550M+ in team sales to date, they have established themselves as one of the top producing teams and rank in the top 1% of agents nationwide. Backed by Compass, Ryan + Trevor focus exclusively on luxury sales, new developments, and ocean view properties on the Westside of Los Angeles – specializing in Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. Ryan + Trevor provide buyers and sellers with a modern, innovative approach to real estate while also maintaining traditional values and the utmost integrity. They work tirelessly to provide their clients with their desired outcomes and are focused on long-term relationships above all else. Recognized by publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Association of Realtors® 30 under 30, The Real Deal, and Los Angeles Magazine, they have become one of the fastest growing teams in California. To learn more about Ryan Jancula + Trevor Montano, click here.

Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is a co-founder and CEO of a collagen-fortified health & wellness brand known as Obvi. Being a first-generation Indian American, he always had to be an overachiever and go the extra mile but nonetheless, it served as the true roots of his entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to Obvi’s launch in June 2019, Shah made it clear that the goal was to educate first, empower second and provide third as his own values greatly overweighed any potential revenue or growth for that matter. The value-first mindset paid off 30 months later as Obvi broke through stigma in over 250,000 homes and over 75 countries across the globe surpassing $32,000,000 in sales. Devoted to his growing community, for the last 18 months, he personally calls Obvi’s top 100 customers each quarter and makes sure to converse with all members of their Facebook group. As a result, Obvi was recognized as the brand of the year in 2021 and Ronak Shah rightfully earned an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Finalist distinction in the following year 2022. To learn more about Ronak Shah, click here.

Yasar Chaudhary

 Yasar Chaudhary is a multi-sector serial entrepreneur and investor featured on the FORBES Next 1000 list. After launching his first business at just 17, Yasar has been passionate about giving back to the same community that has given him so much success and nurtured him to achieve an INC. 5000 recognition for 2 consecutive years. As a result, he plans to partner with several charities and organizations to have an impact on the communities he will work with for his most recent project, LA Vodka, which is set to launch in August of 2022. Based in Los Angeles, LA vodka is the only vodka that encompasses the city’s opulent lifestyle where people truly experience freedom and luxury. Yasar and his team invested significant time and resources into creating a brand and product that stands out from the rest. Soon, LA Vodka plans to introduce a variety of flavors. In addition, LA Vodka wants to establish itself as a household name by developing domestic and international ties. Allowing consumers to experience the taste of LA through every sip. To learn more about Yasar Chaudhary click here.

Justin Rezvani

Justin Rezvani is a first-generation American entrepreneur, author, speaker and Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Management, and Advertising from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he was named student of the year in both 2010 and 2011. Shortly after, he created theAmplify, one of the world’s first influencer marketing agencies without any outside funding. Within just 6 weeks he scaled the company to profitability and built a world-class executive team, which helped theAmplify grow from a startup to an 8-figure business within two years. The talented young man then launched Zion in 2020, an open global decentralized community platform that facilitates the transparent and direct flow of content and payments between creators and their audiences. Recently, Zion raised 6M at a 53M valuation –a feat out of reach for many entrepreneurs, but not Rezvani. Additionally, he is also a best-selling writer, and his work focuses on Digital Sovereignty, Bitcoin, and Censorship. His book Unapologetic Freedom was also a #1 Best Seller in Politics & Social Sciences. To learn more about Justin Rezvani here.

Ethan Duran

Ethan Duran is an 8-figure Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, and Artist. As a 24-year-old, he is a highly accomplished individual who pursued his childhood dream of owning a Lamborghini –today he has over 90 supercars in his collection. He is the owner of Corsa Auto Group, Corsa e-commerce, Corsa Credit, Corsa Media, and even Corsa University where he helps entrepreneurs break into the top 0.5% of their industry. Corsa isn’t just a business or a brand, it is a lifestyle for self-educated entrepreneurs who seek the recognition of being regarded as the top 1% of the world. Duran’s discipline and consistency played a crucial role in his rapid success as he fell in love with the hard work he put in day in and day out while cherishing adversity as it came and went. After conquering Los Angeles and Miami, Corsa aims to further expand into the biggest city in America –New york. To learn more about Ethan Duran, click here.

Keval Shah

Keval Shah got started in the SEO space in his early teens with his own niche site projects. Through trial and error, he was able to build them into passive income sources by ranking them for highly searched keywords related to the niche at hand, and affiliating for products readers were interested in. These sites also acted as his testing ground for learning SEO and perfecting his craft. Throughout college, Shah continued building his own niche sites and also began consulting for businesses on the side to help them grow their organic presence. After deciding that the college education system wasn’t going to help him achieve his goals in the SEO space, Shah dropped out of college and pursued SEO more professionally, working as an SEO specialist for several agencies. Shah quickly realized that most SEO agencies offered very cookie-cutter-styled services, and that the need for a more boutique-styled agency was there. Upon that realization, he started Inbound Pursuit, a 7-figure SEO agency specifically for e-commerce brands that focuses on delivering a more personalized, results-driven service. Inbound Pursuit currently works with over 50 brands in the e-commerce space and delivers game-changing results that have helped these brands establish an organic revenue source and rely less on paid advertising.

Aryan Rabizadeh

Aryan Rabizadeh is a passionate hardworking Realtor, & Real Estate Consultant devoted in helping each and every one of his clients helping them with purchasing their first luxury home or helping other Realtors fulfill what he or she is looking for. Aryan had been a trailblazer and once he  stepped in, he generated  over $20M in sales volume along with a long list of celebrity clientele in his first year alone. In 2021, his brokerage; the Equity Union team closed over 1,500 transactions with over $2B in sales volume becoming the #1 Individual Brokerage in Units in Los Angeles County, and the #1 Individual Brokerage in Volume and Units in all of San Fernando Valley. Aryan is recognized as one of the top agents in San Fernando Valley and praised for his consistent success in the marketing and sale of luxury residential real estate as well as land for the development of custom estates. Aryan’s mantra and advice to Realtors across the nation is to “Stay consistent, remember to be humble, and have faith In G-d .” To learn more about Aryan Rabizadeh, click here.

Jeraun Richards

Jeraun Richards, better known as J Rich, grew up in a struggling environment raised by a single mother of 3. Due to his family’s financial situation, he believed his only chance at generational wealth and the ability to finally give back to his mother was by making the NBA. After some early success in high school, he endured a life-changing injury that proved to crush his dreams of playing professional basketball. However, Richards’ dedication to provide for his family led him to pursue other ventures such as reselling items on eBay that he’d buy directly from China. At the age of 19, he started his first dropshipping store on Shopify in January of 2017. In only a few years he was able to achieve financial freedom all thanks to his immense commitment, perseverance, and of course the thousands of hours of work he put in. Currently, Jeraun Richards dropships on Shopify and also invests in stocks & crypto. He shares his crazy journey on his YouTube channel while teaching hundreds of thousands of people about dropshipping and making money online. To learn more about Jeraun Richards, click here.

Maxwell Nee

Maxwell Nee is an Australian Investor and wine lover. Following his passion for wine helped him become the OENO’s head Australian Ambassador – the world’s most awarded fine wine investment firm. OENO makes investing & drinking fine wine truly effortless whilst delivering 5-Star luxury education experiences around the world in locations such as the casino hotel in Venice Italy and Rolls Royce in Mayfair London. Along with being the most awarded, they are also the world’s first fine wine investment firm that personally takes control of exiting your investment, and has consistently delivered 10-15% returns to their clients. To top it off, Maxwell is passionate about educating the world on how anyone can earn great returns by investing in fine wine. He shares this in the world’s first “Profiting with Fine Wine Masterclass“. To learn more about Maxwell Nee click here.

Mikey Lucas

Mikey Lucas is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist fixated on seeing a cleaner future. Currently, he runs three companies – American Energy Fund, Golden Door Formula & Equip Strategic Partners. American Energy Fund is a cash flow energy fund that focuses on filling the gap between private capital and the energy sector by investing in solar farms and clean natural gas wells. Mikey also runs a technology company called Golden Door Formula (GDF) that helps the top solar salesman in the US become more efficient and increase customer satisfaction, thus tackling his dream of a sustainable America from an entirely different angle. He founded Equip Strategic Partners in 2021 to help men and women alike mastermind money and create an inheritance not only for their children but for further generations as well. Additionally, the philanthropist makes sure to take a portion of all proceeds and donate it to installing solar panels in orphanages, churches, women’s shelters, or refugee centers. Mikey’s mantra and advice to young entrepreneurs is, “Don’t chase money, chase impact, and the money will come.” To learn more about Mikey Lucas, click here.

Kyle Nielsen

Kyle Nielsen is a leader and pioneer in the direct-to-home sales sector and is currently the President of Sales at Aptive. His early career successes and extraordinary networking prowess have allowed him to connect and sharpen his skills with high-level entrepreneurs & business owners and eventually even professional athletes & musicians. Throughout the course of his life, Nielsen has always given back to the community that has nurtured him through volunteering and charity work but putting a smile on the face of others has remained his number one goal. Likewise, Aptive is also a proud member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s “Nothing But Nets” to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by mosquito bites. As a result, his company is recognized as one of America’s best in numerous magazines as they provide pest services in over 5000 cities across the continent. To learn more about Kyle Nielsen click here.

Jay Jones

Jay Jones is the CEO of a Digital Asset Firm known as Asset Automation. His journey began as a college dropout who lived a backpacking lifestyle across Europe and Thailand accompanied by his girlfriend. Soon, they discovered eCommerce and lived in their car and tent for 5 months while selling clothes at music festivals until they hit 6-figures. During this time, Jones had learned how to advertise on every platform and had spent over 5 million dollars on facebook ads. For a change in scenery, they decided to move to Bali, which rewarded them with more lucrative opportunities and ultimately a discovery of a platform that would act as an accelerator to their success –Shopify. While in Bali he exited his first brand for over $200k. After scaling and exiting several 7-figure brands, Jones had multiple of his friends and associates ask for help, he started a multi 7 figure advertising agency which evolved into his automation company, he ultimately wanted to create passive income for others exactly as he has for himself. His most popular offering is his Done for You Shopify stores where his firm starts, scales, and exits Shopify stores on the behalf of clients. Within the coming months, their portfolio will reach over 200 stores generating a minimum of $5,000/month in profit, with a portfolio of stores valued at 9 figures. To learn more about Jay Jones click here.

Sir Dr. James Dentley

Sir Dr. James Dentley is a world renowned Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Philanthropist and one of the nation’s top Life and Business Strategists. In February of 2022, Dr. James Dentley was Knighted into the Royal Order of Constantine and three months later was honored with a documentary titled; “It’s Time to Win! The Sir Dr. James Dentley Story” showcasing his inspiring life. Believing that the mind is the key to the future, and it is the mindset that molds who we are and what we experience, James founded JD3TV with his wife Kara –offering exclusive originals and with the intention of inspiring the masses. As a result, the streaming platform has become a network for personal and business development and the platform’s masterclass provides viewers with education worth over $40,000 in the areas such as marketing, company strategy, and building as well as nurturing connections. To learn more about Sir Dr. James Dentley click here.

Colton Lindsay

Colton Lindsay is an internationally recognized and renowned Real Estate Sales Speaker, Trainer, and Mastermind Facilitator. By the tender age of 28, Lindsay had already established himself as a top 1% realtor – selling over 75 homes a year. The top producing realtor then launched WGR in 2007, started off as a real estate sales company and as a result of his immense success, it evolved into a real estate mentorship company. Currently, WGR is one of North America’s Top Business Academies in its sector, and by sharing exactly how he became financially free by the age of 32, he through WGR has trained thousands of agents to become 6 figure income earners with his top clients generating over $300,000 a month in revenue. To learn more about Colton Lindsay & WGR, click here.

Zack Nawabi

Zack Nawabi is a veteran in the residential mortgage sector, starting off way back in 2003 as a telemarketer. In 2012, He was recruited to join Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and through his devotion to each and every client, he was soon considered one of the top home mortgage consultants in the greater Los Angeles area. After nearly 5 years with Wells Fargo, Nawabi left the company to pursue a career as a mortgage broker. His decision proved to be worthwhile when he once again, established himself as one of the top independent loan originators in Los Angeles County. It is his dedication to helping each of his clients through an effortless mortgage process that is to blame for his repeated success. In 2022, Nawabi founded BlackRock Mortgage and aims to expand into Arizona, Texas, Florida, as well as California within the next few years. To learn more about Zack Nawabi click here.

Nuran Rahman

Nuran Rahman is a 22-year old entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Fame Media, a modern PR & branding agency specializing in top-tier press & celebrity follower campaigns. The talented young entrepreneur has established himself internationally as a marketing expert. It started off as a hobby, growing meme pages on Instagram, but quickly turned into a highly profitable business. Nurans’ advice to an upcoming entrepreneur is to “take advantage of opportunities when they come.” In the future, Nuran is looking forward to expanding his organization as a top PR and online branding service provider. To learn more about Nuran Rahman & Fame Media, click here.

Dr. Tyles Hales

Dr. Tyler Hales is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry as an expert in veneers and smile makeovers. He is hailed as Orange County’s Celebrity Dentist since working with numerous celebrities on their smiles, including Bravo TV stars Madison LeCroy and Peggy Tanous. Dr. Tyler Hales is dedicated to excelling in his craft and providing a comprehensive, holistic, and modern approach to cosmetic dentistry. His passion is helping his patients look and feel their best so that their outward appearance is a reflection of how amazing they feel inside. Patients across the country travel to Dr. Tyler Hales to have him transform their smiles. With his unrivalled work ethic and innovative procedures, Dr. Tyler Hales will continue to be an industry leader, helping countless patients achieve their perfect smiles. To learn more about Dr. Hales and his work, click here.

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