Top Food Bloggers in 2022 With Mouth-Watering Recipes and Healthy Food Content

In recent years, the art of blogging has continued to expand and contrary to popular belief, has maintained its relevance in the marketing space. Today, food blogs remain the go-to places for people looking for a hot new recipe, a better meal plan to keep them going for the next week, or simply anything culinary. Over time, food blogging has evolved from merely promoting cooking opinions to promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.

Many people think that food blogging is easy and that it’s usually a leisure hobby that isn’t much time-consuming. However, creating delicious recipes, finding restaurants with mouth-watering dishes, and taking stunning photos is no easy task, especially for food bloggers who incorporate healthy and fresh ingredients along with the flavors. Navigating the ever-growing and competitive niche of food blogging requires persistence, dedication, and hard work. Following such principles, some bloggers have managed to catch the eye of foodies around the world.

Sharing their first-hand culinary knowledge and experience, food bloggers range from home cooks who enjoy creating and sharing delicious recipes to master chefs who use the digital space to share their culinary expertise and the different cuisines they try while traveling the world.

We’ve put together ten healthy food bloggers who have the best recipes, drool-worthy photos, and endless inspiration for you to get up and get cooking. Although each one has a unique take on cooking food they love, they all have one thing in common – the passion for food.

1. Montana Mascio

Hailing from a culinary-rich Italian background, Montana Mascio is a passionate food blogger and photographer, recipe developer, and founder of the food and recipe blog For The Perfect Bite. Though she kickstarted the blog in 2019, Montana has been cooking ever since she could remember, thanks to her multi-generational background of foodies that forged a foundational love for cooking.

A chemical engineer by profession, Montana leverages her engineering background to have an insightful approach toward her cooking venture. In a niche that’s growing with every passing day, some of the things that have helped Montana stand out in the sea of similar content creators are her resilient nature, incredible food visuals, and timeless flavors rooted in Italian cuisine with global influences.

“All food blogs have an angle, and mine stems from an authentic love of family and all things culinary,” she says.

Her recipes are not only a mouthwatering treat but also heavily focus on using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Apart from 17K followers on Instagram, nearly 200,000 all-time website views, and over 370,000 monthly Pinterestviews, Montana has successfully collaborated with several brands, including Butcher Box, Kings Hawaiian, and Sizzle Fish. Moreover, one of her recipes, ‘No-Churn Brown Butter Peach Crisp Ice Cream,’ has been featured bySur La Table.

Besides being passionate about cooking and sharing her recipes, Montana believes that food has the power to create a bond between people and bring them together in difficult times. For her, cooking is more than simply treating hunger; it’s a creative outlet and a lifestyle staple as well. She wants everyone to experience it through her unique recipes, culinary tips, and cooking ideas.

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2. Erin Clarke

Erin Clarke is a cookbook author and food blogger who has emerged as a trusted recipe resource for millions of home cooks. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is the founder and creator of the food blog and website Well Plated – which has made its presence known on all major social media platforms and shares her passion for cooking nutritious and budget-friendly meals with her viewers. Erin wants her recipes to be accessible to all and use readily available ingredients. You will need no big grocery haul to follow her tantalizing recipes.

Erin started ‘Well Plated’ 10 years ago and had no idea that her skills would be so incredibly well-received. She has grown to 10 million page views per month and has over 1400 recipes on her blog so far. Her first cookbook, The Well Plated Cookbook, has a 4.9-star rating and more than 3,200 reviews on Amazon, making it one of the top choices for people looking to make delicious meals that can be created from scratch without having to bring the entire grocery store home. A strong believer in making cooking easier, economical, and minimally processed, she makes sure to incorporate multiple food groups in her recipes. Easy-to-make and healthy dinners, slow cooker recipes, healthy treats, and her 30-minute meals are particularly famous for solving major food-related problems of viewers today.

What started as a hobby and pastime back in 2012, today is helping people enjoy healthy re-creations and comfort foods at home.

Apart from that, Erin has also cooked live on Good Morning America, WGN, and more, as well as been featured in major publications such as People, Midwest Living, and Taste of Home. Fiercely passionate about creating incredibly tasty and easy-on-the-pocket recipes, she strives to produce meal plans for people who care about their health and overall well-being.

In addition to a diverse selection of wholesome homemade recipes, including cocktails to make you feel like a legit bartender, her healthy food tips are all captured beautifully. Erin’s blog also periodically chronicles her travels around the globe.

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3. Daniel Williams

Hailing from California, Daniel Williams was raised in Round Rock, Texas. He is a content creator, a playlist curator, and a cannabis enthusiast spreading his love for excellent food and fantastic music to his audience worldwide. His material blazed a new path in food content, fusing his passion for food, music, and cannabis. His Instagram feed has evolved into a classy playlist and a collection of signature dishes from various cuisines.

“First, We Vibe” was formed because of the positive remarks people would leave in the comment section and the comment area was getting swamped with terms like “vibes,” “your vibe,” and “the vibes are immaculate”. Williams says that First, We Vibe, as a phrase, was coined simply to showcase a hobby born out of boredom. However, as the followers have multiplied over time, Williams’ new goal is to provide two vital services that most enjoy; good food and music.

Williams was raised in an athletic family; his parents and siblings were collegiate athletes, and he played baseball at Arizona State University. Following graduation, he started working in the field of education as a mentor to a history teacher. His interest in food stems entirely from curiosity; while recovering from shoulder surgery, he got obsessed with online food content. His curiosity made him try his hand at cooking what he was watching, soon realizing how well he could cook. A few years later, his siblings encouraged Williams to post food-related content on social media. While he was initially hesitant since he’s an introvert, he became bored enough one day and ended up posting a shrimp taco video, and his life has been transformed since that day.

A talented cook with an immense social media following, Williams’ goal is to travel the world and meet all of the chefs and culinary content creators he has learned from over the years. He’s no longer the bashful guy he once was and would like to offer pop-ups and in-home dinner experiences for more engaging content.

Listen to Daniel Williams’ playlist on Spotify, The Diner’s Vibrations.

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4. Carmen Spillette

Carmen Spillette is manning her Eat With Carmen and making scrumptious meals that leave your mouth watering and wanting more. The content creator and a recipe developer by heart, she has posted and provided Filipino and Asian delicacies through her blog. Believing that food connects cultures and the people you love, Carmen’s dishes are easy to follow, approachable, and celebrate authentic cooking.

Beginning Eat With Carmen, she earned more than 100,000 followers in less than five months. She was fully committed to expanding her social media presence and following after becoming a fan favorite for her straightforward approach to delicious cuisines and thorough recipes.

Believing that the best way to communicate culture is through food, Eat with Carmen is a food blog featuring Asian cuisine, with a special focus on Filipino food. Growing up in the Philippines, surrounded by food cooked by her mother and grandmother, her recipes remind her of her time in a different world. She travels back to the moment she watched her loved ones enjoy every morsel and make memories.

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5. Dennis Littley

Dennis Littley, commonly known as Chef Dennis, is a recipe developer, food blogger, and founder of the food blog Ask Chef Dennis. Founded in 2009, Ask Chef Dennis is a great resource for finding a wide range of easy-to-cook food recipes and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the cooking process. It is ranked as one of the top food blogs by Feedspot, Ranked Blogs, and Google, and gets a traffic of more than 9 million visitors per year. This is accompanied by a strong social media following as the famed blog boasts more than 1 million subscribers on its social platforms.

A highly accomplished cooking expert, Chef Dennis has been featured in NBC News, BuzzFeed, iHeartRadio, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Meal, Everyday Health, among many other international recognitions. Getting interviewed on a podcast by the president of the World Chef Association is another proud achievement for Chef Dennis.

With an experience of more than 40 years, Chef Dennis specializes in authentic and time-tested restaurant-style recipes that are not only finger-licking good but are also easy to cook at home. He is, as he says, demystifying the cooking process and helping people enjoy the process of cooking food that they thought could only be created by trained professionals. From seasonal recipes to healthy meals, his blog is home to a variety of recipes for every occasion. For those who don’t like spending all day in the kitchen making dinner, Chef Dennis’ signature 30 Minute Meals are a must-try. If you are a fine-dine lover but want to stay economical at the same time, Chef Dennis can provide you with five-star restaurant recipes that you can easily cook at home and enjoy with family and friends.

When he’s not cooking, Chef Dennis is traveling the world and experiencing life in different countries. However, cooking has always been his first love and he plans to cook and blog for as long as he can.

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6. Pooja Jhunjhunwala

Pooja Jhunjhunwala is a food aficionado, a fantastic chef, and a blogger from Kolkata, India, who currently resides in Jersey City, USA. She is passionate about world cuisine, and her Indian roots influence her cooking. Pooja develops a range of vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by foreign cuisines – some of these are authentic, and some are fusions of diverse cuisines coupled together, creating an explosion of flavors. She is also a trained pastry chef from the Institute of Culinary Education, NYC, with a list of achievements: She won the Top toque for her studies in Pastry & Baking Arts and Cake Decorating. She was the first Indian to win the silver at the Junior US Pastry Competition in 2016.

Pooja’s culinary adventures have brought her all over the world, which is why she’s also known as The Global Vegetarian, a blog she began during the pandemic in 2020 to share her culinary experiences with food connoisseurs all over the world. Pooja has built a name for herself in the culinary content creation field, with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, with features on The FeedFeed, Bon Appetit, and more. Though Pooja is now a globe-trotting, recipe-creating food personality, her path began at home with her mother, where they baked cakes and pastries together.

Being a world traveler, Pooja enjoys trying various local cuisines and feels that doing so enhances her cooking abilities. Her recipes demonstrate her sincere belief that vegetarian eating is anything but boring. She also shares her travel adventures with her audience in order to inspire them to visit different places and enjoy the charm and great food they offer. Her blog and social media platforms feature a variety of exquisite treats that are expertly filmed and photographed to delight the senses. She also started the trend for chaat dips which took the internet by storm. In the near future, she would love to create a cookbook to share her passion for delectable vegetarian cuisine that anybody would enjoy and, who knows, maybe someday a cafe.

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7. Morgan Peaceman

Morgan Peaceman is an ecstatic food blogger and photographer, content creator, and recipe developer – with an unending appreciation for food and the happiness it brings. When a memorable Europe trip ignited her love for cuisine, Morgan Peaceman started channeling her inner chef and her food inspiration through Nomaste Hungry, a visually beautiful food-centric blog featuring a variety of baked dishes along with other delights. Her easy-to-cook dishes and authentic personality have helped her stand out amongst so many other food bloggers. Morgan has worked with big brands such as Bob’s Red Mill and BJ’s Wholesale Club and has also been featured on Pure Wow and The Kitchn.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Morgan didn’t have the most fulfilling childhood. Experiencing a number of family losses and other hardships, including losing her mother to breast cancer when she was only 12 years old, she quickly learned to persevere and build up from ground zero, flourishing through lessons learned in the past. Morgan has always been interested in cooking and loved being in the kitchen as a child. For her, food is not only a way to relieve hunger but it has the power to bring families, friends, and whole communities together. Be it dinners, pizza nights, Sunday morning breakfasts or other gatherings, the love and joy of sharing meals with family and friends is unmatched for Morgan. That’s why you’ll see a lot of inspiration from family recipes in her recipe collection.

“Food was always something that brought happiness to my heart,” says Morgan as she strives to continue developing mouth-watering recipes for her readers as well as long-term brands. She also plans to write cookbooks and build her business into an empire on which she can look back and be incredibly proud. Catch her on Instagram,Tik Tok, and Facebook, and try her mouth-watering recipes in your kitchen.

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8. Britney Brown-Chamberlain

The woman behind Britney Breaks Bread, Britney Brown-Chamberlain, is known for developing tantalizing recipes and connecting with her audience through food blogging and photography. As a woman who finds comfort in food, Britney is all about creating dishes with bold flavors. She is known for enhancing everyday meals in a way that makes them fun to eat and see.

“I elevate everyday meals to make fun and exciting dishes that everyone will enjoy,” shares Britney.

Britney worked with Phyllis from the series The Office, a famous sitcom loved and adored by everyone, for Joann Fabric. Another notable accomplishment for the food blogger and recipe developer is her being featured as a Duluth Wayforger. Britney Breaks Bread started in the comfort of her home after she began cooking several dishes, with her loved ones asking for recipes for her delectable treats. This led to the formation of the blog. Britney shares that she always had a passion for cooking but found joy in creating meals and concocting unlikely flavors to get delicious results.

Besides having self-published her e-cookbook, the Washington DC-based blogger dreams of writing her own cookbook with delicious recipes food connoisseurs can try out. She continues to post her scrumptious recipes on Instagram and TikTok and does not plan to stop.

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9.   Belqui Ortiz-Millili

The woman bearing many titles, Belqui Ortiz-Millili, is a food blogger, Latina chef, and author of Best Selling Amazon cookbook. She is also an autism mom and advocate who loves to share her life and content with her audience.

I am someone who has had many chapters in my life. I am resilient and work hard to find opportunity in every difficult situation I have faced in life,” shares Belqui.

Belqui has been cooking since she was 12 to help her immigrant parents, who worked day and night to help support their three children. She began her official cooking journey after the untimely death of her infant daughter, her twin brother’s health issues, and her severe autism diagnosis. While caring for her son, she began cooking her heart away, a therapeutic way to reconnect with her soul and cook every day.

Belqui’s Twist is a blog about Latin cuisine and fuses it with Italian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern recipes and staples. The name was inspired by Belqui’s addition of her own spin to recipes and her discovery of an inventive approach to repurposing leftovers and creating tasty meals. Among her many successes, Panasonic USA chose her as the first influencer to launch two new microwaves. Other than that, she appeared in a cooking piece on Telemundo’s Acceso Total, as well as Buzzfeed Food, Insider, and Mindbodygreen. Furthermore, she contributed to the Familia Kitchen’s Cookbook in September.

The website, Belqui’s Twist, was the blogger’s way of spreading her joy of cooking, the comfort and therapeutic touch it brings with every ladle you choose to stir, with every vegetable you decide to cut, and with every herb you choose to add. “I am so happy to be able to share my very traditional Dominican recipes with them and get feedback about its authenticity,” shares Belqui.

Her delectable meals bring warmth and a feeling of belonging. Every bite is brimming with affection and a story reminiscent of Belqui’s tale and twist. Check out her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and prepare yourself to cook incredible dishes for your loved ones.

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10.   Mish Sen

Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Mish Sen is a food blogger turned cookbook author who is making an effort to make Indian food preparation more approachable. She posts recipes on her Instagram page, eatswithmish, and showcases dishes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. Sen hopes to dispel the misconception that cooking Indian food is difficult. Her cookbook, ‘Indian Kitchen Secrets: 52 Easy-to-Create Indian Recipes for Beginners,’ is aimed at novice cooks who wish to learn how to make Indian food quickly and easily.

The cookbook is one of a kind, as it is an easy-to-follow guide to becoming a confident chef. She lays out Indian dishes with step-by-step guidance, easy ingredient lists, straightforward instructions, and accompanying videos (which are available on her Instagram page). Anyone can become skilled at creating basic, wholesome Indian dishes that are great for weeknight or entertaining.

Since no restaurants were open during the COVID-19 2020 lockdown, Sen started an Instagram page to teach Indian food lovers how to succeed in the kitchen while enjoying meals they had prepared themselves. In her life, up to this point, working full-time, she didn’t have much spare time to prepare time-consuming Indian dinners. Therefore, she designed her recipes to be nutritional, flavorful, and simple enough for anyone to prepare. Furthermore, Mish discovered during her cooking adventure that many Indian recipes could be made simpler without sacrificing flavor or authenticity.

Sen has been living in the US for about 20 years now. She is on a quest to make Indian food more accessible to everyone without ‘The Overwhelm’ or guesswork. She offers private and group cooking classes, in person or online, and has hosted several online Indian cooking shows. As an avid food lover, Sen draws inspiration from her mother’s and grandmother’s culinary expertise, stressing healthy versions of all her favorite Indian recipes, with a few delights and indulgences tossed in for good measure.

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