Today, I will be reviewing Purple Rose Supply for L.A Weekly and sponsored by DankCity. Now, this product is something I enjoy, something for the smokers to help them perfect the art of joint rolling.  

Purple Rose supply has created molds that come in a three sizes, so that you can create your cannagar (a cannabis cigar, rolled with marijuana leaves) or Thai stick. The sizes are personal (4 grams), small (7 grams) and large, which can pack 14 grams in and would be a talking point at any party.

What is really exciting about these Purple Rose Supply products is that they are extremely useful for rolling top quality, slow-burning joints. Maybe they should not be called joints — but rather cannabis cigars or cannagars — because these things are big ass joints! What is truly remarkable and exciting about these molds is that they improve the taste and flavor of your smoke when you use the mouthpiece as an attachment. This is used to cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth, and finally your lungs. 

(Courtesy of Purple Rose Supply)

Not only do they smoke better, but because you pack the flower or concentrates in so tight, they burn much slower. The small 7-gram Purple Rose Supply unit can take up to 1 hour to burn through, even with a whole bunch of friends smoking. The 14-gram unit can take a whopping 2 hours to burn through, and that, my friends, is a slow toke!

What I love is that it is so easy to use. Choose your weed, grind it up, put it in your mold, close it up, pack it up and light it up. A slow-burning joint for you and your friends. Now you know I have always been fond of smoking joints, and this is one cannabis product that is taking my skills up a notch.

How to Roll Your Cannagar

  1. Using the latch, close the mold and start packing your flower using the packing tool provided. A good trick is to use less flower rather than more, as you want to pack it as tight as possible. The reason for this is it burns better and slower.
  2. It’s recommended to let the packed mold sit overnight, or for at least 3 hours. Your cannagar will burn slower and smoother the longer it sits.
  3. Once you are ready, carefully remove the core of the cannagar from the mold. For a true cannagar, wrap the core in cannabis fan leaves or simply roll it in any wrap or papers. You can also get a little creative and add concentrates to the outside of the cannagar for a more potent smoke. Attach the wooden mouthpiece to the one end to protect your lips and lungs from the hot smoke.
  4. Remove the skewer and light up your cannagar for at least 30 seconds with a torch. This will ensure a consistent and even burn throughout the cannagar experience. Remember to take your time when burning a cannagar, they take longer to burn from end to the other.

Cannagars usually cost hundreds of dollars, and the founder of Purple Rose Supply wanted to find a better way to enjoy this experience. Their molds were designed to enhance the experience of smoking a joint, without breaking the bank. This product helps you experience an elevated way to medicate as you can not only add a lot of cannabis flower, but also a variety of concentrates.

I will sure be using my sample Purple Rose Supply goods, now I can roll my Cheech-, Chong- and Snoop Lion-size cannagars that keep burning! This is the greatest thing I have seen in a long time. See you next time on Tommy Chong’s Favorites, right here on L.A. Weekly.

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