Top 8 Marvel Card Sales of 2022

For the uninitiated, it may come as a surprise to know that card collecting has been around for decades, fostering a community where individuals collect and trade cards featuring sports teams and popular characters from movies, television shows, and comic books.

In recent years, the community of card collectors has grown significantly, thanks in part to the increasing popularity of online platforms that make it easier for collectors to find and trade cards with one another.

Popular characters, such as Marvel, are currently being sought after. Collectors hunt rare cards with nostalgic art featuring their favorite characters. So let’s delve into the Top 8 Marvel Card Sales of 2022:

Sale #1:

2013 Green PMG Spider-Man /10

Grade: BGS 9

Date: 5/21/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $168,000

Card Description: Precious metal gems are highly sought-after parallels in the sports and non-sports markets alike. The green variation is limited to 10 prints, making this card extremely unique. While it was bought on Goldin Auction’s public platform, Goldin facilitated a private sale for this exact card two months earlier for $255,000. Rumor has it that this card was submitted to PSA for grading and received a PSA 9. Now that’s a grail card!

Sale #2:

2013 Blue PMG Spider-Man /50

Grade: BGS 9

Date: 01/08/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $132,000

Card Description: A total of 50 cards were printed for this variation. The blue variant in precious metal gems is unique to the Marvel market and a fan favorite. Although less rare than the Green PMG, some hobbyists argue that, aesthetically, they prefer the blue over the green!

Sale #3:

2015 Venom PMG Gold 1/1

Grade: BGS 9

Date: 09/15/22

Platform: Private Sale, reported via Card ladder

Sale Price: $94,050.05

Card Description: Venom is one of the top few favorites from the Marvel Universe. This is the first year the Precious Metal Gems set released gold variations. Some even call this the rookie Venom 1/1. The gold foil of the card is extra shiny, which makes it a favorite. The PMG gold cards are exceptional because they are the rarest of them all!

Sale #4:

2017 Green PMG Spider-Man /10

Grade: BGS 9

Date: 12/28/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $99,600

Card Description: The 2017 Green Spider-man card was a top-rated card to hit the market in 2022. With only ten cards in existence, three copies surfaced for sale four different times on Goldin Auction. This card, the highest grade to exist, was the last and highest to sell just days before the new year. Ending 2022 with a bang!

Sale #5:

2022 Light FX Purple #76 Spiderman 1/1

Grade: Raw

Date: 10/13/2022

Platform: Private Sale

Sale Price: $80,000

Card Description: The most recent release of Spider-Man metal this past August hit a hungry market. There were over 50,000 boxes that sold in just three weeks, which was record-breaking for Marvel. Amidst the frenzy, a collector hit on this unique 1/1 Spider-Man card that is invaluable to many. Only one lucky buyer has this bad boy in his collection!

Sale #6:

2013 Green PMG Captain America /10

Grade: BGS 9

Date: 06/06/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $74,400

Card Description: A champion in his own right, Captain America is credited for helping form the Avengers. The first year the PMG cards were printed will always be the most coveted, making this a true beauty.

Sale #7:

2013 Green PMG Wolverine /10

Grade: BGS 8.5

Date: 05/21/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $73,200

Card Description: Wolverine, DJ Steve Aoki’s favorite character, along with so many others in the hobby! This sale was no surprise to all the other 25 bidders after this highly coveted card. Who’s excited to see Hugh Jackman starring in Deadpool next September?

Sale #8:

2015 Blue PMG Wolverine /50

Grade: PSA 10

Date: 10/29/2022

Platform: Goldin Auction

Sale Price: $59,700

Card Description: A Gem Mint 10 from PSA makes this card even more unique! Wolverine strikes a menacing pose against this flashy blue foiled card. Wolverine is undoubtedly the most coveted of the X-Men. Cheers to the lucky new owner!

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