Top 10 Singles by Rising Artists You have to Listen  

One needs self-confidence, sheer determination, and a single opportunity to excel in the world. Modern social media platforms have increased the opportunity levels for talent to rise especially for artists. Social media platforms especially YouTube are best for music artists to rise in the industry and take place more easily in their audience’s hearts. Today, we bring a list of top ten singles by rising artists to listen to which will provide audio nirvana for your ears.

Why do we recommend these songs of new artists? Listening to the same old songs gets everyone bored at some point. Sometimes even listening to the same artists bore you. To update your playlist, we bring some exclusive music tracks of highly recommended rising artists. Some of these play hip hop music in exquisite ways and some play different genres at the best quality.

List of Top 10 Singles By Rising Artists

Our lists of top ten singles of rising artists include tracks of Nick Hawks, Radmila Lolly, Nino Brown and other new singles by great artists. In 2021, all of these artists launched one of their great pieces of work so let us begin our list without any more delay.

1.   Choose Me by Nick Hawks

Top on our list of top 10 singles by rising artists you have to listen to now is a striking self sentimental track Choose meby a versatile singer Nick Hawks. It shows the pain of every heartbroken person. You must be thinking if it’s a sad one why it is on top. The answer is its lyrics. The lyrical rap flow and its beats are creatively amazing. Rising singer Nick Hawks again provided the best version of his skills. In the lyrics besides sharing his painful feelings about his lover, Nick raises questions; such as questions which every one of you raised inside of themselves when going through a heartbreak. Putting emotions aside, the song is perfect, consisting of perfect music elements i.e., texture, rhythm, dynamics, etc.

The song is available on various online music platforms including YouTube with its official music video. Watch, listen and enjoy but first view the list of other top 10 singles of rising artists below.

2.    I.D.G.A.F by Arshbro

I.D.G.A.F is a swaggy hip-hop song written and composed by young singer Arshbro. Arshbro is a versatile artist who is showing his expertise in many things including singing. His amazing gifts of writing poetic rap lyrics and delivering with sound beats is the reason he has gained so much attention in a short period. He has more than 12k views on his recent song I.D.G.A.F and thousands of streams on mp3 online music platforms. I.D.G.A.F is becoming more popular than Arshbro. It has been played in cars, parties, and clubs. This hip-hop piece is giving more than cool vibes to listeners. Arshbro is giving self-confidence to his listeners about not caring how anyone says something about you. If you reach a place then show them what you got.

The song also features two amazing artists LasGiiDi and MaleekIsKing which is one of the reasons to add this song to the top ten singles of rising artists. The trio has amazed the audience with their performance.

3.   Magic by Radmila Lolly

Next on our list is one of the trending songs on TikTok Magic by award-winning artist Radmila Lolly. She wrote lyrics to this song when she moved to Miami which is also known as The Magic City so she named the song ‘Magic’. Besides its name, the song holds an enchanting melody, definitely club music. She released the song in June and is gaining a lot of streams on online music platforms such as Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, etc, and a lot of attention on social media.

Radmila Lolly has been making her fans crazy with her exquisite styles, beauty, and talents. The lady is a true symbol of women’s power. She is a singer, fashionista, and entrepreneur. This time again she has shocked her fans and industry.

4.    You Are Not Alone by Elan Atias

Another awesome track by another handsome artist. Elan Atias has been pleasing the hearts of people with his amazing sweet voice since his first song. The man is famous for his definite vocals. He has released a total of 4 albums with multiple hit singles. A few days ago he gave another hit track You are not alone which is becoming the top play on every listener’s playlist.

The song is beautiful. It consists of passionate lyrics written especially to grow hope in all people. Elan really took the singing to the next level this time. The beautiful heart-touching lyrics are combined with light beats to support the beauty of the lyrics in all manners. If you are feeling down, you should listen to it. Once you do, you will always remember it in your hard times because it gives you courage.

5.    The Internet by Niño Brown

We have here the song of another award-winning artist Niño Brown’s The Internet. This is one not to miss. If you don’t give this masterpiece a chance to reach your ears, you are gonna miss a hell of a lot. Guaranteed that you’re gonna recommend it to the squad after listening. This hip-hop song is composed of soft music beats but holds hard, deep meaningful lyrics.  From the texture of the beats to the delivery of the rap, the direction and production will not be out-classed. This is the second single from Atlanta native and Athens, Ga. resident Niño Brown’s upcoming album “Redbone” which will be released February 9th,  2022.

The video of the song is available on YouTube directed by Goodie, the famous local director/videographer out of Athens, Ga. The music is produced by Ihateyoujonny, recorded & mixed by engineer Matt Tamsin at Japanski Studio. Mastering was done by 4x Grammy nominated engineer / producer Karl Heilbrohn. The Internet by Niño Brown is available now on all digital platforms.

6.    Love Turns Lonely by Sophie Simmons

Want something aesthetic? This time Sophie Simmons brings you aesthetic vibes with her beautiful voice. Love turns lonely is a beautiful combination of lyrics, sound, and music beats. It’s a love song to be enjoyed by every age, teenagers, kids, and adults. Simmons has brought out amazing lyricist skills with this gem piece. Once you listen to it, understanding its lyrics, you will enjoy it a lot. The pre-chorus, chorus, and outro are perfectly delivered. Simmons beautifully described the lonely phase of one-sided love in this song.

Sophie Simmons is a versatile personality. She has been modeling, designing, and singing for many years. In fact, she sang her first song at the age of 4. In between, she left singing and carried out modeling and designing. She appeared in the singing industry a few years ago and has been winning hearts more and more. Love turns lonely and is also gaining a lot of admiration.

7.    Never by D Kirk KV

D Kirk KV already gave a hit this year and fans were now waiting for his next blast. Two months ago, he released the last track of his album “Waves” Never which is already getting thousands of views on YouTube and hundreds of listeners on mp3 music platforms. Not convinced yet?

The song Never has the most liked signature beats of D Kirk KV. Plus the entertaining flow and repetition of lyrics make it catchy. D Kirk utilized all the four basic elements of hip hop song i.e., DJing, Boying, MCing, and Writing to compose the beautiful music. The song features another great artist Kawelo who is famous for his music Hoops. In the songs, both artists talk about a beautiful girl, her style, and her attractive manners. The song came in summer complimenting all the girls who got ready for it. In short, the song is sweet, romantic, and entertaining especially if you’re going on a date.

8.   Journeys by Spinx Da Don

Are you in the mood for something thrilling and exciting to do? New York-based one of rising talents Spinx Da Don threw another hit in the market in the October of this year. After riding a rough ride of life, Spinx Da Don came back with a hard hip hop track raising the competition for fellow rappers. Being a perfectionist, Spinx is showing magic by throwing back-to-back wonderful rap pieces for his fans.

Journeys is one of his most recent songs which is pepping up the listeners with its jamming beats and creative lyrics. The song is gaining thousands of views and of plays on YouTube and other music sites such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. Once you listen to it, you cannot get rid of its beats easily. In other words, the song is catchy in a thrilling way.

9.    He Can’t Love You by Bey Bright

Another R&B/Pop song He Can’t Love You is a gem produced by Bey Bright for the good taste listeners of music lovers. After giving magnificent songs like ‘Body Can’t Lie’, ‘Love Zone’, and ‘Don’t Stop’, Bey Bright puts the musical reel on the age-old story genre. The song is about a lover’s emotion who is trying to convince a woman to come back to him as he has improved and is better than the man she is with.

Bey Bright uses modern music elements in the song such as percolating bass line, interspersing the smooth tenor with auto-tuning and funky all-over trap-inspired drums to provide audio nirvana for the listeners. The sweet, soft and touching electronic music with an effective voice is a plus point that made us put this track on our list of Top 10 Singles by rising artists you have to listen to.

10. Passion Roulette by Kendra and the Bunnies

Last but one of the best on our list of top ten singles of rising artists is a country song Passion Roulette by an intriguing award winning pop rock singer Kendra Muecke. Kendra and the Bunnies are always able to provide energetic tracks with arousing acoustics and fun videos to watch. Their songs like Self Love Proclamation and Who Wants to Rock With Me are full proof of the band’s extraordinary music skills. This time again they are ready to pump your hearts.

The song Passion Roulette consists of tempting vocals of Kendra with slow yet intriguing beats. The delivery of fiery lyrics in a calm-sexy way is what only skillful artists like Kendra can do. The best part is when she calls and sings the name of the song Passion Roulette with all the blazing passion in her soul-grabbing voice.

Except for lyrics and music, the song video is simple yet captivating which you can always watch on YouTube.


The music industry is constantly emerging and new artists are constantly coming in to share their talents on social media. Some of them are not discovered yet but if they do get exposed by any Records, it helps them shine.

Our list of top ten singles of rising artists to listen to ends here. We have all kinds of songs in our list of every mood i.e., sad, love, passionate, aesthetic, etc. all of these songs are available over the internet in mp3 and video form. You can visit websites like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube to listen and watch the listed songs.

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