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Pompano Beach, Florida — One of the biggest downsides of delta8 flower, or other forms of the cannabinoid product, in today’s market is the concern over purity and quality, particularly with respect to harmful additive solvents like ethanol. With the federally legal proliferation of Delta-8 products across the U.S., consumers are justifiably worried about the relative safety of their options. In the wake of this increasing availability and awareness, Bay Smokes is proud to be the top Delta-8 brand that does not include ethanol or other harmful dilutants in any of its products.

An issue that is currently affecting the delta8 space is that companies are rushing to produce and sell delta8 flower, which has recently become a huge trend. The thing for consumers to note, is that Delta8 flower is not a naturally grown form of cannabis, but rather has to be created by infusing hemp flower, with delta8 distillate. The potential dangers lie in how this product is created. Many companies in the space are finding cut rate ways to produce delta8 flower by either using old or low quality base hemp flower, or by infusing the flower using a solvent or cutting agent such as ethanol. What consumers need to be aware of is that when companies use old product and use ethanol to spray infuse the flower, the solvent remains in the finished product and spraying old flower tends to cause mold and fungus to grow inside the buds.

When shopping from Bay Smokes, a minority-owned, woman-owned small business operating in the U.S., customers can rely on the fact that Bay Smokes considers purity, quality, transparency, and consumer safety to be integral aspects that guide how the company meets the needs of its customers. The founders and owners of Bay Smokes are cannabis users themselves, and they work to ensure that each of their products meets the high standards they would expect for their own consumption. Their philosophy is that if they would not feel comfortable using the product themselves or recommending it to friends and family, then why would they sell it to someone else? This approach has helped Bay Smokes become known as the connoisseur’s choice hemp.

All of the Bay Smokes flower strains are grown indoors or in light dep greenhouses, hand trimmed, stored and handled in food grade facilities. This means the flower is always fresh and top quality.

Since the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 legalized the growth and use of hemp, Bay Smokes has partnered with craft growers to develop and distill Delta-8, the federally legal, less psychoactive, molecular cousin of Delta-9 THC. These partnerships with growers have helped Bay Smokes ensure that their hemp plants are grown with appropriate oversight, and this also provides independent farmers and growers with support to pursue their own passion for plant development.

Bay Smokes’ focus on using plant-based ingredients that are safe to consume does not end at harvest. They work with independent laboratories to test each of their products, and they include a verification report with each purchase that confirms that their merchandise is free from thinning agents, ethanol, pesticides, and metals. Bay Smokes customers can rest assured that they will not be putting harmful additives like Vitamin E acetate, MCT, grapeseed oil, or ethanol in their bodies when they use Bay Smokes products.

Many purveyors of Delta-8 cannabinoid products do not undergo the kind of independent, rigorous testing and oversight that Bay Smokes considers as a matter of course, and this is especially true of black market products and oils or concentrates of dubious provenance. Safety- and health-conscious consumers know that the only way to ensure they are using a quality product is by reviewing the lab results, though this option is rarely available from brands that are not built on a foundation of transparency and purity.

Once customers are assured of the safety and quality of Bay Smokes products, they will be delighted to find a variety of ways to enjoy the milder but still potent effects of Bay Smokes’ Delta-8 THC options and special collections.

Cartridges remain one of the most popular ways to consume cannabinoids, and Bay Smokes offers cartridges in fan-favorite flavors like the indica-dominant Grape Ape and the sativa-dominant Pineapple Express, as well as hybrids such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Cartridges are available in .5 gram and 1.0 gram sizes. Disposable vape pens, distillates, edibles and other options are also available at baysmokes.com.

A more traditional experience from Bay Smokes comes in the form of loose flower (in amounts ranging from 3.5 grams to bulk wholesale options) and pre-rolls of 1 to 6 grams each. Skywalker, Sour AK, and Cookies are some of the more well-known flower options, and Bay Smokes also offers the much-coveted moon rocks in 1 gram to 28 gram amounts. For those unfamiliar with moon rocks, they are high-quality hemp flowers that are soaked in Delta-8 distillate then rolled in kief. Moon rocks are a potent addition to regular flower for a slow-burning smoke in a bowl or a roll.

No matter which Bay Smokes product customers choose, the independent lab certification, along with the pleasant side effects of the product itself, will help them rest easy. The detailed report and other materials included with each Bay Smokes also provides tasting notes and terpene profiles where applicable. Bay Smokes Delta-8 THC offerings are federally legal and available for shipping in 42 states. For a limited time, shipping is free for orders over $50.

For more information about Bay Smokes’ commitment to quality, transparency, and variety, visit BaySmokes.com.







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