Zach King (@zachking) is a YouTube and Instagram star who gained a large following from his work on the once-popular app Vine. An expert visual effects artist, King used this skill set to creative innovative videos that stand out from the crowd. One of his first YouTube videos, 2011's Jedi Kittens, featuring two cats fighting with lightsabers; it surpassed a million views in just three days. Currently, he has more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, and 20.5 million followers on Instagram.

King's use of visual effects has garnered him a great amount of critical acclaim, and even after nearly a decade of activity online, he continues to create new and engaging content for his audience. In addition to his video work, King has written several children's books. Innovating even with his publishing endeavors, he included an app to go along with the books, which uses augmented reality to make the books “come to life.”

LA Weekly