Top Domain Broker Andrew Rosener Is Disrupting the NFT Space with his Metaverse Project

The metaverse is the new buzz in the NFT industry among art lovers and creators alike. Besides characters, the metaverse also made its mark on record labels in 2021. Yes, as unusual as it might sound, this is a unique project that has already earned thousands of supporters, and the number is only increasing every day. Andrew Rosener is the co-founder and creator behind the first metaverse record label in partnership with Grammy award winning music producer, Timbaland. Being a pioneer in the digital assets business, Rosener leverages his 25 years of experience in the industry to come up with this unique project with his partners.

Rosener is the co-founder of Ape-In Productions, an artist-owned entertainment company and authentic virtual community. Through this company, Rosener and his partners created the first NFT based hip-hop group, The Zoo. He took a Bored Ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and revamped it to introduce a group of unique 2D characters as music artists in the metaverse. The Zoo has been a successful attempt to turn two-dimensional characters into celebrities and digital assets with a huge fan following. The apes have already become recognizable in the NFT space, generating sustainable income and revenue for the investors and community members.

Starting less than a year ago, Ape-In has become an active community of BAYC holders and their friends who love music and NFTs. Rosener founded and owns the top domain name brokerage company in the world. He is known for making some of the largest domain sales in internet history, amounting to a staggering nine figures. He sold some globally renowned domains like,,,,,,,,, and many more.

Rosener worked with for 3 years to get the SEC to approve domain names as an asset class. With this, he became the first to take a domain name public, in partnership with RallyRd, as an asset class in order offer these incredible opportunities for anyone and everyone to gain exposure. Apart from domains, Rosener is also a pioneer in the digital currency world. He invested in Bitcoin in 2011 and also ventured into Ethereum in 2015, at a time when both were in their infancy. In 2018 Rosener ventured into NFTs when non-fungible tokens had just hit the digital space, including owning and eventually selling for millions.

Being the top domain broker in the world for 7 years in a row was not easy for Rosener, who works with a remote team. He started working remotely 15 years ago when the “digital nomad” concept was unknown to the world. Keeping the business slim and growing while competing with big corporations has been extremely challenging for Rosener, but he persisted. He was mentally burned out but learned how to hustle, never give up and always stayed focused on growing and winning. This is where his success in domain names to NFT projects comes from.

Even after accomplishing a series of milestones in his career, Rosener has no plans to stop. He wants to turn the domain name industry into a digital asset and a mainstream investment channel. To achieve this feat, he plans to create an algorithm to evaluate domain names and digital assets, helping people make the most accurate investment decisions in the digital asset class.

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