We all are familiar with the power of social media. One of the best reasons behind its power is that it provides instant news about every corner of the world. Besides YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, one of the most resourceful and used social media platforms is Instagram. People are not only connecting through it but are also earning. According to a recent survey, a minimum of one billion users stays active on a monthly basis from all around the world. And why shouldn’t they? It is the fastest resource. Even the smaller businesses are making big money through it.

Moreover, nowadays everyone wants to be the first ones to know about new stuff especially about the celebrities. Today we bring you the list of top 10 artists you should be following on Instagram. These artists realize the worth of social media and the know-how to create entertaining and attractive content to be a magnet for their audiences. No doubt that all celebs are doing great in making these efforts. In actuality, celebs are the ones who know how to impress the world with their artistic skills.

Another reality is that we get bored of following the same celebs for months. Believe it or not, watching the same faces on the internet can be pretty dull. To get out of your boredom, we present the new top 10 artists you should be following on Instagram, all belonging to the entertainment industry. You may not have heard of them before but these artists are gaining hundreds of followers with every day passing. Most of them belong to the music industry. So scroll down to discover these artists.

Artists to Follow in Instagram 2021

1.   Tha Rift

How about an artist who gained the attention of many in a very small amount of time?

After leaving the Navy, Tha Rift  began his career as a musician. The career change proved fortunate for him. Within a span of 6+ years, he proved himself a great recording artist, an incredible lyricist, and a true multi genre mastermind. Rift’s music is so amazing that, whoever listened to his songs, became a fan. Especially after his song ‘Can You Hear Us Now’, which was inspired by the events of George Floyd and Daunte Wright murder incidents. The song went viral on social media and Rift gained a huge amount of attention on Facebook and Instagram. Not only did he achieved popularity but also helped raise money for the Minnesota Freedom Fund in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. When you think about what Rift has done for not only himself but also his community back home in Minneapolis, these are reasons why he gains a lot of attention. Rift also released another song ‘Myself Now’ which became a huge hit topping his last single. He proves to continue to shut down all the haters and attained more attention from the world one day at a time.

2.   Chozxn

Second, in our list of top 10 artists you should be following on Instagram is Chozxn who is included in one of the best music recording artists. What could be more entertaining than following someone who’s Instagram can give you info about new upcoming songs? Moreover, he is a party person who has shaken hands with many popular celebs like Jojo from Goodie Mob, Jodeci, LL Cool J, and Red Man. He recently shared his photos with two popular music artists Tharift and Kevin Posey which gained a lot of attention.

Chozxn is a person with style and a smile. Every photo on his Instagram expresses his artistic style whether he’s traveling or enjoying with other celebs. His photos in which he modeled for The Kung Fu Flick amazed people as mostly he comes with a smile in his photos. This time he shocked the people with his cool Kung Fu get-up and perfect shots which resulted in a continuously enhanced number of his followers.

3.   Darrell Kelley

Who isn’t familiar with Darrell Kelley? Man is famous for his work all over the world. His work in the music industry as well as as an activist has led him to become one of the top celebs on social media. He has more than 212k followers on Instagram who regularly follows and comments on his account.

Darrell began getting more followers when he dropped two of his greatest hits back-to-back i.e., ‘Why Lie On The Queen’ and ‘Baby Bae Baby’. He gained hundreds of followers on social media including Instagram and YouTube.

Moreover, Darrell is an activist who has participated in many social activities and spoke about them using social media. With all the recent issues with BLM protests, he remained active even during his work. Moreover, he produced a song regarding the issue which gained a lot of popularity. Check out his YouTube.

4.   Marcella Iglesias

Queen of Hollywood, Human Barbie, Marcela Iglesias goes with many names. She is already a role model for many young girls. Her work, her struggles, her story, her style, and her beauty; everything is gorgeous. The amazing and colorful content on her Instagram has made her a huge bank of followers.

Marcela is a businesswoman who can also host, act, sing and participate in many social activities. Her story about achieving the american dream made her reach this height of fame. Recently she shared her successful NFT creation,which got really popular on rarible, a platform to sell NTfs. She’s always on top of her game and one step ahead when it comes to making money.

Queen Marcela is not limited to her work. She is an activist working for the welfare of animals and women empowerment which gave her more power on social media especially Instagram.

She also has her fitness product the EdgeCross-X and Plastics of Hollywood brand.

Marcela got very popular because of her eccentric stories on the main media and because she shared her lifestyle with no hesitations.

5.   Angélica López

What could be more entertaining than the profile of beautiful and funky Latina Instagram?

Angelica Lopez, a breathtaking singer, has attained a lot of fans and followers in a very short time. She is famous for making fusion music with her homeland Columbia’s basic rhythms, music instruments, and themes. She came to London 18 Years ago and she has already been singing since she was 17. Very soon impressed the whole country with her magical voice.

Since then, her followers and her content have been improving on Instagram. A few days ago she was featured in Indie Pulse Music Magazine and shared about it on Instagram. Moreover, her music was listed on Spotify as ‘The Indie Hit List’ by Ditto. It helped her get attention from all over the world.

6.   Yung Dub D

Passionate for music Yung Dub D is no doubt one of the coolest and greatest young generation rappers, attaining the attention of thousands with his incredible work. With such great potential, he has been able to release several songs and win the hearts of the audience. With this much rate of success, he is being popular on social media including Instagram with more than 32k followers. Especially after the beats of the ‘Core’ track, Yung Dub D’s became famous and gained more than ever followers on social media. A few weeks ago Yung Dub posted about another hit song ‘Hush’ featuring Vinnie Bones and it crowded his Instagram account. The fans of both Yung Dub and Vinnie got excited and loved the music.

Yung Dub started using Instagram 2 years ago and went viral in no less time. The boy truly holds the talent of attracting people. Follow him on Instagram and watch this artist grow up to the world.

7.   George Dfouni

A popular Lebanese American singer based in New York City, Besides being a famous personality George Dfouni is an entrepreneur.

Music to him was simply a hobby that took off and it became as he states a “professional hobby”.

His recent song Bassbousa was released over 3 weeks ago with a dance challenge, and it went viral within hours.

Despite Dfouni’s many projects, he remains active on social media, especially on Instagram. He continuously shares personal and professional posts. His personal posts are filled with positivity. He posts the most entertaining and charming videos and photos on his status. A few days back he shared videos of his family and friends gathering in which he sang and seemed to fully enjoy the party. These videos went viral due to the attractive environment and magical voice. Not only fans loved it, but hundreds of people started following him.

Our sources tell us he is currently working on a major hit song named “ Loyalty”. I guess we need to wait and see what Dfouni has up his sleeves this time around.

8.   Tydre

Have you listened to Goat Mode? The talented and passionate music lover Tydre is behind this gem. Tydre formerly known as Troubled Mal is not your regular hip-hop artist on Instagram, he is an overall entertainer. He is truly utilizing social media power not only to show his gifts but also the gifts others possess. He arranges multiple music genre playlist competitions between his followers to let the world discover new music and classic jams. From his hilarious Instagram reels to his creative and innovative content promoting his music, Tydre is always keeping you engaged every day. Even though Tydre’s following count numbers are on the rise, the world will soon have all eyes on him.

9.   D Kirk KV

One of the greatest and most underrated musicians of this age is Philadelphian D Kirk KV. He has composed many beautiful songs which only true fans of music have discovered. Still, he has not given up and is trying hard to show his talent to the world.

D Kirk joined Instagram 2 years ago when he realized social media power. In between these years, he started modeling on Instagram and shared some amazing photoshoots. On his Instagram, you can see the true meaning of modeling and style. Wearing various colors and outfits with suitable views and environments has helped many guys understand the dressing. It is even said that many have saved his photos as their wallpapers on their phones.

10.   RockstarRican

Last on our list is another musician, RockstarRican. The composer of the popular hook song ‘Hot Hot’ is a famous star of the young generation who has made thousands of fans and followers from all around the world. Being a youngster, he knows how to make creative content to entertain people. Mostly he made videos on his own songs and performed them. Moreover, he shares other people’s videos that perform on his songs. If you ever made any videos on his songs, tag him in it and share on Instagram. He will definitely take notice and share your video.


Our catalog of top 10 artists you should be following on Instagram ends here. All the above artists are great in their own way and have creative content worthy of watching and sharing. Maybe all these names and faces are new to you but they have a great future ahead. Plus, discovering an artist in his/her beginning phase and then watching them grow to the world is a very rare but a kind of proud feeling.

If you want to know all these artists, you can check out their profiles and follow them on Instagram. Instagram proved to be one of the greatest platforms to get close to celebrities. You can even contact them through its messaging. All the artists mentioned above are the ones who stay active on Instagram. You can easily talk with them. If you don’t want to, you can just follow them for your own entertainment. Believe us, you will not be disappointed.

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