Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians

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Top 20 Worst Bands

Top 20 Greatest Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre

Physical appearance actually has little to do with sexiness. Sure, we've all been known to stare at a shirtless dude, but to give us whiplash he needs to arouse our minds. Whether it's a sidelong glance, the hint of a smile, a swagger that piques our curiosity or just the way he flicks his cigarette, these musicians make us sweat for more than just their looks. Is he sensitive and intelligent? Doesn't give a fuck? Or does he just play really loooooonnng shows? Obviously, a mysterious man whose eyes smolder with untold pain is like a magnet. Oh, and hip-swiveling ability doesn't hurt, either. -Rebecca Haithcoat

20. Sufjan Stevens

Collegiate good looks, dark hair and a fresh face won't land you on this list by themselves. What makes Sufjan Stevens worthy is his unquenchable curiosity. Whether it's reimagining Bible stories or being enamored with a schizophrenic artist in Louisiana who believes his wife is possessed by aliens, no subject is too obscure. Stevens' could turn a moldy, rain soaked cigarette butt into a profound ballad. Oh, did I mention he's got his own successful record label, Asthmatic Kitty? It's enough to make anyone weak in the knees. -Molly Bergen

19. Buddy Holly

With the help of his strong chin, high cheekbones and earnest, Texas smile, the rockabilly heartthrob managed to make 20-800 vision and (apparent) Restless Leg Syndrome sexy. It was the confident way he embraced his quirks: owning those bold glasses and maintaining that distinctive stance — one leg anchored, the other violently shaking along with rise and fall of his hiccupping staccato style — that made Peggy Sue, and all the other girls, swooOOoon. -Tessa Stuart

18. Henry Rollins

Rollins has sported many looks over the years. DC hardcore kid. Long-haired heavy metal poet. Punk rock elder statesmen. He's always worn his looks with a style and brooding sexuality. Forget his gym rat body or his rugged, masculine good looks, Rollins has two things going for him that are way sexier: Intelligence and attitude. Because, really, what's sexier than a smart guy with zero tolerance for bullshit? Maybe one who also has the drive and purpose of a man who knows every day might be his last. -Nicholas Pell

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17. Morrissey

Moz is a perfect example of a man growing into himself. His look in the '80s was that of a dorky college rock radio DJ. Around Southpaw Grammar, greying at the temples, suited and distinguished, he stopped being a boy and started being a man. Sure, he possesses that good-looking everyman body that women tend to respond to. But sorry, ladies and gents: What gender does Moz do? And does he actually have sex these days? Only his hairdresser (on fire) knows for sure. -Nicholas Pell

16. Jay-Z

Attitude is everything, and Hova knows it: “Check out my swag, yo I walk like a ballplayer.” And why wouldn't he? The hottest chick in the game, Beyonce, is not only wearing his chain, she also bore his first child. He wrote a song that the coolest president of the United States referenced. The alpha dog of hip hop, he could still lyrically slay 95% of rappers alive, young or old. He traded verses with Biggie, withered Noel Gallagher and rolled around Brooklyn in a Lexus with Rick Rubin. So he's not traditionally good-looking. Eh, women don't care. Sex appeal is in your stroll, silly. -Rebecca Haithcoat

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15. Pharrell

Though lots of women have brains, beauty and talent, few men do. Yet, as one of the most prolific and successful producers of the past decade, Pharrell Williams is also a clothing and furniture designer, has studied the work of a neuroscience professor, and looks cute in camo shorts. Then there's his incredible charisma, which means that at almost 40 he can hop onto a skateboard without looking like he's trying too hard, and steal the video spotlight from guys half his age. He can even, somehow, make a huge tattoo of an angel on his neck look tough. -Rebecca Haithcoat

14. Frank Sinatra

When he started, a skinny crooner in a floppy bow tie, it was the way he held the microphone. As if he was aching for you, dying to touch you — forced to substitute this inanimate object instead. After he went from naked vulnerability to ring-a-ding-ding swagger, after he fell madly in love with Ava Gardner only to lose her, it was the aching loneliness just behind his bravado. He was passionate; he was damaged. What you wouldn't do for a man like that! You might be the one to save him. -Sarah Fenske

13. Tupac

Tupac had heavy-lidded, deep brown eyes and muscles with the kind of soft contours that imply authentic strength (none of the hard edges or bulkiness of a body builder). Without a doubt, though, the sexiest thing about the West Coast rapper was his mouth — both literally and figuratively. Go ahead and argue that Biggie had better flow; what is sexy about Tupac is that he listened to women and addressed them directly on tracks like 'Keep Your Head Up,' 'Dear Mama,' hell, even 'How Do U Want It,' while Biggie was rapping about rippin' twats. He was sensitive, but still H.A.M. How do we want it? Just like that. -Tessa Stuart

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12. Serge Gainsbourg

He was not technically good-looking, no. But Gainsbourg himself preferred ugliness to beauty — “ugliness endures.” And, my God, that insolence. You only had to look into those hooded eyes to realize that he knew ways of pleasure that ought to be illegal in civilized countries. His duet “Je T'Aime … Moi Non Plus,” recorded with Brigitte Bardot and, later, Jane Birkin, is a four-minute orgasm — so sultry that even the French banned it from the radio before 11 p.m. -Sarah Fenske

11. Mick Jagger

From his crazy-luscious lips to his ever-swiveling hips, Sir Mick's moves and swagger continue to inspire pop songs to this day (albeit corny ones). Of course, it's the smooth-faced, androgynous and impish Jagger of the '60s and '70s that we're the biggest fans of. The svelte frame, tight pants, shaggy hair, come-hither gazes, the audacious ass swaying…hell, even the guyliner, as seen above in the arty 1970 flick Performance. Nobody did it better than the man who made us all want to be starfuckers. -Lina Lecaro

10. Jared Leto

Underneath all that guyliner we still see you, Jordan Catalano. You've ditched the shaggy hair and flannels for a pink mohawk and studded leather, but it's OK. Every time you square up to the mic, you melt us with that same beautifully tortured look you had every time Angela Chase passed your locker in My So-Called Life. No matter how screamy your 30 Seconds to Mars angst anthems may be, all we hear is “I Call Her Red,” that ballad we thought was a love song. (But was really about your car, sniff!) It's teen crush all over again. -Ali Trachta

9. Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has got body. Toned shoulders, rock hard, tattoo-covered delts, and abs of steel. And he's not shy about spending his time shirtless in his videos. All good things. But even with clothes on there's plenty left to enjoy, like his pouty lips and caramel-colored skin. His music is pleasant enough — though we don't find it particularly inspiring. Still, who cares? When a pop star has supermodel good looks like Kravitz, the music scarcely matters. -L.J. Williamson

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8. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was like a little lost puppy: irresistible. His shaggy-haired, unshaven scruffiness made you just want to give him a bath. (With scented oils. And candles. And yourself.) He had that “Help-me-I'm-in-pain” thing going on that women can't resist. Heroin addiction? Yes, please. Few things are more intoxicating than the delusion that a man will give up his drug of choice for you. And those heartbreaking, crystal-blue eyes? It's on. -Linda Leseman

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7. Jeff Buckley

The unequivocally mysterious and tragic Jeff Buckley was everything a '90s girl pined for: unkempt River Phoenix hairstyle, an affinity for acoustic coffee house concerts, and a haunting voice coupled with that deep, dark gaze. Buckley only recorded one studio album, Grace, before his accidental drowning near Memphis in 1997. But oh how that cover of Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah” could melt the hearts of even the most angry and angsty Lilith Fair-goers. -Erica E. Phillips

6. Jarvis Cocker

In theory, Jarvis Cocker is just a pale, lanky fellow who spent the better part of the '80s getting beat up by club kids in Members Only jackets. “If I do become a sex symbol, I'll be overcoming my natural disabilities,” he once said. “I'm lanky, with bad eyesight. In reality I look more like an ugly girl.” But at 48, he still looks fantastic in a fitted suit, and his flamboyant dance moves give Prince a run for his money. The superficial aside, what makes Cocker so swoon-worthy is that he doesn't give a damn about being sexy. He's unabashedly honest and incisive, whether he's singing about class politics or his creepy fantasies about your girlfriend — and he'll look you in the eye all the while. He may be the underdog, but she'll want to give in. -Andrea Domanick

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5. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is the only man, of any age, who can pull off tight-ass jeans and a bandana. Those broad shoulders, gritty hollers, rugged facial creases and constant grin are, it seems, what every man must be dying to emulate. He exudes pure confidence and fucking good times. And the sweatier he gets on stage, the more messed up his hair, the more he undoes those shirt buttons, the better. He's the boss, dammit. You will respect that. -Erica E. Phillips

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4. Justin Timberlake

I'm not saying I would make love to Justin Timberlake if I were gay. I'm saying I would make love to Justin Timberlake. There's something simultaneously edgy and safe about him, he seems to be both hard and soft, clean-shaven and stubble-y alike. Yeah he sings and dances and jokes good, but it's more like I'm certain he could really understand me as a person. Does that make me gay? Because I'm not. Just saying. -Ben Westhoff

3. Elvis

Oh, Elvis Aaron. We still swoon over your drowsy eyes and electric limbs, your pillowy lower lip, the raw charisma that moved millions with hits like “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” You busted genres long before it was fashionable, surfing from hard-edged rockabilly to straight-up R&B. Your voice invites us to rob a bank, steal third in the backseat or just sneak out and bask in the heat of the night. You are the reason why wannabes like Mick Jagger feign a southern accent in song. You are a creature of the flesh, restless and all-American. -Anna Westhoff

2. Prince

So what if his 5'2″, buck-twenty body shrink-wrapped in stretchy lycra is akin to our best girlfriend's? So what if his perfect kohl rims make your eyeliner look like it was drawn on by a toddler? The Purple One is the prime example of what women want. He's the GOAT, but not just of pop music. From “Soft and Wet” and “Cream” to “Sexy MF” and “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” he's declared his adoration for women. He worships both body and soul, too — he's the first man to sing about giving head, but he never wanted just to be a weekend lover. And if a woman can resist his impassioned plea in “The Beautiful Ones,” check her pulse. -Rebecca Haithcoat

1. David Bowie

No man has so consistently roused libidos of all orientations as David Bowie. He is, after all, married to supermodel Iman and was once caught in bed with Mick Jagger. Bowie introduced androgyny and flamboyance to the world of rock n' roll, without which the likes of Prince, Jarvis Cocker or any musician who's ever unbuttoned his shirt would exist. Though he has at times looked more alien than alluring, Bowie's ability to embody his persona of choice is what ultimately makes him so captivating (not to mention a killer set of cheekbones). Whether he's in a sequined unitard or a slim-fitting suit, Bowie's power is his mystery; you can never quite pin him down, and it only makes you want him more. -Andrea Domanick

Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians

The 20 Worst Hipster Bands

Top 20 Worst Bands

Top 20 Greatest Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre

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