Tommy Chong here, back with another cannabis product favorite for you crazy kids reading L.A. Weekly. I am super stoked about this week’s products from DabTabs so let’s just get right into it.

DabTabs are so cool man! I’ve never seen anything like it. You get these tiny little tabs and can put them in most dabbing rig set-ups. The first time I tried it I remember thinking, “Whoa man, this is seriously strong stuff.” It produces a nice smooth toke and a fun airy high that makes you want to do things. It’s one of my favorites because the company that makes this product helps the environment too. More on that in a bit though.

So first, know using DabTabs couldn’t be more simple. It might look a little confusing, but it is easy as pie, and I love pie! Place your tab in the rig or portable vaporizer. Light it between 450°-550° and take a hit, but be careful these bad boys hit hard. Great taste too! Doesn’t leave you coughing.

(Courtesy of DabTabs)

Each tab gives you three to four strong hits. Once you’ve tapped your DabTab, the little plastic piece is left. Be careful because it will be hot. Remove it with tweezers. One of my favorite things about DabTabs is they are made of recyclable material so if you save the tabs and bring them back to your dispensary you’ll really be helping mother Earth man.

Each tab has 50 mg of pure THC concentrate with legit testing to back that up. DabTabs are the only ASTM C373-18 certified tablets, meaning they are guaranteed to provide an accurate, vaporizable dose with each puff. Twenty little tabs equals an entire gram.

Another great feature is DabTabs don’t produce much of a smoke cloud so it’s really discreet for dabbing in public with the homies. Speaking of dabbing in public, these dudes thought of everything, including making the first ever portable dabbing vaporizer called the DabTabs Go. You could be dabbing anywhere. It’s at a great price and it makes dabbing easy. You know I love easy.

(Courtesy of DabTabs)

Imagine going to the movies and getting a few dabs in before the flick or enjoying a nice beach day soaking in the sun with dabs, that would be impossible with the old school rig and traditional sticky. No one wants sand in their wax or shatter. Gross.

After having a couple sessions with DabTabs I thought I should make it one of my favorites because it’s innovative, the company cares about the environment, and the product simply makes it convenient and easy for my fellow stoners to dab. I am sure you guys are going to seriously love these little DabTabs. Check out all of their products at dabtabs.com and don’t forget to follow them on instagram at @dab.tabs.

I really enjoy doing Tommy Chong’s L.A. Weekly Favorites, so keep sending in your products or product ideas. Until next time, keep it chill! 


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