We’ve outlined the 10 most transformational public speakers that will guide you and your organization into a fulfilling future.

How do you become a great public speaker?

For most, even the thought of walking onto a stage armed with only a microphone and words is scary enough to stop them dead in their tracks.

The skill and talent required to speak publicly in front of a large, and sometimes intimidating, audience is not one possessed by all.

But those who have the passion, the courage, and the knowledge capable of guiding them onto the stage with grace and confidence have the potential to rock the world.

Expertly delivered speeches have moved mountains in regard to societal issues, workplace transformations, and personal development. The words of another can change the lives of countless people, and for this reason, it is a skill that should be both honored and celebrated.

In giving credit where it is due, we’ve highlighted ten of the most sensational public speakers who are advocating for a better world through the words they share on stage.

Discover below!

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady, #1 International Bestseller, Lawyer, and Public Speaker

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Long celebrated for her ability to captivate, motivate, and unify an audience, Michelle Obama’s public speaking talents have been recognized globally. The former First Lady, accomplished lawyer, and passionate writer can appropriately incorporate emotion into her speaking engagements, appealing to the hearts and souls of her audience.

With her speeches typically falling between 15-20 minutes, the exemplary individual communicates in abundance with very few words. So what is it that makes Michelle Obama a speaker that shines above the rest? 1) her speeches are easy to read and easy to deliver, 2) her speeches are personalized with stories, 3) her speeches incorporate time-tested rhetorical devices. By following a simple equation of concisely thought-out speaking tools, Michelle Obama is setting the standard for many who are brave enough to embark on the stage.

Discover what you can learn from Michelle Obama’s speeches today.



John Assaraf

Behavioral/Goal Achievement Expert, New York Times Best Selling Author, and Founder & CEO of NeuroGym

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As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business growth expert, John Assaraf is recognized across the globe for his capability to succeed. The 2x NY Best Selling Author and Founder & CEO of NeuroGym isn’t one to keep his secrets for success to himself, however. As a celebrated speaker, John is known for his ability to share his words of wisdom with the masses on stages across the globe.

The passionate researcher of the mind dedicates his time to learning and understanding how our brain works and how we can benefit greatly from it. This research allowed him to uncover the programs that help people be successful in all areas of their life. His speaking engagements pass on these messages in bite-sized bits to audience members, inspiring them to seize success one step at a time.

Discover how John Assaraf is transforming our understanding of the brain and the power it has today!



Natasha Grano

#1 Mindset Coach in the UK & #1 Female Motivational Speaker Under 40 In The World

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Are you searching to transform your life through manifestation?

As an expert thought leader, global influencer, and passionate manifestation coach, Natasha Grano is the powerhouse lending her voice to the masses – sharing exactly HOW each and every person can enhance their existence through the power of positive manifestation. The world-renowned motivational speaker incorporates her winning life secrets in her on-stage appearances, providing audience members with the golden key to unlock their full potential.

Through her innate ability to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level, the Clubhouse Celebrity is inspiring millions of people worldwide to overcome their limiting beliefs and manifest the reality they dream about.

Bring Natasha Grano to your stage today and discover how you can empower not only yourself, but your brand, business, or organization through the power of manifestation.



Steven Kotler

New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Journalist, and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective

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As one of the world’s leading experts on human performance, Steven Kotler is recognized across the globe for his ability to share with individuals and organizations how to unlock their true potential. The New York Times bestselling author has spent three decades examining human behavior and the creation of the impossible. At the intersection of human excellence and disruptive technology is the power of performance, and Kotler shares his knowledge on this topic through his many books and on-stage appearances.

Having spoken for some of today’s leading organizations including Microsoft Corporation, Dell Computers, and highly regarded by recognized individuals including Elon Musk and Former President Bill Clinton, Kotler’s topic expertise and speech execution prove to be of the highest level. His words and wisdom have transformed organizations worldwide.

Discover how Steven Kotler can transform, inspire, and propel your organization today!



Amy Purdy

Author, Public Speaker, Paralympian, Global Inspiration

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After losing both of her legs below the knees and going into multiple organ failure at the age of 19, Amy’s life flipped upside down in the blink of an eye.

A remarkable testament to resiliency, she not only survived, but has since led a life of extraordinary accomplishment. She’s a three-time Paralympic Medalist in snowboarding and a New York Times Best Selling Author who has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial and danced her way to the finals of Dancing With The Stars…all on two prosthetic legs!  A thought leader on both resilience and creativity, she has shared the speaking stage with both Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins, and appeared on behalf of countless Fortune 500 companies around the world.

On stage, she is a passionate, visceral storyteller whose keynote presentations Living Beyond Limits and Bouncing Forward have inspired millions around the globe to take charge of their own lives and re-write their future.

Connect with Amy Purdy today and discover how she inspires great change across the globe.


Dr. Kim Janson

Founder and CEO of Janson Associates

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Searching to ignite leadership within your organization?

As one of the globe’s top advisors on talent and organization optimization, Dr. Kim Janson has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies in crafting effective leaders. Her innate ability to assess talent within organizations and construct proper resolutions has driven success for recognized industry leaders including Heinz, Hasbro, Johns Hopkins, and many other organizations.

Today, after working on the ground in more than 40 countries and after decades of orchestrating improvements in over 300 organizations, Kim is sharing her success stories as a keynote speaker. Her actionable advice guides teams to take the required steps that will allow them to transcend challenges and achieve the objectives of which they’re capable.

Discover how to transform your organization through leadership as shared by one of today’s greatest corporate visionaries. Book Dr. Kim Janson to speak at your next corporate event and experience the impact her words create!


Marcus Black

Former Pastor, Current Urban Missionary, Public Speaker, Podcast Host

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Feeling lost, lonely or confused in life?

If so, Marcus Black is providing the voice to help you rediscover your path. The visionary author, podcast host, life coach, & motivational speaker is known today for his ability to guide his listeners through their toughest times, creating a renowned sense of “why” in the process.

As a former pastor and current urban missionary, Marcus’s passion for public speaking was something that he once struggled to embrace. “I ran from it for years, petrified of stepping into something greater,” he shared. Despite his reservations, he has now become one of the most powerful voices guiding those in trying times. Inspired by friend and mentor Trent Shelton, Marcus is speaking the words that are empowering listeners to overcome their limitations and embrace their purpose.

Discover Marcus’s voice on his podcast, The Vitalize Podcast, or book him as a guest speaker for your organization, institution, or community today!



Eden Gold

Transformational Youth Speaker

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Has mental health shaped your life in one way or another?

For countless individuals, the answer to this question is yes. Both directly and indirectly, mental health is a topic that weighs on a tremendous percentage of the global population. In recognizing this, Eden Gold is on a mission to impact the lives of 1 billion teens and young adults across the world through the power of education. The youth speaker is using her voice to educate her audience on how to overcome that shame that is all too often associated with mental health, discovering how to speak up and take control of their lives in the process.

As the founder of the online program “Life After High School,” Eden is dedicated to helping teens and young adults navigate their 20’s, an inherently triggering age for the onset of mental health issues. By being a guide for the youth of the nation experiencing the heavy impact of mental health, Eden is providing a space for countless individuals to explore and appreciate the sometimes tumultuous transition into adulthood.

Discover how Eden Gold’s words can help shape the future of the world’s youth today!




Nathan Kohlerman

Public Speaker, Founder and CEO of NeuIntention

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Are you in need of concise direction in your life?

Many times, when you find yourself feeling lost, it can be challenging to know where to turn to right your path. Nathan Kohlerman is all too familiar with this feeling, and after discovering how to overcome it, is now sharing with men across the globe how they too can find direction when all seems lost. As the founder of NeuIntention, Nathan has spent the past three years helping men heal through self-discovery, overcome addictions & unwanted behaviors, and optimize every area of their life by integrating the mind, body, heart, and soul.

As a walking success story of his methods, Nathan’s past was one filled with darkness. He faced great adversity in becoming the man he is today, including multiple addictions, injuries, a suicide attempt, and other forms of trauma. After searching endlessly for solutions to help mitigate his pain, he finally found direction when fully embracing self-discovery and self-mastery. Today, his mission is to help others uncover direction, making their path in life one worthy and rewarding to navigate.

Discover how Nathan Kohlerman is the compass guiding men through the power of self-discovery and self-mastery today!

Elizabeth Molina

Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Molina Inc

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Are you struggling to uncover your true self?

The reality is, MANY individuals have found themselves in this boat. With billions of dollars behind marketing campaigns designed to tell you who you SHOULD be, oftentimes, we lose sight of who we truly are. Elizabeth Molina is the powerhouse passionately disrupting this identity dysmorphia, bringing about awareness to the WHY behind our actions.

Why do you like that color of lipstick? Why do you think that career choice will bring you satisfaction? Why do you think you need to behave like that in order to be “liked”? In asking such provocative questions, the TEDx speaker delves into the real reasons we are who we are, uncovering your true identity in the process. As a public speaker, Elizabeth advocates to her audience that embracing your true self will lead to a feeling of being found in a world where many are lost.

Discover the WHY behind your actions today by booking Elizabeth Molina as a guest speaker and learn who your true self really is.



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