Top 10 Business Visionaries to Follow in 2023

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1 – Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Dawa Tarchin Phillips is a serial entrepreneur and visionary with a unique and inspiring story that has led him to become a global expert in personal and professional development and human transformation through deep wisdom, empathy, and understanding. After spending twelve years in a monastery, seven of which he spent in meditation retreat, he co-founded a University of California research center in brain science to help establish the scientific evidence base for mindfulness and meditation nationwide. He co-founded the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, which now accredits teacher training programs and certifies qualified mindfulness teachers around the world. He then went on to bring mindful leadership and conscious business practices to the world through redefining entrepreneurship and conscious success. Now, he’s taking his passion for personal and professional development to the next level by building an artificial intelligence technology company that will enable human transformation at scale.

Dawa’s work has received recognition from many respected organizations, such as the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders, and has been featured in renowned publications, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes, and Fast Company. Guided since his youth by five powerful questions – Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Why does that matter? – his life has been a journey of deepening enquiry and growing clarity and expertise in answering these and other key questions for individuals and 21st-century organizations. Honesty, according to him, is essential to unlocking one’s potential, along with access to transformational expertise and empowerment. Highlighting the significance of distinguishing between one’s inherent human potential and acquired clarity, perspective, knowledge, or skills, he emphasizes the importance of generating environments where one can feel psychologically safe to explore and open up to possibility, change, and transformation.

Commitment to empowering marginalized individuals and communities is especially evident in Dawa’s work and his commitment to extending important opportunities to those who have historically been excluded. In this regard, he strives to ensure that these individuals and communities are given access to cutting-edge research, tools, methodologies, and innovative technologies that can support people’s growth and help enable human transformation at scale. In living his values and embodying his purpose, mission, and vision so fully, Dawa provides a clear roadmap for others seeking to democratize the privilege of access to transformational expertise and live a successful life of meaning and impact.

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2 – Julian Sarokin

Julian Sarokin is a forward-thinking futurist and astute investor with a notable career dedicated to exploring captivating concepts related to technology and its future. With over fifteen years of experience designing, building, and investing in innovative technologies. Julian has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, serving in various roles such as Head of Marketing, Chief Technology Officer, Founder, Lead Investor, and Advisor. He embarked on his online journey as a young teenage hacker, where he cultivated his skills and transformed them into profitable businesses.

Numerous achievements and remarkable milestones mark Julian‘s illustrious career. He’s been recognized as an early investor in “Unicorn” ICON Build and as one of the Top 25 Crypto Investors by the esteemed Crypto Finance Conference, an achievement that speaks to his deep understanding of the dynamic and constantly evolving world of technology and innovation. As a visionary leader, Julian has guided the creation of engineering teams, product launches, marketing campaigns, and has worked with governmental innovation departments to build technical products.

Aside from being Simple Labs’ CEO, Julian is also head of The Automation Fund, which invests in early-stage automation startups. This fund is geared towards the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotic systems, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning, among others. The forward-looking approach to investing that he employs extends to his vision for the future, in which he aims to invest in several billion-dollar automation companies over the next five to ten years. Dedicated to the transhumanism movement and the symbiosis of man and machine, he’s determined to enable humanity to transition to a type 1 civilization.

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3 – Ling Chiun

Meet Ling C Beh, the multi-talented real estate agent who can sell a home in not one, not two, but FIVE languages! Yes, you read that right

Ling is proficient in five languages, making him an invaluable asset to any team. Whether he’s working with clients from around the world or helping a diverse community of real estate professionals connect and succeed, Ling’s linguistic skills are just one of the many reasons he stands out from the crowd.

But that’s not all – Ling is also a master communicator and top-performing real estate agent with an impressive track record of success. He’s earned awards at every job level, from Branch Mortgage Manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to his current role as founder of Strive Real Estate. As a realtor, Ling consistently ranks in the top 5% of sales nationally, reflecting his unparalleled drive and determination.

One of Ling’s secret weapons is his design eye, which he uses to stage and add value to every property he represents. He sees real estate as an art form, and his unique talent for design helps him bring out the beauty in each home. Ling’s dedication to his craft has earned him remarkable contributions to the real estate industry, including establishing the North Los Angeles chapter of AREAA and leading the Greater Los Angeles chapter to win the national award for Best Social Media and Online Presence in 2020.

Looking to the future, Ling is excited to keep expanding his presence and taking on new challenges. He recently co-founded a short-term rental company with his wife, and they’re planning to launch an investment fund to develop even more unique properties for short-term rental purposes. With Ling’s hard work, dedication, and multi-talented skills, LC’s ultimate goal is to help his friends, family, and clients create generational wealth from his real estate investments.

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4 – Court Vox

Court Vox is a multifaceted professional specializing in sex and intimacy coaching, surrogate partner therapy, and sacred intimacy. Forsaking a career as a corporate executive, Court decided to pursue his passion for helping individuals connect with their bodies and sexuality. He currently operates out of Los Angeles, and is a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, the Founder of The Body Vox, and the Co-Founder of SQUIRM. His services cater to individuals of diverse backgrounds and orientations, including beginners and experienced practitioners, who are seeking to enhance their erotic and intimate lives. As a renowned speaker and workshop leader, Court offers his clients private, personalized, and exclusive services and conducts workshops that benefit all genders and orientations.

Court believes the erotic has the potential to live within every aspect of our lives, in and out of the bedroom. His holistic view of intimacy involves emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and experiential aspects. In his capacity as a somatic educator, Court employs a range of body-based exercises and experiences involving breath, movement, sound, touch, and choice, which are then processed verbally to help clients explore these various forms of intimacy through a somatic lens.

As an intimacy coach, Court sincerely believes that sexual wellness is a birthright often stripped away by culture. In the future, he aspires to channel his expertise and knowledge on this matter into a book, which could significantly contribute to the field of sexology. Aside from that, Court plans to take advantage of the internet and will launch a set of online courses this year to reach a wider audience and to offer individuals a taste of his work before coming to meet him in person.

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5 – Karla Ricci

Karla Ricci is a remarkable entrepreneur and business owner whose unique passion for creating sustainable, ethical, and gender-free children’s clothing has made her an industry leader. As the founder of Kambia Kids, a Los Angeles-based children’s clothing line, Karla has been able to create high-quality, locally made garments that are both environmentally conscious and socially responsible. In her view, fostering strong bonds with her team and factories is the cornerstone to establishing a prosperous and sustainable business that positively impacts the local community.

Karla’s dedication to giving back to the community is also noteworthy. She teamed up with Trina’s Kids Foundation (TKF) to break the Guinness World Records Largest Toy Drive, donating over $2.5M of toys to children in need across DTLA and surrounding areas. Working as the Events Coordinator at TKF, Karla also spearheads the coordination and execution of four annual events. In addition to her work with Kambia Kids and TKF, Karla has been published in British Vogue multiple times over the past three years. Her dedication to positively impacting the world was exemplified by her and her team’s distribution of free kids’ masks to thousands of families nationwide throughout the pandemic.

With a clear vision for the future, Karla set her sights on persistently strengthening the relationships she has forged with her team and factories. In doing so, she hopes to ensure the continued success and longevity of Kambia Kids. Looking ahead, she’s also eagerly anticipating celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary in 2027, a significant milestone reflecting the dedication and hard work she has poured into her business. From Karla’s perspective, genuine and enduring change begins locally by conducting ethical business practices and fostering positive community relationships.

Screenshot 2023 03 14 at 6.15.03 PM6 – Jared Young

Jared Young is a multifaceted individual who has made a name for himself as an accomplished Entrepreneur and Employee Engagement Specialist. Jared’s journey began during his formative years as a camp counselor, where he first discovered his passion for engaging audiences and leading group sessions. Over time, he further refined his craft while working with various non-profits, where he provided invaluable support in hosting fundraisers, camps, and other events. When he moved to Los Angeles in 2001, Jared had the unique opportunity to help test and create games for several network shows, and realized that TV production and event production were cut from the same cloth. As a result of his expertise in both fields, Jared decided to start his own company, Go Team Events, in 2014, melding the best of both event and TV production.

What sets Jared apart from others in his field is his ability to create experiences that are not just team-building exercises but also provide a unique “Hollywood twist” that appeals to a broad range of personalities. Having been involved in high-end events, he’s able to offer unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees through events such as “Movie Magic” experiences around Hollywood, “Amazing Races” through Santa Monica, as well as community giveback events like the “Save the Bees” Beehive Build.

Among Jared‘s many accolades is the prestigious ‘Distinguished Leader Award’ by the esteemed Hermosa Beach Leadership Council, attesting to his exemplary track record and commitment to excellence. In the future, he envisions continued growth for Go Team Events. In addition to his LA, NY, and Chicago offices, he plans to open offices in Las Vegas and Charlotte, thus expanding his client network. To achieve this goal, Jared plans to train the next generation of Engagement Specialists and Event Creators, ensuring that his company remains at the forefront of the industry.

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7 – Joshua Haag

Joshua Haag, a multifaceted and accomplished individual, has emerged as a formidable figure in the health and wellness industry in Los Angeles. His pioneering companies, which comprise a state-of-the-art training team and a nutritious meal delivery service, have garnered popularity and acclaim, heralding a new era of holistic health and fitness in the LA area. Drawing upon his distinctive and diverse background as an elite athlete and former sous chef, Joshua has honed his skills and harnessed his expertise to craft the epitome of wellness for his clients, incorporating an unparalleled level of training, nutrition, and fitness into his offerings.

Although Joshua’s time as a sous chef at the prestigious Saucon Valley Country Club was undoubtedly a notable career highlight, he eventually shifted gears and pursued his lifelong passion for football. Despite not quite playing in the NFL, his athletic endeavors with the Broncos and Lions gave him a deep appreciation for the human body, which he continues to apply as a CEO, athlete, and entrepreneur. Beyond the top-level training and soon to be gym facility, his meal prep delivery service offers perfectly crafted, fresh, and organic (when possible) meals, never frozen, delivered directly to the client’s door. Aside from that, his ghost kitchen also offers ready-to-eat meals through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates; this ensures that health-conscious and busy customers can always access high-quality food.

With a passion for helping others, Joshua enjoys sharing his wisdom with fellow entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that outstanding achievements require time and effort, Joshua believes that it is imperative that one takes action and learns from mistakes along the way. As he looks to the future, he envisions himself as a highly accomplished lecturer and instructor, inspiring and guiding other trainers and entrepreneurs toward success. Joshua is also determined to expand his business with more facilities throughout the country with the help of his team.

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Instagram(s): @heroic_performance and @heroicmeals

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8 – Eugene Lhymn

Eugene Lhymn‘s life is a compelling narrative of a successful entrepreneur in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Patent Search. Despite humble beginnings in rural Pennsylvania, Eugene displayed a remarkable aptitude for academics and excelled in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University, graduating at the top of his class. To finance his education, he took on engineering consulting gigs that primarily involved conducting finite element analysis for various corporations. Subsequently, he transitioned to the automotive industry, but soon felt drawn toward patent law and its intricacies. In the course of his work at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Examiner, he gained valuable exposure to the nuances of patent search. A keen interest in patent law and his entrepreneurial instincts led him to establish the Sherman Patent Search Group (SPSG) in 2012. Eugene co-founded SPSG with his wife and business partner, Jillian, and their shared vision quickly gained traction.

When the pandemic emerged in 2020, Eugene perceived it as an opportunity to test, pivot, and flourish. Having developed an interest in computer vision A.I. over the years, he investigated whether it could be applied to patent search, particularly in image similarity. By working with his team, he developed the world’s first professional-grade reverse image search platform for design patents. Visualize IP was launched to great buzz and industry acclaim in January 2022.  Eugene has consistently been listed in the IAM 300 for the past five years and is a highly coveted expert witness in patent litigation, mainly regarding prior art estoppel. He attributes his success to his fearlessness and calculated confidence in his abilities, which are traits which distinguish him from others in his field. In the future, Eugene intends to continue building and expanding SPSG and Visualize IP, possibly exploring a third venture.

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9 – Jen Ryall

Jen Ryall is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment production and events industries. Founder of two historic properties, The Clara Los Angeles and Naked Eye Studio, Jen has made a name for herself. Through her visionary leadership, these properties have been transformed into creative studio venues celebrated for their focus on community growth and historic preservation.

Jen has had many high points in her career, but few are as momentous as when Wrapbook named one of her studios as one of the Top 7 in Los Angeles, a distinction that speaks volumes about the high quality of her work. Additionally, Jen’s innovative studios have been featured on the covers of more than 15 notable publications, detailing her collaborations with esteemed brands such as Vogue, Time, Netflix, Zara, Nike, Gucci, Variety, Glamour, and The New York Times.

Jen’s exceptional historic studios and event spaces serve as a vibrant hub of creativity, offering clients a versatile space for photo, film, and commercial projects throughout the week. On weekends, the spaces are transformed into breathtaking locations for special events and unforgettable weddings, with their stunning design and historical charm providing a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. With over 20 years of experience in production, she knows what her clients need when booking spaces and can assist with the organization to ensure everything runs smoothly.

She also embodies a work hard and play hard mentality, often traveling to reward herself and expand her horizons. Her commitment to personal growth not only sets her apart from her peers but also allows her to stay ahead of industry trends. Looking to the future, Jen has her sights set on expanding her venue locations and continuing her travels. Her unwavering dedication to innovation and growth exemplifies her status as a visionary in the industry, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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10 – Sarah Vandersluis

Notable co-founder and entrepreneur, Sarah Vandersluis, has built her career by creating intuitive solutions to enhance human experiences. From optimizing government programs to making phone repair more seamless and user-friendly, Sarah has proven her ability to tackle many challenges. Among her impressive career highlights, Sarah co-directed the Rotman Design Challenge, which successfully united 31 teams from 16 prestigious business and design schools worldwide. Notably, she displayed exceptional leadership skills while leading a team that was responsible for training and developing state-sponsored call center representatives. Through her team’s dedicated efforts, more than 1000 call center operators received comprehensive training, and over 200,000 residents were able to benefit from government housing subsidies.

With a passion for improving human experiences, Sarah has co-founded Choosi, a company dedicated to simplifying the home-buying process for first-time homebuyers. What sets Choosi apart from its competitors are its unique differentiation factors. Instead of solely relying on zip code and house type, Choosi matches first-time millennial homebuyers with agents who share similar interests and preferences, ensuring a better fit for both parties. In addition, Choosi provides education and 24/7 customer care to empower homebuyers and answer any questions they may have about the platform or the home buying process. What truly distinguishes Choosi is that it’s built by first-time homebuyers and prospective homebuyers who understand the emotional and financial journey of buying a home. Sarah and her team are determined to equip first-time homebuyers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the home-buying process through building Choosi.

Through sharing her experience, she hopes to motivate others to take that first step toward their goals. Having a supportive team and an open mind, Sarah is confident Choosi can achieve great things and positively impact the industry and beyond.

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