influencers bug David Dobrik (@daviddobrik) is a hugely popular YouTuber and comedian. Having first gotten his start on the then-popular app Vine, Dobrik jumped over to YouTube in 2014, where hischannel currently has nearly 12 million subscribers. Dobrik is known for his high-energy, hilarious videos about anything and everything, full of pranks, freak-outs, and surprises, but also personal insights into the lives of himself and his friends, commonly known as “The Vlog Squad.”

Dobrik has won a number of awards for his work in the vlogging sphere, and this year won the Kids Choice Award for Social Star. He also has a regular podcast with fellow vlogger Jason Nash, entitled Views. Dobrik’s unique charm translates through organically to his audience which is what makes him so influential and such a big star in the social media space and beyond.

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