Learn about the hottest cannabis products out right now that will make the perfect gifts for stoners. Cannabis products have evolved with the massive commercialization of it. We explore the best stoner gifts for him and her, and you might even treat yourself, too.

Most of the best 420 deals are online, and we’ve found some of the best ones down below. We’ve organized the following gifts in unique groups to help appeal to every stoner’s wishlist.

Best Stoner Gifts For Him And Her

We made our list based on the most popular cannabis products in 2020. These are some of the best stoner gifts boasting exceptionally high reviews, impressive search data from Google Trends, and our own personal experience, of course. Any of these marijuana accessories will put a smile on your favorite stoner friend’s face.

1. Metal Rolling Trays Are Inexpensive and Essential

Estimated Price: $5-$15

Have your favorite stoner think about you all the time with a cool rolling tray for them to roll their blunts on. It’s crucial to have a clean space to break down the cannabis before smoking it, and rolling trays provide the perfect place to do so. Metal rolling trays are the most inexpensive and popular option.

Best Rolling Tray Deals:

  • King Palm – Low prices for cool rolling trays
  • Amazon – Inexpensive rolling trays with fast Prime delivery

2. Grinder With Kief Catcher

Estimated Price: $8-$25

Another essential tool for stoners is a sharp weed grinder with a kief catcher. People who frequently smoke cannabis will benefit the most from this stoner gift idea, as it helps collect some of the most sought-after parts of your bud. It is an essential tool to prepare cannabis before smoking with a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe. Grinders, in general, make excellent gifts for marijuana smokers because they help speed up the process of breaking down cannabis significantly.

3. King Palm Pre-Rolled Natural Leaf Cones

Share a luxurious pre-rolled leaf cone that’s ready to pack with ground cannabis when you turn to King Palm. These leaf cones come from Singapore, where every roll is organically grown and hand-rolled for best results. They offer a lot of benefits that will keep any stoner smiling from ear to ear. Every cannabis smoker will appreciate an adequately rolled blunt because it will burn evenly and smoothly. An even and slow burn will be your experience with King Palm pre-rolled cones every single time. Not to mention, there is a nice selection of King palm sizes available that range from a half-gram to five grams.

King Palm Flavor Options

Estimated Price: $4.99-$15.00

Elevate any bud with some terpene-infused flavors located at the filter tip of flavored King Palm leaf cones. They are much better than flavored rolling papers with their premium taste. Enjoy flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, and many more fruity options depending on what you’re craving. They also have the perfect way to celebrate the New Year: King Palm’s gold cone is wrapped with a single sheet of 24-karat gold, sure to help you celebrate when the clock strikes midnight.

4. Vape Pen for Cannabis Oil Cartridges


Estimated Price: $19.99

You’ve probably come across vape pens with and without buttons, but which makes the best stoner gift in 2020? Both! It just depends on personal preference. But, it’s important to remember that some cannabis oil cartridges require a button, or they simply will not work. Vape pens with a button typically have different temperature settings, too, so always ensure you’re buying the right cartridge for your vape pen.

Buttonless vape pen batteries will activate merely by inhaling, and they are typically smaller compared to others with a button. The prices for both are low and average $5-$20 for an efficient and affordable gift option. One of the most popular 510-thread vape batteries making noise in 2020 is the wooden hand-pipe battery. This vape battery is frequently shared on social media platforms and has been getting attention all year long. It cost on average $20 and is available online from many cannabis accessory stores.

5. Wax Pen For Cannabis Concentrates

Estimated Price: $65

Take your stoner friends’ high to the next level with a high-quality wax pen. This stoner gift is a little more on the pricier side of this list but are great gifts for people who frequently vape concentrates. The evolution of the wax pen has brought significant improvements with lower prices, and what stoner can complain about that?. One vape pen for cannabis extracts that stands out is the Puffco Plus. This outstanding wax pen had a price drop recently to only $64.99.

6. Fig Farms

Estimated Price: $65 for an eighth

Top shelf cannabis will always be on the wish list of a stoner. Living in one of the 15 states where cannabis is legal can make it a great gift to a friend, just like a fine cognac can do the same. We understand that not everyone will be familiar with the best cannabis weed brands, even if they live in California. So learn from a local who resides in the Bay Area, where high-quality cannabis is accessible from many legal dispensaries.

The Fig Farms cannabis brand is the perfect example of why California is synonymous with dank. Bud from this brand has been cultivated near perfection and proudly represents the golden state, making it the ideal stoners gift.

7. Butane Torch For Dabbers

Estimated Price: $25.99

If you know somebody who dabs and has a torch that sucks, they’re sure to love this inexpensive  torch by Zoocura. This brand has proven that its butane torch provides a premium torching experience with many positive reviews on Amazon. It gives a sizable flame for a faster dab nail heating time, and it costs about the same as many other smaller options.

Portable Butane Lighter

Estimated Price: $15

We recommend the inexpensive and portable torch lighter from King Palm. It provides a premium flame that is sufficient for lighting up a small dab nail or blunt. Stop buying disposable lighters and start refilling an easy to use butane lighter. It’s also really simple to use, squeeze the side of the torch lighter to produce the flame. A good torch lighter is something any stoner will appreciate and use during windy environments to light up their joints or King Palm blunts.

8. Raw Garden Cartridge

Estimated Price: $55-$75 / Gram

Cannabis oil cartridges are convenient because they offer an intense experience without the need to waste time rolling any weed. Since the typical cannabis oil cartridge potency can average anywhere from 80-90% THC, one hit will be sufficient to get focused quickly. The Raw Garden brand produces premium THC cartridges, and they provide lab-test results proving they are clean from harmful pesticides. Raw Garden uses real cannabis terpenes, which separates them from many other cannabis oil cartridge brands.

9. Cheeba Chews

Estimated Price: $18-$22

You can’t go wrong with a sweet treat filled with some THC. Below are some brands known for making some of the best of the best. The following edible options are only available to those who are lucky enough to live in California.

Give your marijuana smoking friends a powerful edible that will not only get them high, but taste delicious, too. Cheeba Chews are potent edibles that come in various tasty options. These edible options cost on average about $18-$22 for 100mg. They will feel like they are going to last forever chewing, and have nice effects felt not too long after.

10. Kiva Edible

Estimated Price: $20-$25

The residents of CA are lucky enough to indulge in Kiva’s high end edible line. They produce some of the best edibles around, with both high THC percentages and delicious, natural flavors. Typically, a 100mg Kiva chocolate bar costs, on average, between $20 and $25. They are perfect for anyone with a low tolerance for cannabis looking to get a tasty dose of THC.

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