It’s Tommy Chong, here for my weekly favorites here on L.A Weekly, sponsored by Dank City. Today we review Philter which is simply a personal filtration accessory that is built for a cannabis lifestyle, whether you use a bong, vape or joint to consume cannabis!

Similar to an old-school traditional blowback of yesteryear, this Philter is packed with special and secret technology. The unit allows and empowers you to filter your emissions in the most sophisticated of situations. Small enough to be discreet and fit in the palm of your hand for your bong, joint, blunt or even your vaporizer, it’s really a convenient filtering mechanism whenever or wherever the need may arise.

(Courtesy of Philter Labs)

Vaping is a growing industry in the U.S. and regardless of the recent negative headlines, it will continue to grow and thrive. The reason for this is vaping is definitely a less harmful way to consume cannabis and far superior when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. We are all well aware of the dangers of smoking, whether it be a bong or a joint, combusting hot smoke and inhaling it might cause respiratory conditions later on in life. But that is your choice as an adult, and I must admit smoking a joint is still a great way of consuming cannabis.

It took two years of research and development to refine Philter into what it is today. The R&D led to the pioneering discovery of a layered filtration technique that is robust enough to tackle either smoke or vapor. The cutting-edge nano-filtration process filters second-hand smoke and vapor but also dissolves pollutants and other free radicals. 

Philter Pocket

The standalone Philter Pocket is a smoke- and cloud-free personal filter. You may use it with your favorite smoking accessory or vaporizer. Simply exhale into the Pocket for no smoke, no smell and no stress. It comes with a silicone mouthpiece and sleeve and will last up to 150 exhales. 

 How to use your Philter Pocket in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Inhale from the device of your choice. 
  2. Exhale into the mouthpiece of your Philter Pocket. 
  3. No smoke, no smell and no stress.

(Courtesy of Philter Labs)

Philter Phlip

The Philter Phlip is a sleeve that instantly attaches to your pen or stick vape. Simply inhale and “phlip” your vape around and exhale into the filter for no smoke, no smell and no stress. This unit fits most pen or stick vapes and is a universal solution for eliminating secondhand vapor or smoke. Just like the Pocket by Philter, the Phlip is good for 150 exhales.

How to use your Philter Phlip in 3 easy steps

  1. Attach your Phlip sleeve to your pen or stick vape.
  2. Inhale the vapor, Phlip. 
  3. Exhale into your mouthpiece for no smoke, no smell and no stress. 

 You were probably wondering what happens after 150 exhales. Good question! Philter offers a 3-pack filter refill kits. The refills come in nine exciting colors which may be used to mix and match either your Philter Pocket or Phlip. Each refill offers up to 150 exhales, thus a more economical and environmentally friendlier option than replacing your entire product.

So if you are looking for a more discreet and healthier way of consuming cannabis with no smoke, no smell and no stress, Philter has a product for you. Easy to carry in your backpack, briefcase or in your pocket it may be used on the go and easy as pie to refill, thus saving the environment. If you are not interested in blowing big clouds or hot smoke and drawing attention to yourself have a look at PhilterLabs.com for their full range of products.

This is Tommy Chong on L.A Weekly for Tommy Chong’s Favorites. Catch you next week as I  review more fantastic cannabis products.

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