PLUGplays’ newest music video for their flavor drop is out! Have you seen it? Click on the link to see the music video!

If you haven’t heard about PLUGplay yet they are a fun dynamic crew that’s always been in tune with culture (not only vape vulture) but music, art, quality products and having a good time experiencing the world with a good community around them. Plug Play has been in the cannabis industry for more than 10 years, but specifically the vape industry for 4 years now and are now “Pioneers in the Industry”. They craft high quality products with thoughtful experiences to bring to their following like their “Dodgers – Play Blue Campaign last season”. They are currently cultivating 3 different lines of Plugs and have something for everyone – DNA, Exotics and Livest! Each plug is curated with countless hours of R&D to bring you the perfect flavor they know you will love. They know how to roll out epic standards, quality and are always about spreading the great vibes!


VESSEL’s mission is to be the world’s leading producer of consumer technology and accessories – our products are built better, designed smarter, and inspire optimism and happiness. The Craftsman Series 510 thread/vape battery collection comes with real walnut wood trim, making each unit unique. The Compass Series is for the “on the go” and recreational lifestyles, as it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. VESSEL also provides dry herb accessories, mainly the Helix one-hitter. This contains a “never-before-seen” brass double helix interior design, which cools and optimizes the airflow, while filtering debris. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, VESSEL has the products & accessories to fit any lifestyle.  Simply put, VESSEL is here to provide you with the ultimate consumption experience.


TribeTokes Delta 8 cartridges hit smooth, feel great and are trusted by consumers for their quality and potency. This NYC-based brand is “built by girls, and powered by plants” and operates under the quality manifesto, “never sell anything you wouldn’t give your own mother.” Available in 9 legendary strains and counting, including heavy hitters like Green Crack, Blue Dream and Zkittlez, what makes TribeTokes D8 vapes stand out is their full spectrum formulations – a boost of CBD, CBG and real cannabis terpenes takes things to the next level. 

TribeTokes creates premium, craft cannabis vapes, wellness and beauty products for the next generation cannabis consumer – who respects plant science, consumes mindfully and expects top quality products from trusted brands. The brand is leading the “clean vaping movement” with oils that have only 2 ingredients: cannabis distillate and strain-specific terpenes – no fillers or cutting agents, just potent vapes that taste and feel great. 

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Meet your new best PHREND! A handheld filter that eliminates secondhand smoke and smell for the ultimate in conscious and discrete consumption. Simply inhale from your favorite smoking accessory and rather than blow into the ambient air, exhale into the PHREND for no smoke, no smell. Its aerodynamic mouthpiece allows for a quick, efficient exhale and ease of use.

Featuring a biodegradable filter cartridge made of a plant-based polymer,  a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer which is compostable, and PLA made of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. After 500 exhales, breathe easy knowing that the biodegradable cartridge you dispose of will not add to the growing pile of plastics plaguing our landfills and ecosystems for decades to come: it will biodegrade in 3 years!

From packaging to product, every aspect of the PHREND is either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or reusable.

A PHREND to you and earth!


XVAPE VISTA MINI 2 is a reimagining and vast cutting-edge update in the world of compact but powerful bubbler vaporizers for your concentrates or oils. This new stunning device features 4 LED indicated heat settings perfectly optimized for users and concentrate of all varieties, a one-of-a-kind glass discovery carb cap perfect for viability, a ergo-blaze flared mouthpiece for comfort, detachable glass bubbler, secure flow silicone seal, a revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer equipped with short circuit protection, along with all your favorite features from the first version like wireless charging and haptic feedback.


​The Hypnos Zero by Linx Vapor is considered one of the best extract vaporizers in the market and has grown as a popular alternative to traditional dabbing because of its simplicity yet powerful design. Utilizing a ceramic inlaid atomizer the Hypnos Zero offers Its users an experience free of plastics, paints, and toxic chemicals that can harm one over time. As a result, you enhance the flavor profile of your extract with each draw, utilize less extract, and produce larger clouds.

It comes with a Battery, Charger, Ceramic Atomizer, Loading Tool, and Carrying Case. It is available in two colors: Stainless Steel, and Iridescence.

The Hypos Zero combines innovation and health consciousness giving you the best vaporizing experiences possible. No wonder it’s the winner of the High Times Best Extract Vaporizer for 2 years running, price starts at $79.99.


We are a team of experts highly invested in advancing the industry and being strategic partners that elevate your business to the next level. We are connectors—plugging our partners in to a vast community of elite professionals, and providing access to a network of cannabis aficionados from fillers to distributors, extractors to retailers and beyond. Plain and simple, we care more. With Ispire, you have support.

#8 O2VAPE     IG:@O2VAPE

O2VAPE™ is a USA Veteran owned company and has been providing consumers with high quality portable vaping products since 2013 such as our Exclusive PATENTED FLIP ULTRA & PLATINUM  and original FLIP. We are your SAFE SOURCE FOR INNOVATIVE VAPE PEN TECHNOLOGY! We have a no receipt, no further purchase necessary LIFETIME WARRANTY!

#9 GPEN     IG: @GPEN

G Pen Engineers The Most Advanced, User-Friendly Portable Vaporizers

 Leading at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, G Pen was the first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens.


Inspired by the vision and tenacity of Renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci, Cortney Smith founded DaVinci Tech in 2011 with the desire to change the world’s imagination.

Like its namesake, DaVinci Tech is known for relentless innovation. The dreamers behind the brand never stop pursuing perfection, constantly advancing the cannabis experience through thoughtful design, meticulous engineering and innovative technology. DaVinci Tech designs tiny devices that are changing the bigger conversation about cannabis consumption.

Since DaVinci Tech’s founding, the team has established a legacy in creating trusted products such as the DaVinci Classic and the DaVinci IQ. Its developers draw from a rich history in manufacturing and hardware component design to build responsibly and bring clean consumption to the forefront.

The DaVinci Tech team strives to make the most advanced products with features that follow DaVinci Tech’s brand pillars: Purity, Innovation and Control.


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