It looks to me like the most modern way to smoke bud — it’s Tommy Chong and today I’m here with one of my favorite great new products by Linx Vapor called the Eden.

We are looking at a new vape pen that vapes your buds to perfection! You don’t use any kind of lighter or anything; what it does is it cooks it like a little oven. The chamber is made out of quartz and is insulated with air, which keeps the herb very, very pure. There is no waste — just push the button five times and it lights up! If you want it hotter push the button three more times for extra heat! There are four different levels of heat depending on how hot you like it! When you hit it, it is as smooth as can be — clean and fast. Linx really has perfected this device and I love it — the great thing about this is that there is no waste and it’s small and compact but powerful: true convection heating, all-quartz chamber, four temperatures, lava plates and heat shield all contribute to making this one of my faves!

Eden by Linx Vapor won “Best Portable Convection Vaporizers of 2019” and is just under $100, and it won 1st place from The
Vape Guide — which I completely agree with! It’s quality, affordable and portable. The way I like to use it most is when I’m out and about in Venice Beach and I fill it up with the good yummy flower and take it along with me for the run. It’s best to also bring friends along for a good time because it’s always a great time with the Linx Eden — that’s why it’s one of my favorite portable products!

The Linx Vapor brand has many nice products. You can find them at linxvapor.com or follow them on instagram at @linxvapor. They are very health conscious and produce quality vaporizers with materials such as stainless steel and quartz that provides pure flavor and only the highest quality vapor. Some of the products they have are the Ares, Blaze, Eden, Ember, Gaia, Hermes 3, and the Hypnos Zero. You can get all the details on their website and watch the Linx Vapor YouTube channel for cleaning instructions on each vaporizer. (So helpful!)

Smooth as can be… it’s clean, it’s fast, what more could you want, the Linx Eden is a powerful and a true convection vaporizer. I think the coolest thing about the Eden is the quartz chamber and air insulation that creates the cleanest and best convection vaporizer for its price of $99. 


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