Top 10 Cannabis Products to Pack Along on your Summer 2022 Adventures

After two long socially distanced summers, we’re officially making the call: We are all in for summer 2022! As you’re making plans and gearing up – whether it’s for an afternoon at the beach, a weekend at a music festival, or just kicking it in the backyard – we’ve rounded up the perfect products to pack along for your adventure.

VOID Infused Preroll

This women-owned brand caters to the true cannabis connoisseur, setting a high bar for the rest of the products on this list. The indoor flower used in these prerolls is kief-infused and packs a potent punch – perfect for those warm summer evenings spent relaxing with friends. Take a journey into the VOID and follow them on Instagram!


Alive and Well Vape

These single-source, single-ingredient, 100% live-resin vape carts are heavy hitting and bring the flavor. Think freshly squeezed orange juice paired with fresh frozen cannabis flower combined inside a vape cartridge – a perfectly refreshing summer treat!

SoHi Smokeshow Flower 1/8th

SoHi’s delightful, high level greenhouse-grown flower screams “day-at-the-beach.” The sunny, packable, resealable mylar bags make it easy to take along, pack a bowl, roll a joint, and share with friends. Hellooo, summer!


Megan’s Preroll 2-Pack

The best things really do come in twos – like the preroll twin pack from Megan’s! Tried and true, it’s clear why this consistently high quality cannabis brand is a fan fav – perfect for those road trips with your best friend! One for me, one for you… kick back and enjoy the ride!


Level Protabs

These compact pill packs (pills are scored to be split in half – perfect for sharing or saving for later!) are great for those times when you need to be discreet. We’re not saying you could sneak them into a concert…but we’re not saying you couldn’t!


Petra Mints

Turn any time into a good time with Kiva’s tin of mints. With a big lineup of flavor and cannabinoid combinations to choose from, this longtime customer fav is still a summertime must-have. This might just be the perfect choice for that family reunion you’re having to make an appearance at.


Pacific Stone Preroll Pack

Coming from one of California’s most popular brands, it’s no wonder these babies are a beloved staple. These specialty hand-rolled joints are perfect for hikes, beach days, and BBQs. With more than enough to share, don’t forget to grab a pack before your next outing!


Manzanita Kwik Shots

With 100mg in each small bottle, this quick-acting and easy to dose beverage comes in a variety of strains and flavors. Find your summertime vibe by shooting it straight, sipping throughout the day, or sharing with your crew.


Pure Beauty Babies

Even though these .35 gram babies are commonly referred to as dog walkers (because each preroll is just the right size for a stroll around the block) this 10-pack will take you wherever you need to go this summer.


Cliq Vapes by Select
Sleek and pocket-sized, get ready to upgrade your vaping experience. With its high-end, comfortable feel and easy-to-use, durable casing, this is more than just a stylish piece of hardware. Cliq is poised to become your new go-to summer companion!


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