Top 2022 Extravagant Events That You Can’t Afford To Miss

The world is slowly recoiling from the aftermath of a deadly pandemic. The exuberant events and A-List gatherings are emerging again to indulge the crowd in the glitz and blitz of the social soiree. Yes, you heard it right! It is time to leave the fuzzy blankets, and cozy atmosphere of your home, and step out into the real world, where the opportunities await.

Networking is an important aspect of every entrepreneur, thought leader, or celebrity, and what is better than events that open gates to only the top people in the industry. Now, you might be a little confused as to what we are talking about, but that is what we are here to get rid of. By looking at every nook and corner in the event space, we have compiled a list of top events that you can attend, but only if you are invited!

Secret Knock

“The Greatest Event That You Cannot Attend”, how mystic right? This is an eccentric group that has been throwing exclusive gatherings for over a decade now. But wait, there is a catch, you can only attend it if they invite you.

This exclusivity is maintained to secure a network where only premium collaborators and attendees connect. This event brings many award-winning personalities from different spheres of life, like science, politics, acting, etc. These people are the paragon in their respective fields, and such a gathering is prestigious in every aspect.

Rainmaker Summit

Rainmaker Summit makes exquisiteness rain upon the attendees in all glory. Organized by serial entrepreneur Bill Walsh, the focus of the event is embracing the technology forward era. This motive is achieved through an intense gathering that trains people to become undefeatable leaders.

At this summit, one will learn the new and emerging technologies, tools, and strategies that will take their ventures to the next level of success. This training accelerates productivity while rendering greater results through every activity. It is great for people who are looking for bigger opportunities, and access to the unexplored paths of goal acquisition.

The Next Gen Summit

A haven for millennial entrepreneurs and thinkers. This event is powered by the most influential companies like Uber. This event is the harboring space for priceless partnerships and opportunities for people that hold the power to bring radical changes to the world.

The first inaugural event raised over $1 Million, along with hosting 17,000 people with immense potential through a live stream. This was founded by Dylan Gambardella and Justin Lafazan.

Elevator Nights

The motive is to elevate the ways of business and life. This bonanza is packed with the options of investing in some of the most transformational businesses in the world. Graced by the figures that possess eccentric business ideas, and investors that have a keen eye for talent and potential.

This is heaven for angel investors and venture capitalists, this event gives a chance to people who are looking to diversify their earning portfolio and ideas that are bound to be the next big thing in their respective industries. So ‘Elevate Your Life’, with the Elevator Nights.

Speakeasy Sims

Also coined as the business growth accelerator conference, this is a 5-day event where entrepreneurs of all ages come together with various aspects of the business. These include taxes, investor presentations, business finances, IP and law, marketing, planning, leadership, charitable aspects, etc.

A full-fledged event for anyone who has a business and wants the insights of experts on how to make it better and more planned. Entrepreneurs are educated to convert their 6 figures to 7 figures and harness the potential through knowledge. Truly, a union of the game-changers.

These are the hottest and happening events of 2021, and you need to be there, but make sure to acquire an invite. We have brought the events to you, now it’s time to get out of your shell and get in your form to attract success, and socialize with the elite crowd. So put on your best appearance, and head out to the top events of 2021.


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