Hey man, this is Tommy Chong here with for L.A. Weekly x Dank City’s Tommy Chong’s Favorites! Today I’m talking about my favorite peace pipe from Farm to Vape! That’s my nickname for it and its one of my favorite things!  Farm to Vape is one of my favorites because it was founded in U.S.A. by two guys that switched from smoking to vaporizing, which is definitely healthier if you are smoking the right things, like Farm to Vape quality!

(Courtesy of Farm to Vape)

Farm to Vape really makes the highest quality e-liquid that turns their herbal concentrates into an infused vape juice. They went through many trials and turned to the lab where all of their research and trials led them to study the molecular weights of the active ingredients contained in herbal concentrates. They did a lot of amazing stuff in the labs and perfectly mixed their herbal concentrates which then lead to the idea of Farm to Vape!

(Courtesy of Farm to Vape)

Vape pods really change the game of vaping herbal medicines or CBD. Farm to Vape is about thick oils with the most current technology. They come in several different sized “oil holes” which are 1, 1.5 and 2 millimeters approximately and are designed to match different oil thicknesses. The thicker the oil, the larger the hole should be, or the oil can’t flow into the coil chamber fast enough and a burning/bad taste results. The Farm to Vape guys taught me that it’s really important to match the thickness of the oil hole and that’s where Farm to Vape Thinners come in.  Most herbal concentrates are too thick to work in these vape pods including pure THC distillate 

What I like about Farm to Vape is that it is so fresh and you can make it yourself in three easy steps! See below:

How to Turn Concentrates into e-liquid

  1. Add 1 gram/ml. of concentrate to the Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle.
  2. Add 2-3 ml. of Farm to Vape (To the 3 or 4 ml. line)
  3. Close the cap securely, boil in water for three minutes then remove carefully (HOT!) and shake well.

My favorite things on their website is the the Farm to Vape kit that comes with 10 ml. of FTV thinner and a boilable glass dropper bottle for mixing your concentrate to exactly the way you like it! The FTV dropper bottle is amazing and the boil method makes thinning wax and oil quick and easy. Just place your concentrate in the dropper bottle, add two to three times as much FTV Thinner as you did concentrate. Close the cap. Submerge in boiling water for three minutes. DONE! It’s so easy.  Made and bottled in the U.S.A.

Check out their website farmtovape.com and follow them on instagram @farmtovape. Their designs, product and swag is super cool to get groovy with!

(Courtesy of Farm to Vape)

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