We’ve been stuck inside for months. Cut off from the human connection we once took for granted, we have been ordered to stay safer at home while a public health crisis sweeps over our nation. Now that we have done our part and orders are lifting, functioning is no longer as easy as it used to be. Wrought with constant stress and potential illness, our minds and bodies have suffered numerous negative effects. How are we supposed to “go back to normal” when our lives have been turned upside down so abnormally? By focusing on our own health and wellness, we can begin to lift the fog of quarantine as we emerge ready to start a new day. During times of uncertainty, wholesome natural alternatives are a gentle way to nurture your health. This is why our recommendation for five ways to feel better and be better after quarantine all include CBD. If you are looking for high-quality CBD focused on mind body wellness, try ZoneIn

Top Five Ways To Feel Better and Be Better Post Quarantine 

  1. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD

Healthy movement is key to lifting physical and mental fog. Full spectrum hemp extract CBD gives you the boost you need to move throughout your day. Full spectrum hemp extract—which uses a specific process to preserve all cannabinoids, not just CBD—can provide synergistic effects for overall performance. ZoneIn CBD is specifically formulated to help with faster recovery, replenish your body, and target mind-body-movement so you can “zone in.”

  1. ZoneIn CBD Capsules

Starting your day with ZoneIn’s 15mg liquid CBD capsules gives your body and mind time to wake up. When you use CBD capsules, the wellness effect of CBD comes on slowly and lasts much longer, helping you put your best foot forward as you set about to accomplish your goals. With a consistent dosage in each capsule, this product is an easy way to begin your day with a natural boost. 

According to Michael H, ZoneIn CBD capsules were just what he needed to find balance during quarantine. 

“I started taking these 30 days ago and in the last month they have done exactly what I was hoping they would do,” says Michael in his verified online review.“Over the last few months I [have] been in a very dark place mentally and was looking for help to climb out. And ZoneIn CBD capsules have more than helped me get out of the fog I was living in. I’m not sweating the small stuff. Living my life one day at a time and enjoying each day. Very grateful that I have found a CBD product that works for me. I’m finding my balance with ZoneIn CBD products.”

If you’re looking to lift your own mental fog, ZoneIn CBD capsules are a great place to start. 

  1. ZoneIn CBD Oil Drops

Are your needs more immediate? If so, ZoneIn CBD oil drops are for you. Using the stopper to personalize your dosage, you’ll find that CBD oil is the best way to get the rapid relief you need. Easy to transport, these drops come in handy when you’re feeling rundown or overwhelmed, encouraging your confidence body and mind. 

Heather H, a verified reviewer on ZoneInCBD.com, recommends ZoneIn CBD oil drops, saying, “I am on my second bottle of the drops and I haven’t felt this good in years. I have a meniscus tear and arthritis in both knees and after taking this for a week I noticed a considerable difference in my pain level. My friend even noticed that I was moving better during a round of golf. I recommend this to everyone.”

  1. ZoneIn CBD Topicals

Self-care is important. Whether you have a long-standing routine or are looking to begin a self-care ritual, ZoneIn CBD Topicals’ Roll Deep, Deep Relief Roll-on is a great product to add to your regimen. Formulated with natural ingredients and full spectrum hemp with CBD, this comforting salve provides deep relief, allowing you to move better, sleep better, and feel better. 

If you’re looking to recover and restore your body’s natural abilities, this product is for you. According to Rachel M’s verified review, it gives her the support she needs to move freely. 

“Love the ZoneIn roll on CBD!” exclaims Rachel. “I have a lot of trouble with my knees from running and this takes the pain away! I’ve also used it on my neck and shoulders and it brings relief in minutes! I’ve used other rubs which don’t work as well or last. Whenever I use the roll on, later in the day I forget that I even had pain to begin with. I also really like that it is a roll on and you don’t have to get your hands messy to apply. Great stuff! Would highly recommend you give it a try!”

  1. ZoneIn CBD

CBD is an accessible wellness alternative that helps to provide you with the relaxation and relief you need to lift the physical and mental fog of quarantine. ZoneIn CBD offers top-shelf, quality products that will allow you to feel better and be better post quarantine. 

Co-founded by former NFL all-pro linebacker Lofa Tatupu, ZoneIn CBD has been specifically formulated to help with faster recovery, replenishing your spirit and targeting mind-body-movement so you can “zone in” and get back to living a daily life that you love. Try ZoneIn CBD today and begin your transformation from within. 

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