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Today’s digital age promotes a particular lifestyle that is different from the past. While technological advancement has its unique set of perks, such as easy access to knowledge acquisition and social interaction, this recent development has been immensely associated with people’s reduced need to do any physical activities. Allowing individuals to play sports through video games has effectively changed the circumstances and encouraged individuals to bypass physical activities and interaction. As a result, the number of cases relating to obesity and other weight issues has risen tremendously.

As a company that seeks to revolutionize this ongoing misfortune, Top 3 Promotions stands in the middle of the sports arena in order to promote health and wellness through the magic of basketball.

Highly acknowledged for its unique approach to sports, Top 3 Promotions managed to build its sterling reputation despite the difficulties of establishing a sports institution in the digital age. But with the founder’s drive to make a difference, it comes as no surprise how this company rose above it all. In an interview, founder John Atkinson explained why there is a need to provide these innovative avenues designed to encourage individuals to move towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle. John said, “In an age where our youth are more inclined to spend their days indoors [while] playing video games, I want to show everyone [that] it [is] still fun to get out and be active.” Determined to materialize his vision, John fueled Top 3 with an unparalleled passion for leading individuals towards positive change.

Heralded as a revolutionary force across the sports space, Top 3 Promotions is a company worthy of its reputable image. With its innovative means and groundbreaking methods, it comes as no surprise how Top 3 Promotions is widely acclaimed for its unique gameplay across the industry. Its three-on-three tournaments, coupled with an unmatched drive to create a better world, have earned much praise across the community that allowed the company to stretch its horizons. Indeed, this trailblazing company sets things in motion with a process that enables people to appreciate basketball in the most unconventional way.

Throughout its rise to the summits of success, Top 3 Promotions has reached impressive heights for its commitment towards providing individuals with countless opportunities of becoming fit, healthy, and active. As a matter of fact, it is the only company that is well-celebrated for its flawless ability to conduct three-on-three tournaments across states.

Besides promoting a healthier lifestyle, Top 3 Promotions seeks to develop young minds, harness their potential in sports, and positively influence them with the magic and benefits of sports. “Let’s teach our youth the values of playing on a team and why competitive sports are good for motivating themselves to do better in both their personal and professional life,” John Atkinson said.

In the coming years, John Atkinson plans to expand Top 3 Promotions to include young children and become a household name across the industry. Through its revolutionary pursuits and passion-driven spirits, the company is bound to transform its vision into a reality.

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