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Vinyl is cool and all but if you really, really, really want something that can make everyone go WOAAAAH, get some uniquely-shaped picture discs. Not only will you impress your friends and lovers, you might just be keeping rare gems that could sell up to 100 times its price in the next century. Seriously.

And if you think most picture vinyl record discs are vintage items, you’re wrong. There’s been huge demand for custom vinyl records in LA and across the US since 2006. That means, yes go ahead dig the crates but make sure to check the latest releases online too. You’ll find picture discs with really wtf designs.

Picture discs were invented in the ‘20s but it became ultra popular in the 70s and 80s when record labels used it as a gimmick. I mean…who won’t buy music in a funky-looking format. Your parents probably own one if they are into vinyl. Until today, we can see a lot of modern-day picture discs sold during Record Store Day because many vinyl addicts just can’t get enough.

To show you what your record collection has been missing all these years, here are the top 10 weirdest shaped vinyl records ever pressed.

#10 SNOW PATROL’s Signal Fire Web-shaped Vinyl

Signal Fire was included in the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack so they released the single in a web designed picture disc. Definitely something that would make fans of vinyl, Snow Patrol, and Spiderman crazy.

Take note that because these picture discs are not like regular 12 inch vinyl records, you’d need special vinyl record sleeves that can keep them totally safe.

#9 QUANTIC & ALICE RUSSELL- I’d Cry / Here Again Teardrop-shaped vinyl

Custom vinyl pressing has really gone a long way! Can you imagine living in a world where someone would actually make a teardrop-designed vinyl? I mean…web-shaped, heart-shaped, tree-shaped, we understand…but teardrop? Why?! That’s because this album contains a song titled “I’d Cry”, that’s why! I like that it’s translucent. It would surely look hypnotic when it starts spinning. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the tip of the tear though or you’d really start crying.

#8 Monster Magnet’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead nuclear cloud-shaped vinyl

This is one vinyl that you could stare at all day because there are so many details. It’s a satellite view of a suburban city and it’s shaped like some sort of atomic cloud explosion. I guess the downside of having these badass vinyl records is that having regular 12 inch vinyl records won’t be as fun anymore.

#7 Anti-flag’s Bacon bacon-shaped vinyl

A record that can make your mouth drool! Imagine bacon spinning on your record player while you’re cooking actual bacon. That would be a delight. This baby is a limited edition (only 500 units sold) and features two unreleased tracks. Seriously…who doesn’t love bacon? If someone in your life hates bacon, dump their ass!

#6 ZZ Top’s Sleeping Bag pharaoh-shaped vinyl

A badass pharaoh who’s trying to prove a point. That’s what this picture disc is all about. But why a pharaoh? Seems like this is too random for ZZ Top and it is. They just want it and no one says it’s forbidden…so why not.

Definitely one of the records you’d buy for the music and design.

#5 Barnes & Barnes’ Greatest Hits 12 Fishead-shaped Vinyl

Oh nothing…just a fish head because why not!

The aquatic Chipmunk opus ‘Fish Heads’ by comedy duo Barnes & Barnes (Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer) became ultra famous because of their music video which was aired on SNL. This one goes to the vegans who’d rather not have bacon vinyl above.

#4 B-52s’ Rock Lobster Lobster-shaped Vinyl

Would you like some blue lobster on clear vinyl? White wine on the house!

B-52s made a unique approach to their vinyl release. They send out a 3-part series of picture discs via magazine mailout. For 3 weeks, readers received a ‘Rock Lobster’ 10” featuring different artwork with the same music. All three records fit into vinyl record sleeves and folder issued on the first week to make these sea creatures are perfectly safe.

#3 Less Than Jake’s ‘Cheese’ cheesy-shaped vinyl

What is it with bands and food?

This looks so cheesy but how else can you design a picture disc if the title of the single is Cheese?

#2 Pee Wee Herman Big Adventure Goofy Vinyl

This is one rare picture disc and we don’t wonder why. Just take a look at this crouching Pee Wee Herman. He looks like he’s mocking your precious vinyl listening experience, isn’t he? If some put their faces on the picture disc, then he’d rather show his whole behind.

Pee- wee Herman is a fictional character played by American comedian Paul Reubens. The character started as a stage act that quickly lef to an HBO special in 1981.

#1 DRAM’s Brocolli with a broccoli getting high

This picture disc by the American rapper and and actor DRAM is our number one because a broccoli getting high on baby broccolis deserves the #1 spot. I question the character of anyone who disagrees!

Guaranteed to make you high even on the lowest days. If this isn’t an odd concept then I don’t know what is.

So there you have it, folks. The weird picture discs that will add more life to your collection and more fun to your music-listening experience.

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