Before we just start spouting off telling you the Best companies to buy your new delta 8 THC products from we figure that we will give you a little background on exactly what Delta-8 THC is, where it comes from, how it’s made, what it does, the many forms it comes in and exactly how to tell if the company that is selling it to you is legit or not.  

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What is Delta 8 THC – 

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is considered like a younger cousin to the more popular cannabinoid, Delta 9 THC. While delta 8 can be derived from hemp just like CBD is, don’t be fooled, this compound is completely psychoactive! (That means it gets you high). 

Not only does it get you high, but since it’s derived from hemp, you can purchase it on the internet and get it shipped right to your doorstep, even in states where marijuana is illegal. Due to covid-19 social distancing, many cannabis users are switching to purchasing delta 8 THC online over physical dispensaries, not to mention the significantly more affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delta 8 THC 

Why are some delta 8 products clear?

Clear delta 8 distillate oil is created by applying bleach and acids the original distillate solution. Always shoot for rose-colored distillate to eliminate the risk of consuming harmful chemicals found in clear delta 8 products. 

Will delta 8 cause me to fail a drug test?

Yes, delta 8 contributes to metabolites that will trigger a positive reading on a THC drug test. 

Is Delta 8 Legal in my state?

Delta 8 THC is either implicitly or fully legal in every state except for ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, DELAWARE, IDAHO, IOWA, MISSISSIPPI, MONTANA, AND NEBRASKA. (Which have explicitly banned delta 8)

Can I use delta 8 in public?

No, if you live in a state where cannabis is not understood and accepted, it’s recommended to use it in private to prevent confusion among law enforcement. Even many legal marijuana states consider public cannabis use as violating the law, so always make sure to use it in private. 

Is delta 8 Intoxicating?

Yes, it is intoxicating in the same way delta 9 THC is and should not be used while operating heavy machinery or operating a motor vehicle. 

Why are some delta 8 products clear?

Clear delta 8 distillate oil is created by applying bleach and acids the original distillate solution. Always shoot for rose-colored distillate to eliminate the risk of consuming harmful chemicals found in clear delta 8 products. 

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are essential oils that contribute to the smell, taste and aromas that cannabis is notorious for. They also contribute to physical sensations and determine whether a strain is an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. Terpenes can be derived from either botanics or cannabis plants themselves. 

How delta 8 THC is made 

While delta 8 THC can be extracted in many different ways, the most common way (to create it in a federally compliant way) is by converting CBD Isolate to Delta 8 THC using chemistry. Delta 8 is not found in high concentrations naturally so it must undergo a chemical reaction to create large quantities of it. The resulting product is a pink or rose-colored D8THC Distillate Oil. At this point, the Delta 8 THC Oil is then infused into edibles, or is mixed with terpenes (smell/taste) for a vape cartridge.

Methods of consumption for Delta 8 THC 

There are 3 main ways that Delta 8 THC can be consumed.

Vape Cartridge – A cartridge is simply a unit that is filled with Delta 8 THC oil and terpenes, which then can be vaped. This is the most popular method of consumption because it’s convenient, delivers instant effects, and doesn’t leave a lingering smell like smoking flower does. Simple and easy. 

Edibles – Delta 8 infused edibles are also incredibly popular. Edibles create a long lasting high that you cannot escape. For some it may be intense, so make sure to take a small dose so you can find your sweet spot. They typically take 1-2 hours to kick in depending on how much you’ve eaten for the day. 

Delta 8 Flower – Many retailers are starting to carry federally legal THC flower for those who live in states where marijuana is illegal. While Delta 8 THC does not naturally occur in high percentages in cannabis flower, delta 8 distillate can be sprayed onto CBD or CBG hemp flower to achieve the ultimate legal THC flower experience. Plus you get the added benefit of multiple cannabinoids from the hemp flower. It’s basically hemp flower on steroids. 

Common names and references of Delta 8 THC 

Many people will refer to Delta 8 THC as:

  • Delta 8
  • D8
  • D8THC
  • THC 8
  • Delta 8 Distillate 
  • Delta 8 Oil
  • Hemp-Derived THC

All of them refer to the same thing. THC that is derived from hemp, which is therefore federally legal, allowing it to be bought, sold, and shipped over state borders. 

What to look for before buying Delta 8 THC 

Make sure the distillate is Rose Colored – 

Delta 8 THC can be synthesized in a completely natural and safe way, but if you see a clear liquid delta 8 product, turn away immediately. 

Manufacturers will use acids and bleach to turn the natural pink/rose colored oil into a “more desirable” clear liquid. This causes the pH to go out of whack and makes the product unstable. This can also result in remnants of the bleach and harmful acids in the product. 

You definitely don’t want to be inhaling bleach. 

The cartridges are free of heavy metals – 

Always make sure the hardware the vendor uses is free of heavy metals. You can simply email the vendor and ask which model vape cart they use and check online for yourself to see if the model has been tested for heavy metals like lead. A proper lab test will show ”ND” for non detected in all categories, signifying a clean vape cart. 

Cannabis Derived Terpenes – 

The absolute best flavor comes from hemp and cannabis derived terpenes. This is because the taste, smell and effects are directly relevant to the strain the terpenes were extracted from. Some cheaper manufacturers like to cut corners by using botanical terpenes, which are much cheaper and vape harsher. 

Botanical terpenes are extracted from various fruits and plants, which unfortunately don’t vape as well as terpenes derived from actual cannabis flower. By grabbing a vape with cannabis derived terps, you can experience an incredibly smoother and more flavorful hit when compared to botanical.  

Legal Status of Delta 8 THC 

The 2018 farm bill legalized Delta 8 THC, which allows the compound to be legally bought, sold and shipped over state borders, which is why it is able to be purchased online. As long as the Delta 9 THC percentage of any given cannabis product is below 0.3%, it’s considered legal hemp, and all compounds derived from hemp are also legal. The caveat is that some states have explicitly banned Delta 8 THC:


While Delta 8 may be federally legal, always make sure to transport your delta 8 in a discreet fashion when traveling, as law enforcement may mistake it for illegal marijuana, making things quite complicated. Always make sure to carry a “Notice to Law Enforcement” so if you do get questioned by law enforcement, you can explain your case in a clear and concise way. (“Notice to Law Enforcement” are included with orders from reputable delta 8 vendors for the purpose of safe shipping.)

Difference between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC

The difference between delta 8 and delta 9 is paranoia. Imagine the same exact “stoned” or “high” sensations without any paranoia or negative thought patterns. While we can’t make medical claims, that’s what thousands delta 8 users have reported from their own personal experience. Some can’t even tell the difference. 

Top 3 Delta 8 THC Companies To Buy From Online Safely 

Here we go, top 3 Delta 8 companies you can trust when shopping for federally legal THC online.

Reef Canna

Reef Canna located in Fort Lauderdale Florida primarily focus on wholesaling their Delta 8 and CBD products to smoke shops, vape shops and other hemp resellers. However, they also supply Delta 8 on an individual level so you can get in on the action too.

Service 8/10

Ordering from Reef Canna is a pleasant experience to say the least. They have a 24/7 live chat, order look up tool, free shipping over $100, and you can even pick up the phone and call the Reef Canna-direct team personally if you have any questions regarding a current or future order. 

Cart Quality  9/10

Reef Canna uses a lead-free ceramic cartridge. Ceramic carts allow for smoother and more flavorful hits as well as better airflow. (That means fatter clouds)

Distillate Quality 8/10

Sitting at 90% delta 8 THC, Reef Canna’s distillate is nothing to sneeze at. The total cannabinoids clock in at 92% so not only do you get a huge dose of delta 8, but you also get a nice full spectrum of other minor cannabinoids like CBDa, CBN, and CBC.

Terpene Quality 9.5/10

Reef Canna uses CDT’s, which are cannabis derived terpenes. While they are more expensive than botanical terpenes, they are well worth the cost due to it’s enhanced flavor, smoothness, and effects. 

Flavor Selection   7.5/10

With over 12 different strain profiles, it’ll take a while to try them all yourself! They have a big emphasis on hybrids at 4 different flavors, with a lower emphasis on day/night time strains at 4 indicas and 4 sativas.

Shipping Time   7/10

Reef Canna has 2 options for shipping via USPS. They have a basic shipping option of 3-5 business days, and a premium shipping service that ships in 2-3 business days. If you order over $100 in product, you get free shipping. Always on time and punctual. You get what you pay for with Reef Canna. 

Price 10/10

Reef Canna sells their 1ML carts for $9.99 which is the cheapest we have seen in the industry. Their disposables are only $14.99

Buy Delta 8 From Reef Canna Click Here


THCXtract specializes in custom formulated Delta 8 THC vape cartridges and are based out of Chicago, Illinois. THCXtract’s mission is to supply a safe and legal THC alternative to those who live in states where Marijuana is illegal while also undercutting legal dispensaries prices.

Service 8.5/10

THCXtract is a smaller boutique retailer in the hemp game which has allowed them to pay more individual attention to customers. They have a 24/7 live chat, a youtube channel with a plethora of educational information, and a direct line you can call with questions and concerns. 

Cart Quality  9/10

THCXtract uses ceramic tanks with enhanced airflow, which is standard for premium style vape cartridges. They are also lab tested for heavy metals which puts them in the clear for safety and quality control. 

Distillate Quality 8/10

THCXtract’s distillate comes in at 86.72% Delta 8 and approximately 1.8% Delta 10 THC, making for a very unique cannabinoid profile. Delta 10 THC is considered mildly stimulating and euphoric which makes this distillate’s effects pack quite the punch. They are also lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. 

Terpene Quality 9.5/10

THCXtract uses cannabis derived terpenes to replicate classic marijuana strains like Zkittles and Wedding Cake. 

Flavor Selection   6/10

While THCXtract has quality covered, they seem to lack in quantity with 2 hybrids, 2 indicas, and 1 sativa strain.

Shipping Time   8/10

THCXtract utilizes standard USPS shipping options with USPS Flat Rate (3-5 business days) and USPS Flat Rate Priority (2-3 business days). 

Price 7.5/10

THCXtract’s delta 8 vape carts come in at $60 for 1ML. They’ll also give you a free eighth of their indoor grown CBD Flower as a complimentary gift for new customers. That would be $90 worth of product for only 60 bucks. Even without the free eighth, the price to quality ratio is quite high considering they use a ceramic cartridge and CDT’s. 



BuyDelta8Online focuses primarily on bulk pricing where you pay “exactly what the big name smoke shops pay”. Not only do they have Sativa and Indica bundle boxes at discounted rates, but you can also buy individual strains at an extremely low price. 

Service 7/10

BuyDelta8Online has a 24/7 live chat, customer support via email, as well as an order look up tool. While they don’t have a direct line you can call, their live chat support and email customer support team are very responsive. 

Cart Quality  9/10

BuyDelta8Online uses full ceramic lead-free cartridges by cartology, a premium cartridge manufacturer.

Distillate Quality 9/10

BuyDelta8Online’s distillate has quite the potent concentration at 911MG of Delta 8 per 1ML as well as testing for residual solvents, pesticides and heavy metals. 

Terpene Quality 9/10

BuyDelta8Online’s carts use CDT’s for flavor and taste. Extremely smooth and full bodied flavor. 

Flavor Selection  9.5/10

BuyDelta8Online has over 19 flavors as well as Sativa and Indica bundle boxes, where you can get 10 indicas, or 10 sativa strains for a discounted price. 

Shipping Time   7.5/10

BuyDelta8Online ships all orders within 1-2 business days for all orders placed before 11am EST. 

Price 9.5/10

This is the absolute best price on the market. From $9 on a 0.5ML to $17 on a 1ML, you’re going to have a hard time finding another company at such a low price with a higher than average quality product. They also give you $5 off for first time customers which would make your first cartridge $4! (If you buy the 0.5ML).



Shopping for Delta 8 online can be a bit confusing at times. It’s hard to know who to trust, if the quality is good, how smooth it hits, is the price worth the cost? While there are an abundance of companies to choose from when shopping for Delta 8 THC online, this guide should point you in the right direction of companies you can trust with your health and wallet. 

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