3 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Regardless of whether you’re interested in keeping a constant track of your kids, during that long-awaited family holiday, or would like to be regularly updated about an employee’s location, who is out to make a very important delivery, using an efficient GPS phone tracker app can help you immensely in all such situations.

What is a GPS Phone Tracker App?

A GPS phone tracker app can be described as a software application or program, installed on a mobile device, usually a mobile phone, for the purpose of tracking its location, and carrying out various other activities including checking its call logs, IM messages, text messages, video calls and more. This type of tool can be efficiently used to track activities happening on a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet PC as well. It’s fairly normal for parents these days to use such type of GPS phone tracker apps to stay constantly on top of their kids’ phone activities, to make sure that they stay safe when they’re online. Big corporates also use these apps to stay regularly aware of their employees’ activities, both when they’re outside and inside the office.

Nonetheless, considering the fact that there are over 20 such different GPS phone tracker apps available for iPhone and Android platforms on the market today, selecting the right one which meets all your requirements, can prove to be a very difficult task. Whereas few of these apps offer only basic features such as location tracking, the others come equipped with pretty advanced features like social media monitoring, recording of ambient sounds, live tuning into the phone calls, remote camera access and more.

Please keep in mind that even though it’s possible to use a GPS phone tracker app on a mobile phone, without obtaining the user’s permission, as it stays invisible on the monitored mobile device, it’s legally allowed only in cases wherein you are tracking the phone activities of your children aged under 18 years. Other than that, it’s lawfully required to obtain the monitored individual’s prior consent, to spy on or track the GPS location of the device.

A great multitude of people also use these GPS phone tracker apps to locate their lost or missing mobile phones.

How These GPS Phone Tracking Apps Work?

Normally, such GPS phone tracker apps or software programs use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to constantly track the target device. Towards this end, they use the services of multiple satellites orbiting the planet Earth. The GPS receivers present on the mobile phones are configured in a way that they stay in continuous contact with some of these satellites. As soon as a connection gets established, a GPS phone tracking app can make the necessary calculations and deduct the approximate location of the target mobile phone, through a process referred to as trilateration.

No matter how useful GPS phone tracking apps may seem, keeping in mind how efficient they are when you need to track a lost smart phone or would like to keep a tab on an employee or child, it cannot be denied that they breach certain privacy-related protocols. And depending upon the part of the world you stay in, using these software programs on people’s devices, without obtaining prior consent, can make you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Why It May Be Very Important To Use A GPS Phone Tracker App?

Irrespective of what use you’d like to put a GPS phone tracker app to, whether to track your employees or keep a constant tab on your children’s whereabouts, there are some very important benefits that can be availed through it. Below, we will take you through the distinct advantages offered by a GPS phone tracker app to employers, parents and in general to everyone else.

GPS phone tracker app advantages for parents

There is no bigger nightmare for a parent than finding themselves in a situation where they are unable to contact their children, and being in complete dark about their younger ones’ whereabouts. The situation can become more concerning if you try calling your kid repeatedly, but receive no response at all. A GPS phone tracker app installed on your kid’s mobile phone can be a godsend in this type of scenario. Keeping a regular track of your kids’ smart phones, which they usually have glued to them at all the times, you can ensure their safety, although in a different way. The moment you observe that your son or daughter has visited a location they’re not supposed to venture into, you’ll be in a better position to act swiftly and take appropriate action to keep him/her away from any harm. The fact that you can track your daughter/son’s GPS location in real-time makes such monitoring even better. It can be immensely useful if your child walks or cycles to the school, or takes some kind of public transport for that purpose. Most importantly, using a good GPS phone tracker app can provide you with that much-required peace of mind, which is the right of every parent in the world.

GPS phone tracker app advantages for employers

A large number of employees working in top-rated companies receive special facilities such as dedicated laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones to fulfil the needs of their jobs, both outside and within the office premises. Using a GPS phone tracker app can work as an important business tool that enables you to better manage day-to-day operations of your office. It can allow you to learn about the employees’ current and historical locations. You can even get alerted if the individual has been to a place they’re not supposed to be at. Furthermore, oftentimes, employees claim to be in a certain place, when they’re actually wasting time somewhere else, during important work hours. A GPS phone tracker app can help you efficiently tackle such problems.

GPS phone tracker app advantages for individuals

Not only is an efficient GPS phone tracker app immensely helpful for parents and employers, people in general too can benefit from it in different ways. For instance, it can be efficiently used to keep your family informed about your current location at different times of the day, without them disturbing you. In addition, in case there’s no location tracker built into your mobile phone, using a GPS phone tracker app can be of great use in case of a misplacement or theft.

If you’ve been constantly looking for efficient GPS phone tracking apps, and have gone through a great multitude of them on the App Stores, it is only expected that you must be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. To help you out, we’ve done thorough research and curated a comprehensive list of the best GPS phone tracking apps available in the market today.


mSpy has proven itself as the best GPS phone tracker app in the market for all kinds of users, especially the concerned parents. Its phone location tracking feature makes sure that you’re constantly on top of your loved ones’ and kids’ location. mSpy does its job in complete invisible mode, giving no hint to the target user about its presence. By using mSpy app, you can efficiently:

  • Identify the current location of the monitored individual, on a detailed map
  • Go through their route history for specific time intervals
  • Study the details related to the locations visited, including coordinates, times, addresses and accuracy levels

mSpy app functions well with both Android as well as iOS mobile phones, and can be purchased using different pricing options, suiting all kinds of users.

A great multitude of parents throughout the world regularly use the mSpy GPS phone tracker app to stay on top of their children’s locations, and to ensure that the younger ones aren’t up to something dangerous. That being said, please be aware that, to be able to smoothly use the GPS phone tracker feature on mSpy, you’ll require rooting or jailbreaking of the target Android phone or iPhone. In case that sounds intimidating to you, you can take help of mSpy’s tech support team which is well-known for being very efficient in helping the customers. They can help you through the entire jailbreaking or rooting process.

The mSpy GPS phone tracker not only functions as a highly-effective location tracking solution, it also comes equipped with geo-fencing feature helps you define safe restricted zones for your children. Once you’ve set these geographic boundaries on the monitored mobile phone, you’ll be sent an immediate alert whenever your kid ventures into a restricted zone or moves out of a safe zone. In addition, you’ll be sent various other details such as the coordinates, dates, time stamps etc. of the monitored cell phone too. Other than that, it’ll also be possible to generate a summary report detailing all the different locations the monitored user has been visiting on a frequent basis.

mSpy GPS phone tracker is an extremely simple and easy-to-use solution, that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to install. mSpy records the activities being done on the monitored mobile phone every 5 minutes, and uploads them to the mSpy server. Once uploaded, you can access all these files through an easy-to-use mSpy Control Panel. Some of the widely popular features of mSpy GPS phone tracker include:

GPS Tracking – Allows you to stay on top of the current GPS location of the monitored cell phone, and review its location history whenever needed.

Text Message Monitoring – Easily read all the incoming and outgoing text messages on the monitored cell phone, including the ones deleted by the target user.

Social Media Tracking – Review every single social media interaction happening on the target mobile phone, including activities on well-known platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tinder.

Monitoring Of IM Apps – Easily check all interactions occurring on the monitored cell phone through the latest IM apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and Telegram.

Media File Viewing – Easy viewing of all the videos, images and other kinds of media shared or stored on the monitored cell phone, including any that have been shared by/with other people.

Monitoring Of The Web Browser History – Maintain a comprehensive check on every single online activity happening on the monitored cell phone, including the websites visited, frequency of such visits and their corresponding times; you are also able to access any URLs visited through the incognito mode.

To be able to start using mSpy GPS phone tracker app, you’ll first need to buy a subscription through its official website. Your choice of subscription will depend mainly on the features you require for monitoring purposes. Once you have purchased the required mSpy subscription, refer to the installation steps provided by them, followed by installing the mSpy app on the target cell phone. Post the installation, you may use the details sent to you to log into the mSpy Control Panel, using a web-browser on a computer or mobile phone. Now you can start tracking every single movement of the target cell phone and view all other activities happening on it.

mSpy Pros

  • Works in a completely hidden mode on the target mobile phone, without any related icon visible on its screen.
  • Is actively used for GPS phone tracking and other purposes by more than 1.5 million parents across the world.
  • You’re sent an instant notification if the target user attempts deleting the mSpy app from their mobile phone.
  • It’s an ideal solution to keep young children away from commonly-known dangers, especially unwanted online elements such as sexual predators and bullies.
  • You receive immediate access to a user-friendly Control Panel, which makes it very easy to monitor all the activities on the tracked mobile phone.

mSpy Cons

  • You’ll have to root or jailbreak the mobile phone that needs to be tracked, in order to access mSpy’s premium features.
  • The basic as well as premium subscription of mSpy offers tracking of just one single mobile phone at any given point of time.


FlexiSpy is the other highly-recommended GPS phone tracker app sold in the market that comes with a wide range of general as well as unique features, catering to all kinds of users. In fact, once you go through its details, you’ll realize that this phone tracker has every single feature you come to expect from an established GPS phone tracker. It allows you to track both Android and iOS devices with great ease. As a result, you can stay constantly aware of what your loved ones or employees are doing on their mobile phones, in real time. While we’re primarily talking about GPS phone tracking in this article, there’s a version of the app which works equally well on the laptop and desktop computers too.

To start making the most of FlexiSpy, you simply need to purchase its subscription and install the app onto the mobile phone you wish to track. Thereafter, FlexiSpy will continue operating in invisible mode on that mobile phone, 24 x 7, in the background. It will constantly monitor each and every activity happening on that device, without making the monitored individual suspicious about its presence.

FlexiSpy calls the location tracking feature offered by it, ‘Hidden GPS Tracker’. With this feature you can secretly learn about the exact location of the monitored individual, including their current location and all the places they’ve been to, during a specific time-interval. The app constantly uploads the GPS location of the monitored mobile phone to the FlexiSpy’s cloud server. You can easily log into your FlexiSpy account through a web browser and access these details without any hassles.

Few of the important GPS phone tracking features provided by FlexiSpy are:

  • Ability of marking all favorite locations.
  • Accurate and real-time tracking of the target cell phone’s GPS location.
  • You can conduct cell phone tracking either in hidden or visible mode, whatever works for you the best.
  • You also get to review the different dates and times when the monitored mobile phone’s coordinates were recorded.
  • You can go through the current as well as all the historical locations that the monitored user has been to, on a detailed and clearly-marked map.

Some other widely popular FlexiSpy features are:

  • Comprehensive access to every media file present on the monitored device, including all the images and videos.
  • Detailed tracking of every incoming and outgoing text message on the monitored mobile phone, with access to even the deleted messages.
  • Recording of phone calls on the monitored device, in complete stealth mode.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and recording of activities conducted through different apps.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of all Instant Messenger applications as well as activities on the social media platforms.
  • Easy access to the camera and microphone of the monitored cell phone, allowing you to view plus record its surroundings.
  • Detailed tracking of activities done on the web-browser and monitoring of any other Internet usage on the target device.
  • Intercepting phone calls on the monitored cell phone by receiving immediate alerts whenever a phone call is received or made on/from the mobile phone.

At the time of writing, you could purchase FlexiSpy through 3 different subscription models: Lite, Premium and Extreme. As you may have already guessed from their names, the Lite version is essentially about basic features, and can be purchased at a fixed low price. On the other hand, Premium version enables you to comprehensively track text messages, phone calls and images on the monitored mobile phone. The highest version, Extreme, comes included with a comprehensive range of advanced-level cell phone tracking features, including real-time interception of phone calls.

Irrespective of the fact that there are many GPS phone tracking apps available at a lower price in the market, FlexiSpy delivers the best tracking features you can ever use, without obtaining prior permission of the monitored individual (wherever allowed legally). FlexiSpy is updated on a frequent basis and works with all new-age cell phones. Lastly, its installation process can be termed as the easiest, especially compared to many similar products.

FlexiSpy Pros

  • Works with all well-known versions of iOS and Android.
  • The product is heavily focused on popular IM applications which are frequently used by a large majority of youngsters.
  • The company offers a smart phone that comes with FlexiSpy pre-installed on it.
  • The product has a 100% record when it comes to the safety and security of customers’ data.
  • Allows you to tap into the target mobile phone’s microphone and listen to its surroundings.
  • You can turn the monitored mobile phone into a remote-controlled video recorder and camera, clicking videos and pictures at will, in complete stealth mode
  • Tune in to phone calls as they happen, in real time. Call recordings too can be retrieved for later listening.

FlexiSpy Cons

  • You’ll need to jailbreak the target iPhone to be able to use FlexiSpy on it.
  • It may come across as slightly expensive compared to other similar products in the market.


Another immensely popular and useful GPS phone tracking app available in the market, which carries out its job in a completely hidden mode, Hoverwatch has earned a huge fan following over the years. With Hoverwatch you can continuously track the monitored cell phone’s location even when the target individual has switched of the GPS and Wi-Fi features on their mobile phone. In that scenario, the software continues tracking the device by switching to the closest available cell phone towers. As soon as the Hoverwatch app ascertains the location of the monitored cell phone, it enables you to:

  • Seamlessly track that mobile phone’s movement and follow it on a detailed online map.
  • Continue tracking its location non-stop, even in the absence of the normal GPS tracker.
  • Obtain non-stop access to the target mobile phone’s location through the Hoverwatch Control Panel.

Once you begin tracking the location of the monitored mobile phone, its geolocation spots will be shown to you in the form of tiny blue dots, on a detailed map. If the target mobile phone gets spotted at a specific location multiple times, the color of these dots will change from blue to red, as the frequency of such visits increases. You’ll be allowed to easily zoom in to that specific location by clicking with your mouse on a specific dot.

Where this app races ahead of its competition is its range of features that enable the user to gather a whole lot of added information related to the target mobile phone, apart from continuously monitoring its GPS location. This additional information may prove to be extremely useful for anyone wanting to comprehensively monitor the target cell phone and its user. Few of these features are:

  • Detailed web browser monitoring, providing a list of all the URLs visited by the monitored individual, along with the corresponding timestamps. You get to know the URLs that they visited in the incognito mode too.
  • Spying on text messages, providing a detailed record of all outgoing and incoming text messages.
  • Remote recording of all the outgoing and incoming phone calls from/to the monitored phone.
  • Control of the target mobile phone’s front camera, allowing easy clicking of a selfie in a completely secret mode. The selfie gets clicked right when the individual unlocks the mobile phone.
  • Detailed tracking of every media and message shared through popular IM apps like Snapchat, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Detailed tracking of all the To-do lists and calendar entries on the target mobile phone, allowing you to stay constantly updated about the person’s day-to-day activities.
  • The ability to track up to 5 different mobile phones simultaneously.
  • Regular screenshots from the target mobile phone, giving you a fair idea about the user’s activities.
  • Continuous cell phone tracking even after the SIM card has been replaced.

Going by what Hoverwatch makers have to say, their product is already actively used by over 12 million people throughout the world, a fact that says a lot about the software’s popularity and efficacy. The application functions as an all-round, all-in-one solution that besides tracking the target mobile phone, also delivers a whole lot of extensive information. The tracking frequency of the target mobile phone can be changed as per your requirements, right from within your personal account on the Hoverwatch website.

Hoverwatch app can be purchased via different subscription options such as Professional Package and Personal Package. You get the choice of multiple subscription timelines including annual subscription, quarterly subscription and one month subscription.

Hoverwatch Pros

  • Hoverwatch GPS phone tracking app enables you to make easy changes to Android settings on the target mobile phone, through a user-friendly interface.
  • The data upload frequency is comparatively higher than other similar apps.
  • It’s a far simpler software that can even be used by non-technical people, especially with regard to the usage and installation part of it.
  • It allows you to take frequent screenshots of the target mobile phone, which are then uploaded to the Hoverwatch dashboard for your review.
  • The product can be easily used without rooting the target mobile phone.
  • The extracted call records from the target mobile phone have amazing sound clarity, allowing you to comprehensively understand whatever is being said.

Hoverwatch Cons

  • There is no geo-fencing feature in the Hoverwatch GPS phone tracker.
  • The GPS location can sometimes be slightly inaccurate.
  • You’ll need a separate Key Logger product if you use this monitoring app.
  • The extracted SIM card details are often inaccurate.

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