Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) began his first YouTube page in 2008, and since then has become one of the best-known YouTube vloggers. Having been active on YouTube for more than a decade, Dawson has continued to provide consistent content, and his current YouTube page has 21 million–plus subscribers. Dawson's content has evolved in his time as a vlogger. After starting with short web films and music video and film trailer parodies, he expanded his page to include a much greater variety of content. His most recent projects include collaborations with fellow YouTubers Jake Paul and Jeffree Star, and his extremely popular conspiracy-theories series.

While most of his content is made for the sake of humor, Dawson has not shied away from getting personal and honest with his large fan base. In 2015, Dawson came out to his followers as bisexual. He also has tracked his difficult relationship with his father openly through his vlogs. It is not only his comedic antics but his willingness to share his personal life with his audience that makes Dawson such an influential player in the YouTube space, and it is a big reason why his channel has been successful for as long as it has.

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