It’s easy to get overwhelmed on social media. It fills almost every aspect of our lives, and everywhere we turn people are vying for attention. This makes it tough sometimes to determine who to follow. You don’t want your Instagram feed to be packed with things you don’t care about, because that’ll take away the enjoyment of the experience. It’s important to follow accounts you not only are interested in but do more than re-post the same old memes and thinly-veiled advertisements. To optimize your social media experience, you want to have a mix of not only interesting content but educational ones as well.

Social media is a chance to expand your horizons, but where should you start? There are a lot of influencers out there, but not all of them can offer you true value. We’ve put together a list of influencers you may not have heard of, but can enhance your news feed. If any of these categories apply to you, you might be hitting that “Follow” button in no time!

Health and Wellness-Oriented: Follow The Maca Team (@themacateam)

There are plenty of supplements and health aids out there, but it’s always more fulfilling to support an independently owned, family-run business. Mark Ament, the founder of The Maca Team, started out as a curious individual interested in the potential health benefits of an ancient Peruvian root called maca. Well, that curiosity sparked an awakening. Almost 20 years ago, Mark noticed that after consistently taking maca, several of his health problems faded away and he was renewed with energy. He wanted to spread this incredible game-changer to people everywhere, which is why he launched The Maca Team.

Since Mark respected and admired this incredible Peruvian tradition of consuming maca, he found a co-op of farmers in Peru who were committed to traditional, organic farming methods. This allowed Mark to ensure that customers back in the United States were getting products of the utmost quality. Once the Ament family went full force into this incredibly beneficial supplement, their lives changed. Mark and his wife were miraculously able to have a daughter later in life, who now contributes to the family business.

On The Maca Team Instagram, they highlight delectable dishes and the many benefits of their products, all in bright, attractive colors that will inspire you to make healthier choices. Photos of delicious, purple smoothies sit right beside informational posts, sharing all the benefits and reasons you might want to jump aboard the maca train. The Maca Team also regularly releases new products beyond just maca powder. The Maca Team offers coffee replacements, capsules, and even liquid extracts.  Visit or follow @themacateam on Instagram to learn more about these unique and powerful products.

Trying to Grow Your Business: Follow Marc Gutman (@marcgutman)

All businesses have room for growth, and one of the driving forces in accomplishing this is to focus on their “why.” Why are you in the line of work that you are? What makes your brand different, and what story do you have to tell? That question is the one that notable entrepreneur Marc Gutman tries to answer with his brand strategy and design studio, Wildstory.

Gutman started his career in the movie business, working for global brands like 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers. During his career, he was able to master the art of storytelling on the screen. That’s when Marc realized that every business has a story to tell, but it needs to be one with an impactful, memorable message. That’s the driving force he brought when launching Wildstory. It’s more than a marketing company: it’s a brand acceleration and storytelling agency.

On Marc’s Instagram, he goes into detail about how dedicated he is to elevating his customers’ success, making their brand story the best it can be. He explains that many companies and services do their job and move on without thinking about your brand after the fact. He compares his dedication to a plumber that comes to your house.

“The second [the plumber] left, do you think he ever thought about that job again?” Gutman says. “Did he run from his morning shower to write down an idea? Did he wake up at 3 a.m. dreaming about an amazing insight? When you hire me…my mind is always thinking of you and your business.”

It’s inspirational posts like this and expert insights that make Mard Gutman’s Instagram worth a follow.

Ultimate Athleisure Fan: Follow Prevail Clothing (@prevail.clothin)

Athleisure, especially after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, has skyrocketed in popularity. Yoga pants are the new jeans, and sports bras are fashion statements. Some of these pieces and new brands offer the athleisure we want, but not all of them are functional and effective. Prevail Clothing, on the other hand, is a different story.

Prevail Clothing is an emerging brand of fitness clothing, revolutionizing the industry by creating unique styles and designs. The brand’s Instagram is sprinkled with bold colors, unique designs, and functional clothing that’s ideal for working out or just hanging out. By following the Prevail Clothing Instagram, you’ll be treated to updates on their wide array of clothing. They have all the essentials a fitness lover could need: airy shorts for a run outside, leggings for an effective yoga session, and casual tees for meeting up with friends after the gym.

This quickly-rising brand was founded by Anthony Hodges, who has always lived his life with a positive, growth-centered mindset. He prioritizes not only health and fitness, but style and self-expression as well. Hodges’ goal “was to create minimalistic and contemporary designs that enable you to effortlessly transition from the gym to on-the-go, from day to night, and from season to season.” The brand also believes in setting your goals high, and not stopping until you get there. The more you learn about Prevail Clothing, the more you realize that Hodges has accomplished his goal through his clothing brand. Their versatile athleisure gear can fit in almost any occasion, making it a great investment.

Interested in Strategic Brand Growth: Follow Market Funnel Boss (@marketfunnelboss)

After launching a business, some entrepreneurs can feel stuck when trying to expand it. A growing customer base is the lifeblood of a business, but that doesn’t always come organically. Those unfamiliar with marketing may not realize that it’s not as simple as sending emails and posting on social media. Alonso Ontiveros, also known as the Market Funnel Boss, has become an expert in this field. Through tireless research, brainstorming, and trial and error, he has created an effective framework to help businesses thrive.

Market Funnel Boss is a full-service agency that can provide businesses a wide array of services they need to grow their brand. These include influencer marketing, digital advertising, PR, web development, design, social growth, content management, and strategy consulting services. They take an ROI-focused approach, making sure your brand stands out on social media, in search results, and email marketing. There is so much noise in marketing today that it can be difficult to try and balance running your business while also promoting it.

By following Market Funnel Boss on Instagram, you’ll be treated to ongoing, expert-recommended strategies for scaling your business to become more and more successful. Alonso shares tips on how to keep your emails out of the spam folder, the benefits of social media advertising, where to find the best free stock images, and the reasons your brand should have live videos to engage with followers. Even if you aren’t a business owner, anyone who works in the marketing, public relations, or social media industry could use the ongoing reminders of how to be the most successful in their field.

A Writer Who Dreams Big: Follow J.J. Hebert (@authorjjhebert)

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Well, one of our underrated influencers had accomplished just this. After being laid off at the height of the 2009 recession, author J.J. Hebert decided to take a huge risk and launch his own business. Disillusioned by the fact that his employment status was in the hands of someone else, he decided to embark on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. That’s when J.J. Hebert created MindStir Media, a self-publishing company. What was once $700 and a dream is now a multi-million dollar business that has made thousands of authors’ dreams come true.

MindStir Media found its niche in the self-publishing world. These days, entrepreneurial authors have more opportunities to publish and promote their work. This has created an influx of self-published authors, many of which turn to Hebert and MindStir Media. He helps authors from around the country connect with big names like Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter Mariel Hemingway, and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. These big names, along with editors, publishing professionals, and book designers, help eager writers get their books on shelves.

Writers of all levels, from beginners to already-published authors, can benefit from J.J. Hebert’s knowledge. He shares a lot of it on his Instagram, which boasts over 100k followers. These followers have priceless information at their fingertips, all from an established professional in the industry. Hebert’s Instagram shares advice on how to boost your credibility, self-publish your book, and become a bestselling author. Hebert believes that “a stack of books equals a heap of knowledge,” and you can get all that knowledge distilled into daily Instagram posts by following @authorjjhebert.

Love to See Vloggers’ Adventures: Follow Alex Harp (@alex.harp)

Since Instagram is a visual platform, why wouldn’t you want to fill your feed with fantastic photos? Visual creator Alex Harp posts outstanding pictures of his adventures around the country, coast to coast from Nashville to California. Harp’s natural charisma shines through each photo, making it a joy to follow him. In this day and age, many people are interested in following what various influencers are up to. Well, Alex Harp is the perfect person to follow for that! His fun-loving friends, adorable family, and many travels keep the content interesting.

In addition to his own Instagram, Alex Harp has a thriving video business called Infused Visuals. This innovative media company creates video content for a wide array of clients, demonstrating Harp’s innate ability in visual storytelling. He produces videos for fellow famous YouTubers like Kalani Hilliker, who is known as a dancer, actress, model, and fashion designer.

Harp also focuses on the fitness industry in numerous ways. He produces attention-grabbing videos for Mega Fit Meals, a meal kit service for those focused on nutrition and working out. Other fitness influencers that Harp works with are professional mixed martial artist Mike Chandler and bodybuilder Jay Cutler. Harp puts his clients in the best light possible, making him a sought-after videographer in the industry.

In addition to videos for his clients, Harp’s personal YouTube channel is packed with entertaining videos that chronicle his adventures. From travels, proposals, pranks, and more, you feel as though you get to know Alex and his friends through their videos. By following him on both YouTube and Instagram, you can learn more about everything this visual content creator is doing!

Need Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Follow Travis Dodd (@travisdodd1)

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? If so, Travis Dodd is someone you’re going to want to follow. Dodd’s Instagram feed is filled with attention-grabbing photos of all kinds. He shares beautiful images of mesmerizing, crystal clear waters in Florida, where he is always kayaking. Dodd shows off his impressively customized trucks, which are what put him on the map in the first place. He also prioritizes family, which he demonstrates by sharing meaningful experiences with his daughter. Just seeing the amazing life he has created for himself as an entrepreneur may inspire you to pursue your goals as well.

Dodd’s most notable business venture has been the creation of TruckPak, a subscription box of truck products that are delivered each month. Users fill in information about their truck, clothing size, and other preferences, and eagerly await each month to see what incredible offers they’re given. TruckPaks include a variety of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, truck accessories, cleaning products, air fresheners, tools, emergency kits, and decals. It’s the perfect subscription box for truck aficionados everywhere.

Instead of simply settling into the success of TruckPak, Travis Dodd continued hustling. He and a business partner launched Sikrox, a groundbreaking technology company that created waterproof, wireless Bluetooth earbuds and power banks. Their driving mission with Sikrox is to always be evolving and adapting, which makes them a trailblazer in creating a technology-driven lifestyle. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur looking to expand your tribe, or a budding business owner looking for a boost, @travisdodd1 is worth a follow.

To Skyrocket Your Social Media: Follow International Loops (@InternationalLoops)

Millions of companies are on social media, but that doesn’t mean they have a strong following. It’s one thing to have an account and a completely different concept to have a well-known web presence. This is especially important for companies who are trying to establish themselves in their industry. There are a plethora of opportunities when it comes to social media marketing, which is what drew International Loops founder Jennifer Brooks to the field.

It all started when Jennifer started her influencer career and seeing how many business opportunities started pouring in for her. Jennifer realized she’d tapped into a huge market.

Fast forward a few years and Jennifer created International Loops, a wildly successful social media marketing agency that drives traffic to brands and businesses worldwide. International Loops prides itself on its expansive and powerful influencer network that includes celebrities and other notable personalities.

One of the main ways Jennifer creates notable success for her clients is through Exclusive Advertising, or influencer marketing. The company creates “giveaway loops,” which give social media users an incentive to follow multiple people for the chance to win prizes. Building relationships with influencers is incredibly beneficial, as their followers trust them to recommend quality products and services.

By building off the success of these giveaways Jennifer has been able to scale International Loops into a full-service agency. The company is now able to offer clients website development, public relations services, SEO, graphic design, and more. By following International Loops on Instagram, you have the chance to learn the lessons behind one of the most successful social media marketing agencies in the world.

Need Advice From a Lifestyle Influencer: Follow Tonya Michelle (@tonyamichelle26)

Seeing positivity and great advice on your Instagram feed can be the boost you need on tough days. This is especially true for ambitious women trying to balance motherhood, a professional career, or even stay-at-home moms who want a fresh perspective from someone in their shoes. If that’s something you think you can benefit from, you have to check out Tonya Michelle!

This sunshiney mother of 2 covers almost everything on her blog in an upbeat, friendly manner while staying completely authentic. Tonya started with an Instagram in 2013, where she covered any topics she was interested in. This included fashion, beauty, and new products. She sprinkled in some DIY projects and recipes here and there, and voila! She amassed a quickly-growing audience that was interested in following her life story. Tonya gained such a significant online presence that she created a blog in 2015. Her success has skyrocketed since then, and she now has 500,000+ views on her blog each month and almost 1 million Instagram followers.

Since creating her brand almost 10 years ago, Tonya has posted about topics of all sorts. This makes her Instagram and website interesting and dynamic. When you follow Tonya, you’ll see posts about makeup and skincare, motherhood, travel advice, book recommendations, fashionable outfits for each season, and plenty of recipes. For anyone aspiring to follow in Tonya’s footsteps, her advice is to create a positive and encouraging online presence, engage with accounts in your niche, and unfollow any account that brings you down! For more motivational advice, follow @tonyamichelle26 on Instagram.

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